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Before I Die

Edward has cancer. He knows that he'll die soon, and before that happens, he wants to have fun with his life. He doesn't want to find love, but as he has 'fun', he meets a girl, named Bella. AH AU BxE


17. Chapter 17

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Emmett was pumped up since he found out that we were going to ride go carts. He kept flashing me excited looks in the car, giving little thumbs ups every time he thought someone wasn't looking at him. I rolled my eyes at his childish behavior, but he kept insisting that he would win.

“Welcome to Racing Racers!” a man; who had a horrible mustache, greeted.

Bella gave an awkward smile.

“Who here has cancer?” the man asked in a hushed tone. Bella glared at the man.

“How rude!” she whispered.

I nudged her shoulder. “Its fine.” I whispered in her ear.

I raised my hand slowly. “Me.” I said.

The man's eyes widened, he bowed his head slightly.

“Sorry.” he said.

I rolled my eyes again, enough with the pity card already!

“How much?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Its free.” the man announced.

“Excuse me?” I asked, not sure I heard him right.

“Its free.” he repeated.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

The man nodded, opening the gate revealing all sorts of different cars, in all colors. Alice ran to the one that was pink, beating Rosalie there. Emmett took the black car, he was grinning like an idiot now. Bella slowly approached the blue car, looking inside before sitting down. She looked at me, I was still standing by the gate.

“Come ride with me.” she beckoned.

I grinned and joined her in the small car. I tried my best to squeeze into the tiny space. I almost envied Jasper, he got in the car with Alice, who was small enough that three people can fit in that car. The man with the horrible mustache blew an air horn, allowing us to go. Emmett was the first one to zoom across the track. Alice followed him, going almost as fast. Rosalie; who was in the red car, was just cruising slowly. I let Bella maneuver the car, letting her do most of the driving. I just enjoyed the slight breeze on my face. The man blew the air horn again after what seemed like an hour.

“I won!” Emmett yelled.

“Emmett, it wasn't a race. All we did was go around in circles ten times.” I said dully.

Emmett rolled his eyes.

“You just don't want to admit that I won.” he said.

I ignored that comment and stumbled out of the car.

“Haha, that was fun wasn't it Edward?” Bella asked.

I closed my eyes, my head started to hurt again, but I didn't want Bella to know.

“Yeah.” I said trying to keep my voice light.

“Is something wrong?” she asked concerned.

“No.” I lied.

Bella seemed to believe me, but the concern on her face never left. She was beginning to act like Esme.

“That was fun wasn't it Edward?” Alice chirped.

“Uh huh, was it you who told him that I had cancer?” I questioned.

Alice looked guilty. “Yeah...I'm really sorry! I didn't want you to pay. Are you mad at me?” she asked.

I could never get mad at Alice, she was too small to ever hate.

“No, just don't do it again.” I said.

Alice smiled.



Alone. Was all I could think of when me and Bella were in my room that night. We were truly alone in my house. Esme was on a date with Carlisle,my doctor. I try not to think how weird that will be. Emmett was out with Rosalie, Jasper and Alice tagged along. I wanted to go home, my headache was getting a little unbearable.

“Whats wrong?” Bella cooed, touching my forehead softly.

“Nothing.” I lied again.

“Bella...” I began.


“You see, I have this list.”

“Really? Tell me more.” she said intrigued.

I smirked at her eagerness.

“And one of the things on there is...sex.” I said.

Bella blushed.

“Okay...” she began.

“I was wondering...” I started.

A sly look came into Bella's eyes, and she crushed her lips against mine. I kissed her back enthusiastically. I bucked my hips touching hers.

“Edward...” she moaned against my mouth.

I took my lips off her lips and moved them to her jawline, licking gently there. She shuddered delicately.

“I want you...” I whispered.

Bella fingered the hem of my shirt, lifting it up a little revealing my stomach. I took of the shirt without thinking, my eyes were locked with Bella's, I wanted to see her reaction. Instead of being disgusted, Bella looked like she had just seen a god.

“Handsome.” she whispered, before connecting her mouth with mine again.

I mentally laughed at her comment.

Her kisses trailed down from my lips, to my jaw, to my neck and finally to my torso. She was sucking on my skin gently, then she nipped it. I hissed in anticipation.

“Fuck me...” she moaned. She took of her shirt, tossing it on the floor, her hands were behind her back unhooking her pink lace bra revealing her privates to me. My eyes raked over her breasts hungrily. She took off her pants, throwing it out the open window.

“Oops.” she murmured, before kissing me again. I fingered her panties, enjoying the smooth satin against my thumb. In a quick flick of my wrist, I pulled down her underwear. She was completely bear.

“Make love to me Edward...?” she requested.

“Thats why we're here love.” I murmured. I cupped her face with my hands kissing her softly. Bella took of my pants and boxer's without taking her lips off of mine. I was inside her before I knew it. We both hissed at the connection, she was so tight and warm. I let go of her face, and gazed at her. Her eyes were closed, her lips pursed. I pushed her against me, our naked selves pressed together. Bella bucked her hips, and I went deeper inside of her. I felt her body, her soft skin and curvy hips. Bella was perfect. I reached up and left my hand in her soft hair. Massaging her scalp gently, caused Bella to moan. I pulled away, some liquid following.

I kissed her once, then twice.

“I love you Bella.”

“I love you too.” she said laying down on my chest. We drifted to sleep, a blanket covering our bodies as we both lied.