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I didn't see that one coming

SEQUEL to GNO...Edward's back, but what's up with Xavier? How does Edward know Xavier on such close terms? Bella's confused and did I mention that the girls aren't all that they seem?


3. I Held My Breath and Dived Head First

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I felt renewed as I stood in front of my house breathing deep breaths. A night with the girls was the right medication. They didn't even ask about the dance floor scene. It's like they can read me in a way Edward never could. I walked up the front steps and opened the screen door. I saw a note from Mom on the door.


Honey, Phil had a game in Pensacola we'll be back in a week. We want to see the giant beach ball! You know my cell. Money for food is in the cookie jar, call if you need anything. Don’t forget to water my begonias. Love you.


Well, that’s nice. Hmm, I wonder if the girls are still allowed to come here for Scary Movie Monday? I'll have to call and ask. As these thoughts plagued my head, I unlocked the door and went into the house. I dropped my bag on the kitchen floor and wadded up the note to toss in the trash can. I hit the target! Whoa! See brand new girl, Bella + Friends = really good day and a happy mood. I did a little jig and walked to the fridge to get a water. I took a sip then grabbed my bag and headed for my room.

When I opened the door, I dropped my bag and my jaw. There on my bed he sat.


I stared in disbelief. Internally shaking myself, I went about putting my toiletry items up and throwing my clothes in my hamper— completely ignoring Him as he sat on my bed watching me with his golden eyes. I may have acted like it didn't matter that he was there or that I couldn't even tell he was there, but I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand to attention.

Finally getting fed up, I turned on him in a fury. "Why are you here in my house? I thought last night I had made myself clear. I don't want to see you again."

He cracked a grin, the crooked one I love best, "No, you said I would have to kidnap you and tie you to chair before you would go out with me. Not that you didn't want to see me anymore."

I was frustrated, "Ugh! Must you be so technical? I thought it was self explanatory. I don't want you in my life. You screwed it up even after you left! How did you get Xavier to do it, huh? How did you get him to try and keep me from getting over you? Why would you do that? You left me. Why try to make me remember you?"

"Wait, what are you saying?" He was clearly playing stupid, well, so could I.

"I mean that I know about your plot with Xavier."

He shook his head, "What plot? Bella, love, we did nothing against you. I left you so you could have a normal life, why would I let Xavier try to keep your mind on me when I would much rather do that with me here with you?" He had moved from the bed to a standing position walking towards me as I backed away from him. I finally hit the door. He reached his hand up to my face to cup my cheek, and I turned my head away.

I wanted him to do it. Wanted him to hold me, but that would be my undoing and it would hurt that much worse. Its bad enough I danced with him last night. I had my girls with me then, my courage in the flesh. He removed his hand, still staring at my intensely.

"Bella I love you."

I pushed him away from me. “No you don't. You don't love, or wouldn't hurt me! That's the difference between someone who loves you and someone who doesn't. You had the power to hurt me the most. If you loved me, you wouldn't have, because you did, that gives me all the information I need." I turned, put my hand on the door knob poised to twist it open.

"Bella, please don't hurt me the way I hurt you. I hurt you to save you. Then I realized it wouldn't have made any difference whether it was to save you or not, I realized I need you. I want you in my life. Love,"he grabbed my shoulders and turned me toward him, "Darling, please."

His hand moved up to my neck, caressing it, as his eyes searched. It was here I made a fateful observation,

Edward Cullen was holding his breath.

Now this may not mean much to you, but to me it means a universe, MY universe. Edward is a vampire, right? He doesn't need to breathe, right? Well, he does anyway. The point is he was throwing all his hope into this request, he was risking his heart and he risked me saying no. Had I said no, I'm pretty sure it would have quite possibly killed him. I'm not one for murder, so what am I to do? The only thing I can do to make him breath and not fall over dead.

"No, not again." His face fell. There was my proof he loved me. His anguish apparent and then he realized his expression and tried to hide it. It was too late, I had already seen it. That was when I truly made my decision.

He started to back up, but I grabbed his hands and tugged him back to me. He looked confused, most people can't look good and confused at the same time, but he did it well. I pulled him close and ran my hands up his arms to thread them through his hair at the back of his neck. His hands went to my hips and around to the small of my back.

"I was wondering if you really loved me. You just answered all my questions." I breathed blowing my breath in his face. Yes, I brushed my teeth this morning, so my breath was a-okay to me. I wonder if my breath affects him as much as it does me? It didn't matter whether it did or not because my thoughts flew from my head as our lips met.

Hours later, it seemed, we pulled apart. "So you still love me?"

How could he ask such a stupid question? "No, I just put my heart and soul into a kiss that meant nothing to me. Yes I still love you! What are you gonna do about it?" I challenged.

He picked up my gauntlet with, "Spend the rest of my life with you, if you'll let me."

"I'll think about it and let you know," I chuckled.

My door was thrown open and missed me by mere inches, I turned to see who it was and was left in a trance of shock and awe.