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Chat Rooms

The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^


5. Chapter 5

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HotDog has logged onto chat

Edward has logged onto chat

HotDog- …

Edward- … X_x

HotDog- What are you on here for? =P

Edward- Waiting for Bella.

HotDog- Me too…

Edward- Mutt!


Edward- *Growls*

HotDog- You never deserved her!

Edward- And YOU did?

HotDog- Yes!

Edward- You made her choice a lot harder than it had to be!

HotDog- … Parasite!

Edward- *Growls*

Lioness has logged on

HotDog- *Gro… oh, hey Bella.

Edward- Hello, love. ♥

Lioness- Hey Jacob and Edward. =D

Edward- Jacob and I were just having an intellectual conversation.

Jacob- *Scowls*

Lioness- Oh.

Edward- So how are you today Bella?

Lioness-Great besides the fact that I am in hiding….

HotDog- ??

Lioness- Edward hid me, remember?

HotDog- You didn’t change her did you, you PARASITE??

Lioness- JAKE! NO! …

Edward- Bella, you know why.

HotDog- Where did that come from?

Edward- Unheard question

Lioness- You’re too good. =) ♥

HotDog- *Growls*

Lioness- I’m bored. Let’s go get Alice to come on. =)

Edward- Excellent idea… *Fake innocently* the dog won’t mind will he?

HotDog- *Fakes sweetness* Of course not, Eddie.

Edward- *Growls*

Lioness- Don’t call Edward Eddie, PLEASE.

Edward- *Smiles triumphantly*

HotDog- *Ignores* Why not Bells?

Lioness- Because that’s NOT his name

HotDog- So…

Lioness- …

Edward- Allliiiccceeee!

Shopr has logged onto chat

Edward- No, Bella will not go shopping with you. Nor will she allow you to dress her up. And no, she will not negotiate

Shopr has logged off chat

Lioness- Edward!

Edward- It’s true….

Lioness- Fine. *Blushes*

HotDog- ?

Edward- Nothing.

Lioness- Invite Emmett on!

Edward- Hunting

Lioness- Esme?

Edward- Shopping.

Lioness- Jasper?

Edward- Hunting with Emmett. Rosalie is shopping. Carlisle is shopping with Esme, Alice and Rosalie. I’m the only one available. *Smiles delightfully*

Lioness- So the house is…. Empty….? =)

Edward- Yes. =D ♥

HotDog- ??

Lioness- The count of three

Edward- 1

Edward- 2

Edward- 3

Edward- GO!

Edward and Lioness have logged off at exactly the same time!!

HotDog- Now what’s there to do?

BSlvr has logged onto chat

BSlvr- Hello? This is the E-pal board?

HotDog- OH yeah.

BSlvr- Who are you?

HotDog- Jacob Black.

BSlvr- *Faints*

BSlvr’s computer has disconnected

HotDog- Wow.

HotDog- …

You hear mumbling

EvilRedHead has logged onto chat

EvilRedHead- Hello? Who is this? What do you want?

HotDog- You know the Cullens, correct?

EvilRedHead- What’s it to you?

HotDog- I happen to know them as well.

EvilRedHead- And…

HotDog- I want you to kill Edward.

EvilRedHead- The man who killed James??

HotDog- I believe so. He’s the tall one, bronze hair, mate is Bella Swan.

EvilRedHead- Deal.

HotDog- Thank you for your assistance.

EvilRedHead- But to accomplish this goal, I may need some help.

HotDog- I’ve got 20 werewolves, the size of horses.

EvilRedHead- How can I be sure that you won’t kill me?

HotDog- Because I dislike the Para, sorry, Cullen, as much as you do.

EvilRedHead- What did he do to YOU?

HotDog- HE stole the love of my life away from me.

EvilRedHead- I’m on it.

HotDog- 3 am tonight at the clearing.

EvilRedHead- I’ll be there.

EvilRedHead has logged off chat

HotDog- Muahahahahahahaha

HotDog has logged off of chat