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I didn't see that one coming

SEQUEL to GNO...Edward's back, but what's up with Xavier? How does Edward know Xavier on such close terms? Bella's confused and did I mention that the girls aren't all that they seem?



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"What if I say no?" I swirled into the mist a familiar place to me, but the setting was foreign. I could see Bella standing with some guy. I could barely hear their words, just a faint whisper. What was she saying no to?

"Then I'll kidnap you, tie you to a chair, and you will participate anyway." Not much of a threat, but what is she going to participate in? What the heck is going on?! Having been stuck in my reverie I missed the last part of that conversation.

I slammed back into my body, although I never really left. I said one word and everyone jumped into action. "Bella"

Emmett spoke first, ''What about her is she okay? Alice what's up?" It was really no cause for alarm, but I still think we should warn Edward. Maybe we should check on her. I relayed the vision and voiced my opinions.

Carlisle had Edward on the phone in two minutes catching him up. I heard Edward ask, “Is she in trouble? Will she be okay? Is it an imminent threat?" Carlisle relayed the vision and every word I said to Edward. Although, personally I thought the threat was a bit childish, people don't always say what they really mean. I also think the scare we had from Bella in Port Angeles, before Edward and she became an item, has something to do with the main reason he wanted to check on her. Maybe he changed his mind and wants her back? Though it is Edward and he reads minds, not me.

Off to the Forks house again. I think it's everyone's favorite house, I know it's mine. I miss that big white mansion in the small town of Forks. Hopefully she's still there, but the place didn't look familiar.


Why the hell did you leave her for? You knew she wouldn't be able to go on without you!

Shut up okay. I can't think like that, I really can't because I did what was best for her.

Keep telling yourself that lover boy, but let's be truthful you left because you wouldn't have been able to deal with the guilt. Admit it! You know it's the truth! You didn't want to be Lady Macbeth, not able to wash the blood off your hands. You're a coward.

Be quiet. I am not a coward. I did it for her; I didn't want to be the cause for the end her life because I love her. And in case you haven't seen it’s killing me to be without her. If one of us has to die, it should be me not her. I should have the years that weren't mine to live taken away from me, I don't deserve them.

Are you saying that you regret being the way you are?

And what am I?

A vampire. Well you sound really regretful, like you don't really want me here.

I don't want you here. You just came. I want you gone!

Do you really think that? Remember you invented me and if you weren't a vampire, you would not have met her. You would be dead, not knowing how well true love feels.

Well I wish I were dead. I hate what I am.

Oh, stop being such a sorry ass. You act like the world revolves around you. What about Bella? How do you think she feels?

I'm a vampire, I feel more deeply than humans.

First you hate being a vampire, and then you use it as an excuse to make up your mind. I hate to break it to you, Bella maybe human, but honestly she's had human feelings all her life and yours have just started to resurface. So I firmly believe that, as of right now, she probably feels this stronger than you do. To be contradictory, she is emotionally stronger than you, so she probably is doing better than you. She also can't run away like you can. She has to be strong and take care of so many people that she doesn't have the chance to curl up in a ball and just be nonresponsive for days upon days on end. Hey watch out for that tree! Stealth, my man, stealth.

I hate it when you make sense. Well since you're so full of knowledge, O’ Mighty One, what should I do? I'm tired of living without her. It's hard to get through one day, let alone one hour.

Just keep running. You’ll be at her side in no time. Hopefully she'll take your sorry butt back; I wouldn't if I were her. And remember: When in doubt, romantic etiquette and charm out… or get on your knees and plead.

Almost there. I knew my conscience was in its right mind when it let you speak up.

Yea, what on Earth would you do without me? And something had to be in its right mind if the crazed vampire wasn't.

So are you a part of me? Or am I crazy?

It's my job to keep true loves together. I will move onto the next couple in need when you guys are back together.

You sure we’ll get back together?

Man, I am already working on her as we speak. Although in a more corporal form because I think me talking to her in her head would send her over the edge.

Why do you have this "job" anyway?

Well it's a divine plan… that you defied by leaving. I make sure your destiny stays on the track it's supposed to. Right now you’re off track. Your destiny includes a certain brown eyed beauty, but don't worry you weren't the only screw up. She wasn't supposed to move to Jacksonville with her mother, either. I have to ix-nay on the explanation until Bella is with us. She will not like being the last one to know.

What do I call you till then?