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The Transformation

The Transformation This is a poem about becoming a vampire (as in the actual transformation process). It's not specific, but that is what it's about. I didn't really have any particular people/vampire in mind, but you can think of it as Bella or whoever....

Reveiw? Please?

1. The Transformation

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Trembling, autumn's warm breath lingers on her lips,

Where love's last lament

Lies unspoken,

Eternally unbroken.

All around, a sweet song,

But song's sweet symphony offers

No sanctuary,

No more.

Oh rapture of skin, now so cold,

And veins drawn with idle ice ink,

Not stirring,

Not moving.

Life's final theatre is empty,

But blessed with the baleful bliss

Of darkness,

Such darkness.

Intrepid, he claims her soft flesh,

Breaks her body with cool, careful caresses,

Undoes her,

Takes her.

Dysfunctional, she lies in Earth's lush throne,

With empty eyes extended heavenward,

Then she changes,

Then she lives,