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A Mother's Love

I thought of this story a while ago, but I thought with mothers day so close that this would be agreat time to post it. I is about Elizabeth Mason and for those of you who cant remeber thats Edwards real mother.


1. Chapter 1

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Mother’s Love

I have watched my son
Grow and change
From a babe
To a boy
To a man
I cared for him
I loved him
I supported his wishes
I comforted him
I was many times the subject of his anger
But I love him
And I always will
A mother’s love never dies
I watched as stories of war brought delight to his face
I saw his eagerness for fight
My heart heavy as he talked of war plans

A mother’s love never dies
I watched as plague befell him.
I watched him slowly die
It killed me to see his pain
I wished my son to survive
My dying wish
Was to see him live.
And he did
I watched as he started over
Like a newborn child
Relearning his life
And how to live.
I saw his defiance
And flinched when he killed
But I still loved him,
A mother’s love never dies.
I watched him realize his error and return
I watched as his knew family grew
I watched as he found love
Tears of Joy in my eyes
For a mother’s love never dies

I watched as he left the girl
I almost considered a daughter
I wanted to comfort him
But from my place I could only watch
As he sat alone
Cut off from the world

I watched him fight fiercely
With body
And with soul
To protect her
I watched with joy as she truly became my daughter.
For a mother’s love never dies
I watched as he sank
Watching his beloved in pain
Once again I wished to comfort him.
M y heart pounded in my chest
As I watched my son
My daughter
And her daughter
As they faced death
For a mother’s love never dies
I sighed as the tension eased
But held my breath
At the foreshadowed future
That was to come.
I watch my son
I watch my daughter
As they live their lives
Unaware of me
But I do not care
A mother’s love never dies
It just grows
With ever year
With every month
With every day
With every hour
With every second
My love grows
Death cannot stunt it
Life does not regulate it
A mother’s love never dies