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Better than England

"... The strongest person I’ll ever know is my mum ..." - Anna Cygne Photobucket Anna has a peculiar power, she can sense the future. When her family moves from England to Oregon, Anna starts to sense something different in her future. She senses someone who was missing before, but who's coming back now. Someone with hair the same bronze shade as hers. Just what is Anna's mother hiding from her?

This is a story that started bouncing around my head late last night or sometime this morning, like all stories it demanded to be written. So, here it is. Now maybe I can get back to thinking about other matters. And I know, the title is kinda crappy.

4. Lunch can't just be simple.

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The ‘click’ my mind made should have been audible. It just all fit. It was almost like a movie, except that this was real life.

I’d found my father.

He had to be my dad, or related to my dad, or… something. I wasn’t sure what. He just had to be something. He was unnerving in a way, and from the way he looked he seemed a bit unstable, but he was also strangely comforting. Like something I’d lost a long time ago, and being around him gave me this strange sense of contentment. I wasn’t sure how exactly to explain it, but it felt almost like the feelings I had towards mum – except they missed the friendly knowledge of knowing her, I knew nothing about him, but that same draw, that same comfort, was there.

For about another minute, we stood staring at each other, measuring the recognition in the others eyes. He seemed to have relaxed a bit, the crazy vibe dying down, but he still seemed on edge. I frowned. I’d imagined meeting the mysterious man known as my father once or twice, but this wasn’t anything like I’d intended.

He was so young. I should have been used to it, what with mum being how she was, but at the same time it was so strange. This man who was obviously my father couldn’t be older then 18, the same age that mum was turned at.

We would have stood there for the rest of the day if the pixie-vampire from my dreams hadn’t danced over to grin at me. “Finally!” She exclaimed, clapping her hands together. “I’ve been waiting for so long!” I watched her jump up and down with each word, before she grabbed me from the man’s grasp and pulled me towards their table. The bronze-haired one followed close behind, looking lost in thought.

The moment we reached their table the pixie (at this point, I knew I would never call her anything but pixie) started introducing me to everyone. “This is Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and this,” She pointed to each in turn before she indicated the man, “Is Edward.” She was grinning, her black hair bouncing a little. How much energy did one little Pixie have? “Oh, and I’m Alice.” She added after a second, releasing my arm but waving her hand to show that I should sit, which I did, a bit numbly. I was still having trouble processing everything.

“So, what’s your name?” The Pixie, or should I just call her Alice, asked. I blinked a little, focusing completely on her. “My name is Anna Cygne.” I told her, running a hand through my curls nervously. Even with the comfort the man, Edward, brought, I was still unsure about this entire situation.

I wanted mum. Badly.

Rosalie, the beautiful blonde, studied me for a long moment. “Anna Swan.” She said the same thing the man, Edward, had said earlier. I knew what my last name was translated into English, why did they keep repeating it? “Yes, Cygne means Swan.” I spoke with a little of the annoyance I felt, these people were all so mysterious to me – so unknown, yet I felt like I should know them.

Everything was uncomfortably silent for another long moment before the Pixie spoke again, seemingly in control of all this. “Your mum’s, Bella’s, name isn’t Cygne, it’s Swan.” She looked sad for a moment, “Or at least it was.” The sadness wrapped around the entire table, and I turned to look towards Edward again. “You’re my dad.” I figured being blunt would work best here; it was a good way to hide most emotion. However, he wasn’t playing along so he just nodded mutely. I frowned. “I don’t understand.” I was going to make him say something, he had to say something, he had to tell me – he had to explain. He… he had to tell me why I’d dreamed about this entire family since I got to this place, why I felt so safe with him, why my mum was so sad all the time, he had to explain everything. But he wasn’t, instead he was sitting there staring at my silently.

I couldn’t take it. No one was saying anything now, obviously waiting for him, but he wasn’t going to do anything. Abruptly, I stood. I knew if I needed to, I could find them again, but right now I wanted to see mum. She would make this better somehow, and since he wouldn’t explain, I would make her explain.

“I’m going home.” I said, my voice cracking a little even though I had tried not to let it. The Pixie stood instantly, “I’ll go with you.” She offered, making me raise my brows with question. She just grinned, “And I’ll explain what I can.” With that, she cemented the deal. If she was willing to explain any of this madness, I’d be grateful.

But Edward, my newly-discovered-vampire-father, didn’t want her to. He made some sort of sound in his throat, looking pained, but still staring at me. I stared at him, trying to sort through all of this information. He was back to being crazy, at least in my book.

The Pixie laughed, taking my arm again. “Tell Carlisle and Esme for me, I’ll call you all as soon as you can come see Bella!” She was back to being bouncy, leading me from the cafeteria before anyone could protest. From there, she led me out to the parking lot. “Do you have a car?” She asked cheerfully, although the way she said it made it seem like she already knew the answer. I shrugged and nodded, fishing around for the keys in my pocket before I led her towards the little car. The Pixie slipped into the passenger seat as soon as I unlocked it, and then waited patiently for me to get into the drivers side.

It was mostly silent as we drove, and I was struck by the fact that this drive felt so much longer then the drive to school. So much had happened in so short a time. I hadn’t even thought to stop and make an excuse at the office… what would I tell them? That I’d discovered my father so I took a Pixie home halfway through school? Bugger! How do you explain something like this to anyone?

Eventually, the Pixie broke the silence. “It’s great to finally meet you, really. I’ve known about you for so long.” She giggled contently, “You can’t understand how hard it was not to tell anyone, just Jasper knew actually.” I eyed her while trying to watch the road. “I don’t understand.” I admitted, sighing softly. “It… how… I mean…” I didn’t even know how to formulate the question right! What did I ask her? How did I ask her?

She smiled at me as if she understood, “I’ll let Edward and Bella explain most of it to you, but I’ll try and tell you what I can.” She frowned for a moment, looking thoughtful.

“First, tell me how Bella’s been doing.”

So I did. I told her everything, and when we arrived at my house we both sat outside and talked for a little while. She was an intent listener, although I hadn’t thought she would be. She seemed genuinely interested in my entire life, so I told her lots of it. I told her about England, about Mum, Uncle Dan and Aunt Lily, and I told her about my power – which she seemed to think was very interesting, and then promised she’d tell me hers later.

By the end of our conversation, ‘Pixie’ had become a warm nickname for the woman I learned to know as ‘Aunt Alice’ or just ‘Alice’. I felt like I had a real friend with her, someone I could trust no matter how weird things got.

And somehow I knew things were going to get really, really weird for the next few weeks, maybe even longer.