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Chat Rooms

The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^


3. WHY?!!

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 521   Review this Chapter

Hotdog has logged onto chat

Hotdog- Hello?

Edward has logged into chat

Lioness has logged into chat

Shopr has logged into chat

Jazz has logged into chat

Hotdog- Did you guys see his face?! ROFL XD

Edward- That was HILARIOUS. XD

Lioness- I couldn’t agree more. ROFLMBO

Shopr- That should teach him. XD

Jazz- Oh yeah. =D

Lioness- Did you see the look on his face when we stepped through the door? And said we were Koko and Ali? ROFL

Shopr- He was like, a puppy!

Hotdog- HEY!

Shopr- No offense

Jazz- Then don’t forget when we poured ketchup all over the place!!

Lioness- why did we do that anyway?

Shopr- I have no idea… but it was fun!!!!!!!!!

Edward- Remember when we super glued all the toilet seats? >=D

Shopr- Then he got stuck to ONE!!!!! XD ROFL

Jazz- Didn’t he call the police?

Lioness- Yeah, that’s when we had to leave… LOL

Snowhite has logged onto chat

Snowhite- Did you guys hurt poor Mike?? I saw it on the news! And, apparently, they are looking for all of you.

Edward- Bella too?!

Snowhite- Here’s the list… Ali (From Hong Kong), Bella Swan, Jasper Hale, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black.

Edward- !!!

Lioness- Are you okay, Edward??


Lioness- Edward?!

HotDog- Yes!

Snowhite- He’s coming to your house right now. He forgot to log off. *giggles*

Lioness- Oh. GTG!

Lioness has logged off of chat

PrettyRose has logged onto chat

PrettyRose- Anyone on?

HotDog- Hey Blondie

PrettyRose- Not you again

PrettyRose has logged off of chat

HotDog- BRB

(Jacob tells Alice to get Rosalie back on after Jacob does something to her computer)

FlyingMonkeyButts has logged into chat

FlyingMonkeyButts- ALICE?!

FlyingMonkeyButts- WTHECK???!!!

HotDog- How ya like your new name?

FlyingMonkeyButts- YOU did this????

Shopr- Yes, he did. >=D

FlyingMonkeyButts- GRR! >=K

FlyingMonkeyButts has logged off of chat

Shopr- Nice Jacob. LOL XD

Lioness has logged onto chat

Lioness- hey guys.

Edward has logged onto chat

Lioness- I wish I could tell you where I was at, but I can’t.

Edward- *Laughs* =)

Shopr- Oh. OH. Nice location Edward.

Edward- *Laughs* XD

Lioness- So has Mike come on yet? LOL

BSlvr has logged onto chat

Lioness- Speak of the meanie…..

Edward- LOL

BSlvr- you guys should know that the police are looking for you.

Lioness- We know, and we are prepared.

BSlvr- But isn’t Charlie a cop?

Lioness- No, he’s a chef. =P

Edward- *Laughs*

Shopr- Hello Mike.

BSlvr- ... *SCREAMS*

BSlvr has logged off

HotDog- Bella?

Lioness- Yes?

HotDog- Come over! You haven’t in so long…

Lioness- Because I don’t want you to attack me again!

HotDog- I thought you forgave me for that…

Lioness- I did, but I still don’t trust dogs.

Edward- *Smiles*

HotDog- Shut up Cullen.

Edward- I realize I am even more dangerous than you.

Lioness- And yet, I’m not afraid.

Edward- No… But you should be.

HotDog- WHY BELLA?! WHY?! What do I not have that he does??

Lioness- Calm down Jake… he’s just the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. Not that you are bad or anything… it’s just that I love him… and couldn’t live without him. We’ve already tried to do that unsuccessfully.

HotDog- Wow.

Edward- *Small voice* Really, Love?

Lioness- Yes. ♥

Shopr- OH! Get a room.

Hotdog- *Laughs* YES!