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Accepting Edward

Bella gets a stomach bug and during her illness, Charlie finally accepts that Edward loves her and will take good care of her when they are married.

A little random. Inspired by when i was sick and i wished i had an Edward to take care of me :) So jealous of Bella

1. Stomach Flu

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I couldn’t help looking at the clock on the microwave several times during the few minutes that I spent doing the dishes. Charlie and I had just finished our dinner and he had promptly gotten up and headed for the TV. He was pouting. While we ate I had told him that Edward was coming to pick me up at 7. Somehow, he was still in denial that I had chosen him. I knew he would be upset when we told him we were getting married but this was just ridiculous. The wedding was in a few short months and he needed to accept Edward sometime.

It was only a few minutes till 7 and I ran up to my room get a jacket before Edward came. The doorbell rang while I hurried back down the stairs. I passed Charlie on the couch and he skillfully ignored me. I yelled goodbye to him anyway before I opened the door. And then my Edward was smiling his crooked smile down at me. After all this time it still made my heart jump. I took a few deep breaths while I smiled back and he reached out to take my hand. I gladly put my warm fingers into his icy ones and started down the walk to his car, marveling at the gorgeous creature walking beside me

Always the gentleman, he walked me to the passenger side of his Volvo and opened the door for me. He didn’t let go of my hand until I was safely into the seat.

“Why is Charlie so upset?” he asked me as he was pulling out of my short driveway. I didn’t say anything back but looked out the window trying to avoid his gaze. What was I supposed to say? Well, he’s angry that I love you and would give anything for me to be marrying Jacob instead? That would go over really well. Edward seemed to have picked up on the topic of Charlie’s thoughts and my silence though. “Oh…It’s alright Bella. It’s not your fault he doesn’t like me. If it’s anyone’s fault its mine.” I opened my mouth to protest and tell him that he did absolutely nothing wrong and Charlie was just a stubborn, overprotective father. Before I could get more than two words out, Edward reached over and put his fingers on my lips. “Its alright Bella. It doesn’t matter in the slightest if Charlie likes me or not, as long as you love me, that’s all that matters.” He flashed me one of the most contagious smiles I’ve ever seen.

He felt my lips turn up into a smile underneath his fingers and moved them to the side of my face. I turned my head to the side and planted a kiss on his palm. “I love you,” I assured him. He was so unbelievably understanding.

We pulled into his driveway and he parked in the garage. Alice and Esme were both sitting at the seldom-used dinning room table. The table was covered in papers of patterns and colors and different fabrics. I recognized it at once as a wedding planning session. It was probably strange that I had no desire to be a part of the wedding preparations but I really tried not to think about it too much. Alice still kept me pretty up to date on major decisions to make sure I was on the same page but mostly I stayed out of it and let her handle it.

“Oh Bella!” Alice practically squealed when I walked in to great them both. “I’m so excited! You’re going to love it, I promise. We finally nailed down the decision on the flowers and now I can see a pretty clear picture of what the room is going to look like. It’s beautiful, isn’t it Edward?”

“It looks wonderful Alice. You both are doing a fantastic job,” Edward assured her as he came in behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. He smiled at my attempt to conceal the grimace on my face and leaned down to kiss the edge of my jaw.

“Fine, go on both of you. I can see how this is paining you so much Bella,” she gave in sarcastically. “Just let us work and thank me later when you appreciate it.” I leapt at the chance to leave the room without having to discus the minor details of the table settings. As we left the dinning room, I heard Alice mumble something like “unbelievable.”

“What would you like to do tonight, love?”

“Will you play for me? You haven’t in so long, I miss it,” I told him. I loved to hear him play his piano. It was the most beautiful sound in the world, apart from his voice. He didn’t respond but simply pulled me along to the piano and sat me down beside him on the bench. His fingers immediately started to run along the keys, almost blurs because they were going so fast. The music that came was simply magical. I sighed and was perfectly content to listen to him forever. When he stopped after several minutes, he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. His fingers lifted my chin up so I was looking at his amazing face. “Thank you. It was beautiful.”

“So are you,” he told me in his velvet voice. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. As always, I couldn’t contain my desire to be closer to him. I braided my fingers into his hair. All too soon, he leaned back and broke my hold on him. He chuckled lightly at my pouting expression. “Shall we go upstairs?” This time I didn’t answer but got up from the bench and started my way up to his room. He came from behind me and swept me up into his stone arms. I gasped at the surprise and then smiled at the concerned looked on his face. He saw that I was okay and smiled as well. He ran at inhuman speed up to his room.

We spent several hours in his room talking and listening to music. I asked him about his most recent hunting trip, which he, Emmet and Jasper had only returned from yesterday. He assured me that he had a good time and even found a mountain lion. I always worried that he didn’t enjoy himself on the trips because he worried about me the whole time. If he had to leave, he might as well have a good time.

He had also demanded that I recap basically every minute of my life from the time he left to the time I went to bed the night he returned. For what seemed like the millionth time, I tried to convince him that my life was not that interesting without him. He still didn’t believe me, so I had to tell him all about my boring weekend, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, and going to the library. The highlight was when I went with Alice to see a movie in Port Angelos. In the middle of describing the movie in detail for him, I suddenly got a wave of nausea and froze. My hand went to my stomach and I inhaled a sharp breath.

“Bella? What happened?” Edward demanded me to tell him. I wanted to answer but was afraid of what else might come out of my mouth if I opened it. “What’s wrong Bella?” He asked more urgently. I weighed the risks of moving to the bathroom against puking on Edward. I decided I didn’t want to risk the second option so I inhaled another deep breath through my nose and went for the bathroom door. I made it just in time. As I bent over the toilet, I felt Edward behind me, with his hand gently rubbing my back. I really didn’t want him to see this but I was a little busy to tell him to leave. I doubted if he would anyway.

When it seemed like I was done, he lifted me in his arms and set me down on the bathroom counter to look at me. He put his hands on my face and looked me in the eyes. I felt so horrible all of a sudden that I couldn’t even blush. I closed my eyes and swayed a little. Edward held me against his cold chest while I sat on the counter. His skin felt wonderful against mine.

“Carlisle!” he called out for his father to come look me over. “Bella, what’s wrong?” Edward asked, “Did you eat something funny?” I shook my head against his shoulder with my eyes closed. Then I felt another set of hands on my shoulder and I knew Carlisle was there to see what was wrong. Edward leaned me back a little so Carlisle could see me more clearly. I kept my eyes closed

“What happened?” he asked Edward.

“I don’t have any idea. One second she was talking to me and then the next she went completely pale and sprinted off to the bathroom.” Carlisle’s hands felt my forehead and checked my pulse.

“Do you feel sick Bella?” He asked me. There was no way I was opening my mouth so I just nodded. I stopped quickly because it was making me dizzy. “Did this just start? Or were you sick earlier too?” This time I shook my head to answer his second question, hoping he understood what I meant.

“No, Carlisle she was fine earlier. It just hit her a minute ago. She feels hot too,” Edward said with panic in his voice.

“I know Edward, she has a fever. I think she probably has the stomach flu. You should get her home so she can sleep and you need to tell Charlie what’s wrong,” Carlisle instructed. I really didn’t like the sound of moving but I did need to get home for Charlie.

“Bella, honey, do you feel well enough to go home?” Edward asked me. I honestly didn’t know so I shrugged. I still didn’t open my eyes and I was seriously exhausted now.

“Maybe you should let her rest for a few minutes first and see if she’s okay. Then have someone drive you so you can sit with her in the car,” Carlisle’s cool voice suggested. “I’ll send Alice out to get her some medicine and when she gets back you should leave.”

“Bella? I’m going to take you back to my bed okay?” Edward told me. I didn’t know if leaving the bathroom was smart but I was already in his arms out of the bathroom. “You’re going to be just fine Bella. I’ll take good care of you and you will be back to normal in a few days at the most.” He laid me out on his bed and sat beside me. He pushed my hair out of my face and left his hands on my hot face. I was so tired that I barely heard him hum my lullaby before I fell asleep.