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Chat Rooms

The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^


2. Blonde Joke

Rating 5/5   Word Count 452   Review this Chapter

Lioness has logged onto chat

Lioness- Hello?

Hotdog has logged onto chat

Hotdog- Hey Bells! :D

Lioness- Hey Jake. =)

Shopr has logged onto chat

Edward has logged onto chat

Jazz has logged onto chat

Edward- Hey Alice. Why did you call us here?

Shopr- As if you didn’t already know.

Edward- =P

Edward- Hotdog?

Hotdog- Edward??

Edward- Mutt?? >=[

Lioness- Guys, please. We need to see what Alice has to say.

Hotdog- *Growls*

Lioness- Shush! =P

Shopr- So, Mike was flirting with me a couple of days ago. We need to find a way to get him back.

Lioness- How?

Hotdog- I like the way your mind works. >=D

Edward- Ah, I like your idea Alice.

Lioness- Alice?

Shopr- Well, Mike has a party on Tuesday. Maybe we could…

Jazz- Crash it?

Edward- Precisely.

Lioness- Sounds great.

Hotdog- Mwahahahahahahaha >=D

Shopr- ?

Jazz- ?

Hotdog- What?

Shopr- Nothing.

Edward- *Laughs*

Shopr- So, we will meet at Bella’s house at 5:00 tomorrow. Agreed?

Edward- Yes. >=D

Hotdog- Oh yeah! >=D

Jazz- Uh, yeah! ;)

Lioness- Heck yeah! But wait, will Charlie…

Shopr- Already covered. Sleepover. Tonight

Lioness- I thought… oh. =D See you tonight Alice! ;)

Edward- =)

Hotdog- What?

Edward has logged off chat

Lioness has logged off chat

Shopr has logged off chat

Jazz has logged off chat

Hotdog- ?

BSlvr has logged onto chat

BSlvr- Anyone on?

Hotdog- Me. Who are you?

BSlvr- Mike.

Hotdog- Oh! Mwahahahahaha. >=D

BSlvr- ? Are you with those Ali and Jazz…?!!!

Hotdog- Yu

BSlvr has logged of chat

Hotdog- p. =D wow. He must really be afraid of them. =D

Hotdog- Hmmm….

PrettyRose has logged onto chat

PrettyRose- what? What is it Alice?

PrettyRose- Alice?!

Hotdog- Hey Blondie.

PrettyRose- Oh gosh. =P

PrettyRose- Fido.

Hotdog- *Laughs* :D

PrettyRose- What do you want, dog?

Em123 has logged onto chat

Em123- what do you want with my wife, dog?

PrettyRose- He was about to

Hotdog- Do you want to hear a blonde joke, Blondie?

Em123- No, she doesn’t.

PrettyRose- Oh yes, I do. Bring it on.

Hotdog- Okay, so there is a brunette, a red head, and a blonde. Each was given the death sentence by guillotine. Anyway, the Brunette went up there, and she put her head in. The blade stopped inches before her head, so the people let her go, thinking she was bad luck. Then, the red head went and the same happened to her. Then, the blonde went up to the guillotine. But, before she put her head in, she demanded that the machine be fixed before she was to be beheaded.

PrettyRose- Wow. I’m not that stupid, dog.

Hotdog- Sure, Blondie.

Em123- Hey! Dog, you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed either.

PrettyRose- And I’m not either?! >=(

Em123- That’s not what I said-

PrettyRose- But it’s what you implied.

Em123- That’s not what I meant Rose!

PrettyRose- Uh huh. Sure. I’m coming to get you!

PrettyRose has logged off chat

Em123- =O

Em123 has logged off chat

Hotdog- That was weird.

Hotdog has logged off chat