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A Story Of "What If's"

This is still in the produce of revision. And it might take awhile (Im always bussy) so Ill just put it up. One hint: Edward almost goes to far.


2. What If Something Else Happened?

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"Bella. Bella, it’s nine-thirty."

I was kneeling at the side of her bed. It was Saturday and lucky, the constant tap of rain hadn’t faltered yet. Neither had the clouds. We would be spending the day entirely together again. Bella rolled away from me and groaned. I know she doesn’t like being woken up during the weekends, but I like to playfully annoy her now and then.

Her heart seemed to skip a beat as I place a hand softly on her waist. "Bella", I urged her sweetly. "Come on, Bell. You can’t sleep all day, now, can you." I said this even though the day hadn’t really began. I have done this countless mornings, and she has her own little plan. She had gotten quite smart after about the third time and right now, she wasn’t really sleepy. It was all a game. I shook her a little, and she pulled the comforter over her head, just as I knew she would. I shook my head and smiled, although Bella couldn’t see it, her heart speed up a bit. These moments, along with many others, I treasured. If I could only have one person left on Earth it would be her, not even my family, though I love them dearly.

"Edward…" her complaint muffled by the thick bedding. We both had these mornings mapped out in our heads as if it where a play. As if it where short play with a script that changed every performance. But it was there. Bella loved this, even though it was her worst time of the day.

I leaned over the mass on the bed and slowly brought my lips to the lump that was her head. "Don’t make me force you out of this bed, Bella." I said. She laid silently and didn’t move an inch. Her hidden excitement was betrayed as usual. Fine, if that is the way you want to play I thought half laughing in my head. I climbed onto the bed behind Bella and wrapped my arm around her. This would almost give her a heart attack, but not anything bad enough to actually give her one. Then I pulled the blanket away and brought her as close as she could possibly get to me. I noticed she wasn’t breathing. I kissed the side of her neck, being careful of my own control.

Bella then took in air as she gasped a little. I laughed. She is the most interesting human I have ever met in my life, and she never seems to end my amusement. Then unexpectedly, she turned over to look me in the face. "Wow, Edward. You did really good that time."

"Really? So, are you awake now?"

"I really don’t know. I mean-" I knew what she was trying to do. So I gave it to her. I kissed her lips and touched her warm cheek. When she realized what was happening she kissed me back as she put her hand on the back of my head and played with my hair. This was one of those really good kisses that made me feel as if I was ten miles high. Full of passion. I would remember these things forever and they would be as vivid as day. I wouldn’t let me remember this any other way. Bella closed her eyes softly, as I did. She brought her hand down my neck into the middle of my chest. Her flesh was soft. Blood warm. Sweet. Perfect. I exhaled. I had to stop. This was too much. It felt like I could taste her blood in my mouth. She was right there. I could just have…

I parted my lips. Her eyes where still closed and our lips still only centimeters apart. She was half dazed and her heart was beating as if she ran a marathon. She leaned into me, putting her forehead against my chest. She sighed, but if wasn’t a bad sigh. It was a kind of ‘I love my life sigh’.

"Edward. I love you."

"I love you, too" I came so close. Why did I do that? Why! I looked down at her. I kiss the top of her head and roughly got up from the bed. She gave me a weird look.

"Edward. Are you OK?" Bella sat up in bed.

"Bella, I’m fine," I insisted. "You should get dressed."

She didn’t believe me. "I’m sorry. It’s just, you started and I thought you where fine." Bella started to come towards me but stopped. It was probably the look on my face that stopped her. I watched her go to her dresser and get her clothes. "Um, stay here," she said and left. I stood in silence.

Bella has no clue how close that was, and she tells me to ‘stay here’. I could have just killed her then. She would have been dead! "Ugh!" I fell to my knees and slammed my fists on the ground. The taste of her blood still seemed to flood my mouth. I heard a door open. It was Bella. She heard me.

"Edward!" I ran out the window, not even looking at her.