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Before I Die

Edward has cancer. He knows that he'll die soon, and before that happens, he wants to have fun with his life. He doesn't want to find love, but as he has 'fun', he meets a girl, named Bella. AH AU BxE


5. Chapter 5

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I slurped the hot soup, scorching my tongue in the process. Esme had warned me that it was hot and that I should cool it down, but ignored her, I was too hungry to even care. Breakfast was usually like this, quiet and peaceful, some people don't like the quiet, but I enjoy it. Its a time when you can think, and clear your head if you want. There was thumping coming from the stairs and Jasper appeared. He was frowning and sympathy was clear in his eyes.

“Edward, listen little bro, but I can't go Rock Climbing with you today, my manager told me I have to come in today at work.” he said.

“Its okay Jazz. I'll just go by myself.” I assured.

“Are you sure?” he asked cautiously.

I rolled my eyes. “Of course.”

“Okay, I have to go, see you later Edward.” he said then jogged out the front door. I blew on the soup before I took another sip.

“Hey, did Jasper just leave?” Esme asked walking out from the kitchen.

“Yup.” I took another sip of the soup.

“Why didn't he take you with him? Aren't you two supposed to be rock climbing today?”she asked.

“Jasper had to go to work, so I'm going rock climbing by myself.” I answered.

Esme scowled at me. “You are not going by yourself.” she argued.

I sighed, how many times will she tell me no? “Mom, I'm nineteen, I think I'm old enough to do what I want.” and with that I got up and left, leaving Esme with her mouth hanging wide open.

I grabbed Esme's car keys from the counter, since I didn't have my own car, and walked to the garage. I hopped into the car and put the key into the ignition. The car started and I pulled away from the garage.


I rested my head on my propped arm, watching the customers climb the wall. My day was usually really boring, nothing new, it was like living in a rut.

“Look at the guy who just walked in.” Alice whispered. I turned my head and saw a man, who was probably my age, walk in, he was wearing a baseball cap and sweats. Guys who usually wore that kind of outfit was normally a loser, but this guy actually pulled it off. My heart started to pound as this mystery man started walking toward me.

“Hi, I want to rock climb?” he said.

“S-sure.” I stuttered.

The mysterious man smiled. “I'm kinda new at this, so can you tell me how?” he asked, his voice was rough, but still dreamy.

“I would be honored.” I said without thinking, I mentally scowled at myself afterwards.

The guy smiled again. I picked up a pair of harnesses of the rack and handed one to the guy. I put mine on quickly, I was skilled at this kind of stuff. The guy put his harness on without breaking a sweat. I walked over to the wall and waited for the guy to catch up.

“So I attach this this rope right here.” I said. “And then you can start climbing.” I stated.

“Okay.” he said and got on the wall, taking one rock at a time. “Oh god.” I heard him mutter once he was really high up.

I laughed in response. “Its okay, just keep going until you reach the buzzer.” I yelled.

The guy kept climbing, finally reaching the buzzer, he lifted one hand and slapped the buzzer until it rang.

“You can let go!” I yelled.

“What? Are you crazy?” he yelled back.

“Its okay, trust me.” I assured.

The guy let go and I pulled him down easily. Once he was back down I smiled at him.

“That was really fun. I think I might do it again.” he said.

“A lot of people say that.” I informed.

“Edward.” he said extending his hand forward.

I reached out and shook it, a little spark clicked.

“Bella.” I said, blushing a little.

“Well Bella...” he trailed off.

My eyes widened, is he going to ask me out?

“How much do I owe you?” Edward said.

“Oh.” I went back to the counter and started typing away at the register. “Twenty dollars.” I said, looking back up.

Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. “Here.” he said.


Edward started to walk away, it kind of pained me to see him leave which was weird.

“Wait!” I called running up to him.

He turned around and smiled. “Yes?” he asked, seeming amused.

I chickened out on what I was originally going to say. “Have a good day.” I mumbled.

“Thanks you too.” he said politely and stalked off.

I sighed, I just about ruined my chances of going out with a perfectly good guy.


I could've sworn that Bella was going to say something else than 'Have a good day.' But I pushed that thought aside, I just went rock climbing!

It wasn't anything like bungee jumping, that, at least, had more of an adrenaline rush. Rock climbing not so much. But I could still check it off my list, which I really needed to add to.

When I got home, Esme was grinning, her smile reached her ears.

“Whats going on?” I asked.

“Dr. Thorton called, he said to come to his office as soon as possible, he said he had some news to tell us. He wouldn't say if it was good or bad, but I bet its good.” Esme said happily.

I frowned, usually all the news Dr. Thorton gave us was bad. Whats wrong?