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Accepting Edward

Bella gets a stomach bug and during her illness, Charlie finally accepts that Edward loves her and will take good care of her when they are married.

A little random. Inspired by when i was sick and i wished i had an Edward to take care of me :) So jealous of Bella

2. Stay with me

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I hated this feeling of helplessness. This was how I felt whenever there was something wrong with Bella. She was asleep on my bed, paler than usual, and breathing in sharp breaths. I knew she just had the flu and would be back to normal in a few days, but I still hated to see her in any type of pain or discomfort. I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her hot face. She was so fragile. This fact made me nervous to ever leave her alone and I was glad I was here for her when this most recent stroke of bad luck hit.

Edward, please try not to overreact. It won’t help either of you. It’s just a stomach bug and she will be absolutely fine in a few days. Carlisle thought as he leaned against the doorframe of my room. I nodded without taking my eyes off Bella’s face to show him that I understood. Good. When you take her home, make sure she gets plenty of fluids. See if you can get her to swallow her medicine before she’s out for the night too. Again, I nodded. I already knew what to do but I was grateful for his attempt to help.

I looked up at my father and he was smiling down at us. His thoughts reflected his happiness to see my clear love for the girl sleeping beside me. I started to smile back but right then I felt my Bella’s hand on my shirt. My eyes snapped back to her face. She had squeezed her eyes shut, and pressed her lips together tight. Her fingers grabbed a bunch of my shirt and hung on with a firm grip.

“Bella, love, what’s wrong?” She didn’t say anything but pushed her lips tighter together. I could see she was obviously about to be sick so I scooped her up in my arms and rushed her to the bathroom. I held onto her and supported the weight of her limp body until she was done. I didn’t let up on my grip, guessing that she would collapse if I let her go. Carlisle came back into the room with a glass of water. Bella’s eyes where still closed so I lowered her to the ground and she sat on the bathroom tile, leaning against the tub. I sat next to her and put my arm around her shoulders for more support. “It’s alright Bella. Here,” I took the glass Carlisle offered, “can you try to drink some water, please?” Bella opened her eyes at the offer and reached out for the glass. She took a big gulp of water, but it didn’t stay down for long. I quickly took the glass from her as she lurched for the toilet. “It’s okay, love. You’re fine,” I tried to sooth her as she leaned back against the tub, trying to catch her breath.

This is probably the worst of it Edward. She’ll be better tomorrow, Carlisle had obviously seen the look of panic on my face and was trying to comfort me. I took Bella against my chest and held her loosely, rubbing her shoulders and back. I leaned down to kiss her forehead- it was getting hotter still.

Alice is back with her meds. I listened and sure enough, I could hear her worried, guilty thoughts. Why did she feel guilty? How was this her fault? Should have seen this coming! Why wasn’t I focused on her? Her thoughts seemed to answer my question immediately. Carlisle headed downstairs to great Alice and to tell her that she needed to drive us to Bella’s.

“Bella, honey, do you think you’ll be okay to go home?” I asked. I doubted she wanted to move, but I needed to get her home before Charlie started to panic. It was already past eleven and I usually had her home before now. Bella didn’t answer me and I wondered if she had fallen asleep again against my chest. But her breathing was not even so I knew she was awake. “Bella? Are you okay? Can you talk to me please?”

“Sorry,” she said into my chest. Just like her to feel guilty. Unbelievable. How was this her fault?

I chuckled once before saying, “You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for love. You did nothing wrong.” I would wait until she was feeling better to tell her she was crazy for apologizing.

“I think I can go home. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing left in me,” she said so pitifully that I couldn’t stop leaning down to kiss her cheek.

“Alright, Bella. I’ll get you home. You just try to sleep now,” I tried to soothe her. As soon as I said this she clutched my shirt tight in her hand again. I smiled and let out a little laugh. “Trust me please, Bella. I’m not going anywhere. I won’t leave you until you wake up, I promise.” Her hold loosened a little but she didn’t completely let me go. I picked her up in my arms, trying to cool her hot body down by holding her close to my skin.

Alice was already waiting in the car out front. I climbed in the back with Bella on my lap and held her tightly against me. It wasn’t long before she was out again.


Alice pulled up to Charlie’s little house and I listened to his thoughts. –Little rude of him to keep a young girl out this late. There not married yet.

“Maybe you should let me go talk to him before he sees her,” Alice suggested hinting at a vision in her head of a furious Charlie, tearing Bella out of my arms, causing her to wake up and…well, it wasn’t pretty after that. Apparently Bella was wrong and she did have something left in her.

“Go ahead. I’ll follow behind you in a minute.” Alice hopped out of the car and danced up the walk to the front door. She knocked. Charlie answered the door with a very confused expression. Where’s Bella? What happened to her? His great concern was the only thought going through his mind. Alice started to explain quickly what happened while I waited for the moment to come in with Bella.

I slowly lifted Bella gently out of the car and tried to be as gentle as possible while I walked her in. Charlie saw her sleeping body in my arms and gasped. “Bella!” he almost shouted. Bella was so out of it that she didn’t even stir in her sleep.

“Calm down Charlie, please. She’s fine, just tired. I promise you Carlisle checked her out and she only has the flu. She needs rest,” Alice comforted him so he wouldn’t wake Bella. Charlie didn’t take his eyes off Bella but moved to the side so I could get by and up the stairs.

Edward, I’m sorry but Charlie’s not going to make this easy. He’s going to tell you to get out and let her sleep. I internally groaned as I saw Alice’s vision for myself in her head. Perfect. I needed to stay with my Bella. I didn’t have a choice. I could always sneak back in her window but he would probably be checking on her a lot tonight. I would need to convince him to let me stay.

I got upstairs and took Bella into her room and laid her out on her bed. Her fingers only held on tighter to my shirt. I sat on the edge of her mattress and put her face in my hands. Her head was still so hot. She would need me to keep her temperature down. I could feel Charlie watching at the door. “Bella, can you hear me?” I asked her quietly. I was going to make sure Bella got her meds before Charlie tried to kick me out.

“Mmmm,” she moaned softly to answer me.

“Honey, can you sit up and take your medicine please?” After a few seconds, she seemed to gather her strength and shift her weight to sit up. She didn’t have to do anything else because I lifted her into a sitting position and held her up. Alice handed me a few pills and I placed them in Bella’s waiting hand. She popped them into her mouth and then I handed her the glass of water, which she tried to hold with her shaking hand but I held it up to her lips for her. She didn’t look like she would be able to without dropping it. The water stayed down this time- for now at least. “Are you alright, Bella?” She nodded weakly and slid back down so her head was on her pillow. I kept my hand on her cheek, waiting for Charlie to say his piece, which came right on queue.

“Alright, Edward, Alice, you guys can go. I’ve got it from here,” he said coolly, clearly not expecting my retaliation.

“Charlie, please let me sit with her. I promise I won’t disturb her sleep. I won’t do anything unless she needs my help,” I tried to reason with him.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ll take care of her just fine.” I know how she is; she’ll be up all night staring at him.

“I don’t doubt that Charlie, I would just like to stay with her. Please. I promise nothing will happen,” I said, seeing the direction of his thoughts. I could see I wasn’t budging him however, so I would have to try another tactic.

“No, final answer. She’ll be fine without you. If you want to be with her so badly, you can stay with her tomorrow while I’m at work.” I sighed angrily and turned back to my sleeping Bella. I hated to have to keep waking her up, but I promised I would be here when she woke and I knew it would make things worse if I wasn’t.

“Bella?” She didn’t open her eyes but her eyebrows scrunched up, like she was focusing hard on something. “Bella, I’m sorry but I have to go. I’ll be back I the morning, I promise you-” her eyes suddenly snapped open and she stared at me in alarm. She took a firmer grip on my shirt and shook her head violently. She stopped quickly and closed her eyes again. I guessed moving made her dizzy.

“Why? Why won’t you stay with me? Please Edward, just stay for me,” she begged, her voice groggy. It seemed to break my silent heart to have to deny her something like this, but hopefully I wouldn’t be gone long.

“I’m so sorry Bella, I want to stay but I can’t. Just go to sleep and I’ll be here when you wake up. I love you so much Bella.” I kissed her burning forehead and ran my fingers over her hair before I looked up at Alice, who was standing by Charlie. “Could you help her change into her pajamas?”

“Of course,” she said at once. She went to her dresser and started to pull out Bella’s close. I kissed Bella on top of her head once more, and got up to leave so Alice could get her changed.

Charlie and I walked out into the hall and faced each other. “Sir, I respect you decision, but I cannot leave her. I’m her fiancé and I’m not going home until I know she is alright. I’ll sit downstairs all night if I have to but I’m not leaving,” I said with determination.

Looking taken a back, Charlie took a minute to answer. “Well then…make you self at home, downstairs.” I gave him one last incredulous look and turned for the stairs. I skipped into Alice’s thought to see how Bella was doing. To my horror, there were tears in her eyes. If they were from pain of her illness or from me abandoning her, I did not know. I judged by the way Alice was comforting her, it was the later. Just then, Charlie went into her room and told Alice to leave too. He took over trying to comfort her, but was obviously very uncomfortable. Bella quickly feigned sleep so Charlie could leave as well, leaving her alone. Unbelievable. He really hated me this much?

Once he was safely in his room, I heard Bella’s tears come freely now. I knew Charlie could hear her and could not imagine why he insisted on causing her this much pain. His thoughts were little help. She’ll be fine in a minute, she’ll be fine. She relies way too much on him. I don’t want him with her all night.

I sat down on the old couch and put my head in my hands, frustrated. This was not right. Bella should not be crying right now. There was no reason for her discomfort. She needed rest. I was about to go up there and sit with her anyway, but Alice stopped me. Give him a minute Edward. His resolves not going to last that much longer. And sure enough, a minute and a half later, the tears were too much for him. He stomped out of his room and went to the top of the stairs.

“Fine. Get up here Edward, I give in. But you better take good care of my girl,” he said, defeated.

In a fourth of a second, I was at the bottom of the stairs. From there I had to take it slower, at human speed. I raced up the stairs and towards Bella’s room. “Don’t worry, I will. Thank you Charlie,” I whispered as I shot past him.