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Everything Has A Purpose

Original New Moon Scene: Bella wakes up 4 months after Edward Left her. Charlie Offers to allow her to stay home. She denies the offer. My Version of the Scene: Bella wakes up 4 months after Edward left her. Charlie offers to allow her to stay home. She accepts the offer. How will this alter her future? One-Shot :)) BannerFans.com


1. In My Field of Paper Flowers

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I woke up crying, once again. Each night was always more vivid, more painful, than the first. Charlie was up already, for the clock read 6:54. He was most likely down stairs, thriving on any indication I was awake and alive, before heading off to work. But, like always, I just laid there. He would eventually come up to check up on my, realize I'm awake, offer to let me take a sick day off from school, and I would decline. Already I could hear his boots stomping down on the stair steps as he made his way up and around to my bedroom door. My eyes remained glued to the roof of my room as he welcomed himself in and sighed.

"Bella, why don't you take a sick day off from school? Just to get more rest, god knows you need it." I opened my mouth to repeat the usually denial, but just then something stopped me.

I nodded slowly.

"Yea, I think I have a fever anyways, dad." He grunted in surprise, and then nodded in agreement.

"Yes, so just keep the door locked and if you need anything, just dial my number." I cracked a smile.

"It's still 911, right?" He chuckled at my attempt at humor.

But as quickly as it came, the smile on my face faded.

He gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and then was off to work. As soon as I heard the car pull far enough away, I got up and trudged my way into the bathroom. While in there, I was successful at shielding myself from the mirror. I wasn't in the mood to have to look at my hideous reflection. Not right now.

An idea had sparked in my brain just when Charlie left. Ed-, I couldn't finish. He always said that if I was to leave this world, he couldn't help but follow in my foot steps. It was the last strand of hope I held within me. Recalling him stating that vampires could only be killed by fire, I gathered up all the matches in my house hold, gasoline that Charlie and I used to light the stove (it was an old house) and some old newspapers. I rushed up the stairs and into my room, where I laid everything down onto my bed and thought of how I was going to do this.

Perhaps I should just light my room on fire and by then the fire fighters could save the rest of the house. But what if they got to me before I was dead? That plan wouldn't work. The last thing I wanted was to be trapped in a hospital with 3rd degree burns engulfing my entire body. No, I was going to have to start the fire down stairs then somehow get it to climb up to my room. I stared down at the newspapers and smiled softly. The newspapers. I would use the newspapers to form a trail up the stair and into my bedroom. I would also drench the newspaper strips trail with gasoline. It was perfect. And with that, I began preparing my house. Ripping newspapers, setting furniture aside and stacking chairs on top of each other. I placed the gasoline and the matches on separate counters and headed outside, a homemade basket around my arm.

I hiked out into a distance field where I found bushels of lilacs and daises. With care, I picked more than 20 of each and explored a little further and found small white flowers. Now that I had what I wanted, I headed back to our small, little white house. The memories brought back from the image of the house sprung tears to my eyes. I was happy I wouldn't be going down alone; I would be taking all those memories with me, down into hell.

The front door creaked as I made my way back into the house and immediately I began laying down the flowers, trailing them through the living room, kitchen, up the stair case, and into my bedroom. Just liked I planned it.

I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen to retrieve the large, plastic container filled with gasoline. Very carefully, I began to slowly pour jagged lines throughout the entire living room and up the stairs. When I got to my room, I abruptly threw the container to the ground where it drenched not only my entire room, but soaked my pants as well. I reached into my left back pocket and drew out my match box.

Stopping to think for a moment, I remember the night Edward first spent the night. I remembered the first time Edward said he loved me. I remembered the night Edward, for the first time, told me he didn't love me anymore and left. Tears of both love and hate welled up in my eyes. I had hoped earlier that Alice might happen to see my plan and he would come to rescue me. But now, I realized that not everything happens like in the fairy tales. And my fairy tale was over now.

I struck a single match against the side of the box and stared into the flame, flickering continuously. Everything has a purpose in this world. And this match, this single flame, had the biggest role in my life than anything else. And in that moment my whole body went numb and the match fell to the ground...