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Chat Rooms

The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^


8. Post Breaking Dawn

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1015   Review this Chapter

Edward has logged into chat

Edward- Hello? Is anyone on?

HDlvr has logged onto chat

HDlvr- Hey dad!

Edward- Hello sweetie. *smiles*

HDlvr- I cannot believe that you STILL haven’t changed your screen name.

Edward- =) I like it.

HDlvr- Is Jake on? =)

Edward- *Sighs* no.

HDlvr- Oh.

Edward- I guess your mom isn’t on….

Hdlvr- ……

Edward- I guess not…

Hdlvr- …..

Lioness has logged onto chat

Lioness- Hello? Anyone on?

Edward- Me love. =D

Lioness- Hey! =)

Hdlvr- Me too, mom. =)

Lioness- Oh hey sweetie! =)

Edward- So….

Lioness- What are you both doing?

Edward- Sitting on my piano chair. =)

Hdlvr- Preparing.

Lioness- For what?

Hdlvr- Uh…

Edward- What are you not telling us sweetie?

HotDog has logged onto chat

HotDog- Hey is Nessie on?

Lioness- *Groans* Why must you call her that?

HotDog- No offense.

Edward- *Sighs*

Hdlvr- We have something to announce….

Hotdog- *Puts his arm around Neisse’s waist*

Edward- *Freezes*

Lioness- Edward?? Are you okay??

Edward- *Unfreezes* Is this having to do with what we were just talking about before this mu… Jacob logged on.

Hdlvr- Yes Dad.

Lioness- You two can tell us anything.

Hdlvr- Weelll…

Edward- Renesmee and Jacob…

HotDog- Well, she’s um…*rubs back of head*

Hdlvr- Pregnant.


Hdlvr- *Moves in front of Jacob* Mom, chill. We both wanted this.

Edward- You told us this over chat room WHY?!

HotDog- She didn’t want you to rip me to shreds!!!

Lioness- Oh, I’m so happy for you honey…though I am a bit ticked at a certain dog…

Edward- =O …Me too.

Hdlvr- Thanks for supporting us Mom and Dad.

Edward- We just don’t want her to get hurt.

HotDog- I would never let anyone or anything hurt her in any way.

Edward PM to HotDog

Edward- How do you know how this will turn out??

HotDog- Chill, dad.

Edward- *growls* What if this kills her??!!!

HotDog- He won’t!

Edward- It’s a boy?

HotDog- Yes, Alice told us both. That‘s how we found out she was pregnant. We’ve also already decided on the name…. Edward the third.

Edward- …*swallows*

Edward- Thank you.

HotDog- Don’t mention it.

Normal Chat Room

Shopr has logged onto chat

Shopr- I’m so happy for you Renesmee!

Lioness- How did you know?

Shopr- Visions, duh. =D

Lioness- Oh…hehe…right.

Em123 has logged onto chat

Em123- Alice told me… that Nessie was… pregnant?

Hdlvr- I am.

Em123- You’re having puppies????!! ROFL

Hdlvr- =P

Hotdog- *Growls*

Edward- *Growls*

Em123- Wait, dude, you SUPPORT this?

Edward- Yes.

Lioness- I do as well. XD

Lioness- Thank you Edward. =)

Edward- =)

Shopr- OMG NESSIE!! Your baby is going to be ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hdlvr- No fair! You get to see my kid before me???

Shopr- Well, I did know that you were pregnant before you.

Shopr- Oh! And Edward the Third’s room….!!!! Soooo cute!

HotDog- Let me guess… YOU designed it?

Shopr- How’d you guess??

HotDog- Just a lucky guess.

Shopr- The style is going to be about baby animals!

Hdlvr- cute!

Shopr- The baby’s going to be part vampire and part werewolf!

Edward- Creepy.

Em123- How’d that work?? You’d want to kill yourself! It’s instinct man!

Hdlvr- Alice, what specific traits will he have?

Shopr- He’ll be strong like us and have the same complexion, but he will be able to morph into any animal. That’s his talent. He’s only part werewolf because he’s really hot in temperature…and is a tad hairy. He’s beautiful like we are to prey, and he will feed on animal blood as well as a lot of food.

Em123- Poor kid.

HotDog- Shut up.

Hdlvr- Shut up. =P

Lioness- I think he sounds awesome… he’s one of a kind, just like you.

Edward- I agree with Bella.

PrettyRose has logged onto chat

PrettyRose- Nessie, you’re having a baby with that mutt!!!

Hdlvr- Oh shut up Aunt Rose!

Hotdog- That’s my girl!!

Em123- Somebody’s a bit moody, aren’t we Nessie.

Hdlvr- OMG!!! Shut up Emmett!!!

Everyone has logged off chat

Em123 has logged onto chat

Em123- Does anyone want to go shopping for man thongs with me?