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A Story Of "What If's"

This is still in the produce of revision. And it might take awhile (Im always bussy) so Ill just put it up. One hint: Edward almost goes to far.


1. Preface

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The rain dripped down my face. This was a perfect time for rain. I can see his profile. He’s standing about fifteen feet away from me in the yard. Just yelling at her. Shouldn’t he be glad? It’s better than her dead! He should just be glad that I had control. And now, she can actually defend herself!

She runs up to him, just to tell him she is fine. Even if he doesn’t want to believe it, she wanted this. Eyes closed, he turns away in my direction. Head down. She can’t touch him, but she lifts a hand anyway.

“I can’t… Bella, please. Forgive me.” He looks up at me.