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Chat Rooms

The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^


6. Sorry Jacob

Rating 5/5   Word Count 874   Review this Chapter

Edward had logged onto chat

Em123 has logged onto chat

Edward- I didn’t know you were gay Emmett…

Em123- …. X_x what do you mean?

Edward- I SAW you yesterday.

Em123- Uhhuh… so….

Edward- I saw you with Alice and Esme… shopping…

Em123- OH….. hehe

Edward- Why didn’t you go hunting with us guys?

Em123- Well, Rose wanted me to try on men’s thongs…..

Edward- @_@ umm…..

Em123- They’re actually quite comfortable…… You should try them sometime!

Edward- …

Em123- Never mind. YOU wouldn’t understand.

Lioness has logged onto chat

Lioness- Hey guys. =) What r u guys talking about?

Edward- Err….. Nothing…..

Em123- Men’s thongs. Why?


Edward has logged off chat

Em123- So Bella, would YOU like to try one?

Lioness- ……………………………… X_x

Lioness logs off chat

Em123- I guess I’ll go shopping again.

Em123 has logged off chat

Hotdog has logged onto chat

EvilRedHead has logged onto chat

Hotdog- Hello Victoria. We have learned quite a lot about each other…. Hmm…?

EvilRedHead- Mhm Jakeypoo…

Hotdog- Mhm bloodypoo…

EvilRedHead- Wanna go get married?

Hotdog- HECK YEAH!

EvilRedHead- Love you sooooo much. I’ll see you in Vegas. Come give me a ride.

Hotdog- woof woof…. I’d purr for you if I could. ,<3

Hotdog has logged off of chat

EvilRedHead has logged off of chat

Jazz has logged onto chat

Shopr has logged onto chat

Shopr- Hey Jazz. I love you

Jazz- OH, so love you too.

Shopr- Rawr

Jazz- My little monster

Shopr- Come here

Jazz- *kisses you*

Shopr- *Kisses you back*

Jazz- *Mwah mwah*

Edward has logged onto chat

Edward- EXCUSEEEEE ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I in the middle of something??

Edward- HELLOOOO?!!!!!!!!!

Shopr- *Kisses passionately*

Jazz- *Places hands on cute butt*

Edward- hello??????

Shopr- *Moves to bed*

Jazz- Why?

Shopr- *Pulls you over too.*

Edward- I AM ALIVE…. Kind of.

Shopr- Oh! Sorry *Blushes* When did you get here?

Edward- Ten minutes ago! When you were kissing passionately, might I add.

Jazz- You can go away, you know.

Edward- Ugh. Internet eww. WHY?!

Lioness has logged onto chat

Lioness- What did I miss?

Edward- Nothing, love. *Smiles*

Lioness- Oh. Okay. =D

Lioness- Hey! Did you know Jacob got married???

Edward- ??? With who?

Lioness- Victoria.

Edward- VICTORIA???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lioness- I know! How dare he!!!

Edward- That’s just NOT right.

Jazz- May we continue?

Edward- NO! EWW!!! Get a room that isn’t a chat room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XP

Lioness- Edward?????

Edward- Nothing, love. Hehe.

Jazz and Shopr log off at exactly the same time!

Edward- Phew….

Lioness- What is it that has you so wrapped up??

Edward- Nothing. *Whistles*

Lioness- Please? Will you tell me? Please?

Edward- *scowls* You are the most dangerous person I have ever met.

Lioness- *Smiles and giggles*

Hotdog has logged onto chat

Hotdog- Hey guys, what’s up yo?

Lioness- ?? Why are you talking like that Jake?

Hotdog- Whatdya mean yo dog?

Lioness- Err…. Nothing. *Goes behind Edward*

Edward- You should seriously stop. Why are you talking like that anyway?

Hotdog- Vicky wanted me to change 4 her. So I changed me image yo. Yo got a problem wit that?

Edward- Yes, actually.

EvilRedHead has logged onto chat

EvilRedHead- Hello Edward.

Hotdog- *Giggles*

Lioness- Since when do you giggle?

Hotdog- Since now, stupid dog.

Edward- =O JACOB! I’m going to go RIP YOU TO SHREDS! AND YOUR MATE. YOU ARE SO going to wish you hadn’t said that! *Growls menacingly*

Hotdog- I don’t think you’ll be an issue, Eddie. If Bella can’t accept me for who I am, yo, then maybe she should go out wit someone else.

Edward- She has and always had.

Hotdog- From what you’ve heard…

Edward- Bella?

Lioness- Yeah?

Edward- Did you go out with a werewolf while I was away?

Lioness- Just Seth for a little bit you know.

Edward- I knew that.

Lioness- That’s it… hehe sorry Edward. I still love you more than anything in the world.

Hotdog- Just get a freaking room already Bell.

EvilRedHead- Seriously. Getting hitched was the best thing in the world. Especially to someone who imprinted on me. I LOOOOOOOOVE Jakeypoo. Mwah.

Hotdog- I so love you too bloodykins. Here, want a butt on a cone?

EvilRedHead- ?

Hotdog- <3

EvilRedHead- You are so STUPID. I am so over you!

Hotdog- I just gave you a butt on a cone. What’s so bad about that yo?

EvilRedHead- Stop talking like that you idiot. You sound like a deranged moose.

Edward has logged off chat

Lioness has logged off chat

Hotdog- GOOD JOB VICK. You made our FRIENDS sign off.

EvilRedHead- You mean your freaking friends. NOT MINE. We are soooooooo not going out anymore.

Hotdog- Maybe it escaped your low observation skills, but we’re MARRIED.

EvilRedHead- What’s marriage but a stack of papers that bind you legally?

Hotdog- I thought we… had something!!

EvilRedHead- Not ANYMORE. YOU SUCK. GOODBYE, Jacob Doggie BLACK. Ugh. =K

EvilRedHead has logged off of chat

Hotdog- *Wants to tear her head off*

Hotdog- *Growls*

Hotdog- *Whimpers*

Hotdog- *HOWLS*

Hotdog has logged off chat