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Chat Rooms

The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^


7. Visits and appointments

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 619   Review this Chapter

Edward has logged into chat

Edward- *Sighs* Why did I even get this account?

Shopr has logged onto chat

Shopr- Because I made you, silly!

Edward- I should have known. How can someone so small be so annoying?

Shopr- Practice makes perfect. *beams*

Edward- *Sighs* Where's Bella?

Shopr- She'll be on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Edward- ?

Lioness has logged onto chat

Lioness- Hey Edward! =D

Edward- Hello, love. =)

Lioness- So what are we going to do today?

Edward- ... Alice?

Shopr- I have a BRILLIANT plan *Smiles evily*

Lioness- X_x ...........

Shopr- Everyone on!

Jazz has logged onto chat

Snowhite has logged onto chat

Doctor has logged onto chat

PrettyRose has logged onto chat

Em123 has logged onto chat

Jazz- What's wrong Alice?!!!

Shopr- I know what we're doing today!!!!

Edward- Well, there's what's WRONG....

Shopr- Grow up Edward. =P

PrettyRose- Ha.

Em123- Why are we here again?

Lioness- Hey!

Edward- Again, vampires CAN'T grow up!

Shopr- What-EVAR! ANYWAY.... We are going to the dentist today!

Em123- Why?

Shopr- To see if they like our teeth of course! =P

Edward- ... Excellent plan Alice. >=D

Em123- So tomorrow we'll go?

Shopr- TODAY. >=D


Shopr has logged onto chat

Jazz has logged onto chat

Edward has logged onto chat

Lioness has logged onto chat

Em123 has logged onto chat

PrettyRose has logged onto chat

Shopr- MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was so funny!!!!

Lioness- *Laughs so hard she pops a rib!!!*

Edward- Are you okay?? Bella????

Lioness- Yes! It's just an expression, Edward. XD

Edward- Oh. *Blushes*

Lioness- I wonder what you'd look like with a blush...

Shopr- Whatever!

Jazz- What did your dentist say Ed?

Edward- He was actually another vampire.

Shopr- REALLY?

Edward- As if you didn't already know.

Shopr- So. XP

Em123- What did he say to you?

Edward- He shook his cane in the air and yelled "You crazy vampire kids!"

PrettyRose- Seriously?? XD

Edward- Yes. Then he started babbling about how pesky 'youngins' are these days...

Jazz- *Laughs* REALLY??

Edward- Yes. It was all really funny. XD Now onto you Bella, what did the dentist say?

Lioness- He said I should take better care of my teeth and floss more. =P

Edward- Oh, sorry, love.

Lioness- What did he say to you Ali?

Shopr- He flirted with me nonnstop!

Jazz- *Growls*

Shopr- He was like, "Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?"

Jazz- Name?

Shopr- *Sighs* James

Lioness- *Eyes are wide* J-James?

Edward- It's okay, Bella. He's dead, he's dead.

Lioness- He was DEAD when we MET!

Edward- Gone, love, gone. Forever.

Em123- Not real-

Edward- Emmett! Do you want to go on a hunt?

Em123- Why?

Lioness- Was he just about to say that James was still ALIVE??????

Edward- No, no, no.

Em123- He was never ALIVE, Bella. XP

Lioness- He's still AROUND?????

PrettyRose- You never told her??

Lioness- *Starts to hyperventilate*

Edward- Bella, are you okay??

Lioness- No.

Edward has logged off of chat

Lioness's computer has disconnected

Shopr- I wonder...

AClvr has logged onto chat

AClvr- Hey guys! Who's on?

Em123- Me.

AClvr- And who are you?

Em123- Emmett.

AClvr- Wait... CULLEN?

Em123- Yeah. Wait, you're-

AClvr has logged off of chat

Em123- Mike.

Em123- XD

Jazz- What are Carlisle and Esme doing?

Shopr- You do NOT want to know.

Jazz- Oh. Wanna....

Shopr- Sure! =D

Shopr and Jazz have logged off at exactly the same time!

Em123- This is boring! I want one of our friends to log on.

CelineDeon has logged onto chat

Em123- OMG are you really Celine????

CelineDeon- You bet. *Winks*

PrettyRose- *Growls*

Em123- *bows*

CelineDeon- Thank you. *Smiles*

PrettyRose- She's not a QUEEN, Em. =P

CelineDeon- How do YOU know.

PrettyRose- Because I DO.

CelineDeon- *GRR...*

PrettyRose- *Growls menacingly*

Em123- Please, girls, there's enough Emmett for the both of you!

PrettyRose- WHAT?!

Em123- I mean... Bye!

Em123 has logged off of chat

PrettyRose- He's soo dead!!! =K

CelineDeon- Anybody single on here?


CelineDeon- HELLOOOOO?

CelineDeon- I guess no one wants to go out with me. Oh well.

CelineDeon has logged off chat