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Before I Die

Edward has cancer. He knows that he'll die soon, and before that happens, he wants to have fun with his life. He doesn't want to find love, but as he has 'fun', he meets a girl, named Bella. AH AU BxE


2. Chapter 2

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Emmett frowned. “You're not going to die Edward.” he said, I could see the pain in his eyes. It was hard for me to look into them straight.

“I will, and before that happens, I want to have fun with my life.” I announced.

“Whats your list Edward?” Jasper asked, the room was tense now, as if I was going to die this second.

“Its upstairs, can you go get it for me? I'm weak.”

“Sure thing.” Emmett grumbled running upstairs to my room. Seconds later Emmett was back with a piece of paper in his hands, he was reading the list silently to himself. He handed me the piece of paper and sat back down. I skimmed the writing quickly.

Sing in a band

Bungee jump off a bridge

Rock climb

“Are you sure that you want to do those things Edward?” Emmett asked.

I nodded, still staring at the paper in front of me.

“Why? What does it say?” Jasper demanded. I handed him my list and he read them to himself. He smiled at the first one, but then frowned at the rest. “Sounds dangerous.” he muttered than dropped the paper on the table, letting it float in the air.

“Will you guys do them with me?” I asked.

Emmett and Jasper exchanged a glance, their expressions had a mix of excitement, worry, and fear.

“Hell yeah little bro.” Emmett bellowed.

I smiled, my bottom lip cracked and a drop of blood flowed out. I put my finger to the wound and pressed hard. It stopped within the next second.

“The first one is easy. My friend is in a band, and they have a gig tonight, I'm sure he'll let you sing.” Jasper said.

“Awesome.” I replied, I couldn't seem to find the right words for what I was feeling right now.

“I'll call him right now.” Jasper left his seat and grabbed the wireless phone. His fingers dialed the numbers quickly, almost blurring.

“Hey Rick, listen you have a gig tonight right?” Jasper said into the phone.

There was silence, Emmett went back to eating his food, and I was too busy eavesdropping into the conversation.

“My brother has this list of things to do.” Jasper was interrupted. “Just listen. And the first thing on there is 'Sing in a band' and I immediately thought of you. Could you let him sing?”

“Yes, its Edward.” Jasper said quickly.

I sighed, I was going to get the pity card.

“You'll let him?” Jasper said, the corners of his mouth pulled up. “Thank you Rick, its at the House of Blues right?”

“Okay, thanks man, I owe you.”

Jasper set the phone down and walked back to the table. “You're going to be famous.” he exclaimed.

“Just for fifteen minutes.” I grumbled.

“Its better than nothing right?” he asked.

“Yeah.” it came out kind of high.

“Dude, I'm coming with you when you're going bungee jumping.” Emmett said slyly.

“And I'll go with you for the rock climbing.” Jasper offered.

“What are you guys talking about in here?” Esme asked walking back to the dining table. She put her hands on her hips and she smiled at us warmly.

“I made a list.” I said.

“Of what sweetie?” Esme asked.

“Of the things I want to do before I die.”

Esme frowned. “You're not—” I cut her off before she could continue, giving the list to her. Esme read it with worry written all over her face.

“I'm not allowing this Edward.” she said putting the paper back down.

“Why?” I questioned.

“You could get hurt doing 2, and 3!” she exclaimed.

“Mom, I've had shots all over my body, I've had surgery at least two times, and just getting up in the morning is painful. Theres nothing in the world, that could hurt me even more.”

Esme bit her lip to keep from crying, she knew I was right.

“Okay.” she croaked. A tear escaped from her eye. “Just promise me you'll be careful.” she said.

“Of course.”

Esme smiled again, she reached out and caressed my face. Her hand was warm and soft and it smelled of her perfume. Another tear fell and she wiped it away quickly.

“When are you going to do the first one?” she asked, kneeling on the floor in front of me, so that I was looking down at her.

“Tonight, right Jasper?” I looked at him for confirmation.

He nodded.

“I want to be there.” Esme said determined.

“I wouldn't have it any other way.” I said.

A minute passed of pure uneasiness around the room. It was uncomfortable sitting in such a tense room.

“Well, you said you were going to sing tonight, so go get changed and we'll go out and buy you new clothes just for tonight.” Esme broke the silence getting up, rubbing her eyes one more time.

I was going to argue against this, but Esme had already left, walking upstairs.

“I can't believe she is letting you do this.” Emmett said in awe.

I got up from the table unsteadily, clutching the edge. Once I was stable enough I walked back to my room to get changed. All I knew was that I wasn't going to die before I did what I wanted. I slipped on a pair of denim jeans and plain gray t-shirt. I looked pretty normal in this, and that was what I was aiming for. Normal. I put on a baseball cap to hide my bald head, then grabbed a tube of chap stick gliding it across my cracked lips. I didn't even look sick anymore, maybe a really pale person would describe what I looked like. I clomped back down to the living room, where Emmett, Jasper ad Esme were waiting. They were all fully dressed in outdoor clothes, Esme clutching her purse smiled when she saw me.

“Lets go?” she asked.

I nodded and followed them out to the car.

It was a sunny day, the ray of light hit my face and it was warm,it felt incredibly good. I basked in the warm goodness, inhaling the sweet scent of grass before stepping into Esme's car.