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I didn't see that one coming

SEQUEL to GNO...Edward's back, but what's up with Xavier? How does Edward know Xavier on such close terms? Bella's confused and did I mention that the girls aren't all that they seem?


2. rocky road and brownies

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I was looking into his face wishing things were different. Wishing he hadn't hurt me. Wishing he hadn't come here to disrupt my healing process. It figures, just when I start to heal he comes in and screws it all up. Why, why did he come back?!?!

WAIT. Bella, hello he’s back! Why are you objecting to that?!?

"Bella," he breathes into my face. The longing, desperation, and surprise are apparent in his voice and on his face. He twirled me out, not letting go of me as Xavier had. Spinning me back to him he grabbed my hips and made me move with him, dipping me periodically.

Yeah, I know we have just reunited with each other and we should be doing the whole ‘I'm-sorry-I-really-love-you’ thing. Well, my excuse is that I wasn’t able to before, and now, out of nowhere, the love of my life pops up, being that he is a vampire, he can dance better than any dance instructor, ever, and this may be the only chance I will ever have at dancing with him using my new found skills. Maybe I wanted to show off a little bit, but this has nothing to do with that. I need a few memories of him, for when he leaves again, and I can pretend he is the one I am dancing with when I close my eyes. I knew he wouldn't stay, no matter how he may act like he feels. The longing, the desperation, it’s all a show; the surprise, I believe, might be genuine.

The song ended and I turned to leave when I ran smack into Xavier. He wasn't looking at me, he was looking at Edward. “Is this him, Querida? Edward?" I forgot I had told him about Edward. See? There have been too many surprises tonight, but I prefer surprises to getting killed. I didn't say anything because I was speechless. Edward looked at me, I stared at the floor.“Yes, I am Edward. It's nice to meet you." He held out his hand. So there we were I'm looking at the floor, Edward is beside me shaking Xavier's hand, which happens to be blocking my way. Aren't we in trouble? “Oh, we've met before. I told you I was working on her, Senior, in a more corporal form," he smiled at Edward, who now had recognition all over his face. I saw now why Xavier was trying so hard to get close to me. He wanted to keep me from moving on, not help me. This knowledge hurt as it took root in my mind. Maybe because I knew Edward was part of this scheme.

I side stepped Xavier, but he caught my arm. I looked up at him with fury burning in my eyes. He let go, and I moved toward the girls who had watched the whole thing transpire.I cocked my head to the side and said, "You’re gonna have to kidnap me and tie me to a chair before I'll go out with you or that bastard standing beside you!" I turned and blinked back the tears. A song came on then and some random guy grabbed me and twirled me toward the tables, where my protectors were. When he tried to take me back onto the floor after we got to the side, I disentangled myself from him, only to be hugged by my girls. They were always there to make me feel better.

As we walked outside to the car my mood lightened with mindless chatter. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling some rocky road ice cream and a ‘Comedy Central’ special coming on. What do you think?" Philicia says saving the day with ice cream and laughter.

"Yeah, babe, I hear there's a Jeff Dunham special coming on tonight. But Philicia keep your rocky road to yourself, I want the vanilla," Korri chimed in.

“Hey, you guys know that Daddy made the specialty tonight, right? It starts with B and ends with ownies! Oh, and there's an R in there somewhere!" I feel my mouth water at the thought of Kayla's daddy's brownies, especially when they have the chocolate chunks in them. Yep, my night was definitely looking up. I nodded vigorously. No one can be sad while eating the best brownies in the world and watching a stupid comedian on the television with your best friends. If only your group of friends weren't missing a very important person to you. No, I’m not talking about Edward – I mean Alice. I had a feeling that if she ever met my new friends, she would really like them. Maybe Rosalie and Lucy would get along, too.