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Accepting Edward

Bella gets a stomach bug and during her illness, Charlie finally accepts that Edward loves her and will take good care of her when they are married.

A little random. Inspired by when i was sick and i wished i had an Edward to take care of me :) So jealous of Bella

4. Routine

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I woke up and rolled over, very stiff. I kept my eyes closed, not really tired but worn-out all the same. I felt cool hands on my face and leaned into them, smiling. I heard him chuckle, and I finally opened my eyes. He was watching me carefully from my rocking chair, which he had moved so he could sit next to my bed.

“Good morning,” he said cheerfully. This only confused me. I would have sworn that it was still the middle of the night. Then I realized that the room was way too bright to be night, confusing me further. “What’s wrong Bella? Do you feel sick?” he asked, panicked at the strange look I had on my face while I tried to concentrate.

“No, I’m okay I think. What time is it?” I tried to say with a steady, normal voice.

“Almost eight. Charlie left a while ago,” he answered. I was impressed that Charlie had left me alone with Edward, given his recent state of increased dislike towards him.

Edward continued to look at me with weary eyes, fearing that I would be sick or that I was in pain, I assumed. “I’m okay Edward. For now at least.” I tried to reassure him but it didn’t seem to work. He continued to feel my face. His hands were amazing.

“You still feel warmer than usual to me. I can’t tell if you feel hot or cold though.”

“I’m a little hot, but I keep switching from the chills to the sweats, so it doesn’t really matter,” I told him honestly with a small smile to comfort him.

“Tell me the second you get cold,” he said as he picked me up gently and pulled me into his lap, leaning against the headboard so I was in a half-sitting position. “Are you still okay?” he asked once he had me all rearranged, checking to make sure he hadn’t upset my stomach by moving me.

“Yep. I’m good.” I smiled and sighed, happy to have Edward with me. “Thanks for staying with me. You make this whole being sick thing not so bad.”

“Yes, well let’s not make a habit of it please. I hate seeing you like this,” he said as his arms tightened around me, like he was trying to protect me from the flu.

“I’m only human, Edward. I’m not some vampire with superpowers so I never get sick. Well, not yet I’m not,” I clarified at the end. He smiled and kissed my hair.

I snuggled deeper into his chest and was perfectly content. “Are you still tired Bella? You should go back to sleep if you are. Don’t stay up for my benefit please.”

“I’m not really tired anymore. I just feel weird,” I assured him so he wouldn’t make me sleep. “So, why did Charlie let you stay with me?”

“Well, first he saw how upset you were by me leaving you. Then, I think he figured I was the only one you would let take care of you while he was gone, so he favored me over no one,” he recapped me on Charlie’s thoughts.

“I think he’s starting to like you,” I said with a smile. It was about time Charlie got over me loving Edward and just accepted the fact that he was good for me.

“I wouldn’t go that far, but I think we’re definitely making progress.” He leaned down to kiss my lips and I quickly put my hand in between his lips and mine. This didn’t stop him, he just kissed my palm instead.

“Edward, you don’t have to kiss me. I’ve been puking all night,” I told him as he kissed my hand and headed up to my wrist with his lips.

“Like I care about that,” he said between kisses.

“Ew. Edward, stop that. I know you do. Who wouldn’t?” I challenged him.

“Me,” he said as he tried for my lips again and I stopped him again. “Bella, you’re being ridiculous. You just brushed your teeth too. So there’s no reason for any of this nonsense.”

I had brushed my teeth since being sick, but I still felt gross and I was definitely not going to subject him to that. “No. Sorry.” For once, he was the disappointed one, instead of me. “I think I want to shower,” I added in at the end.

“Bella, I’m not going to let you shower. You said yourself you feel weird. You’re going to get dizzy and you could fall and hit your head or something else terrible could happen.” His grip on me tightened, like I was going to make a run for it. Like I could outrun him anyway.

“I’ll be fine. I feel gross, Edward. It will make feel so much better to get cleaned up. Please?” I tried to convince him, but I doubted it would work.

“Nope. I’m not letting you so forget it. I’ll have Alice come over and help you, but you’re not showering alone,” he suggested.

“Fine, never mind,” I said with a groan. I crossed my arms and we sat in silence for a minute.

“I’m sorry Bella. I’m just trying to take care of you.” I knew this and sighed. He was right. I looked up at him and he looked guilty.

“I know Edward. It’s okay. I know you mean well.” He chuckled and bent down to kiss my forehead.

“Can you take some more medicine please?” he asked as he shifted to reach my meds and a glass of water from the nightstand. I took them both and swallowed the pills, hoping they would stay down.

“Can I at least go and brush my teeth again?” I asked when I was done. He immediately picked me up and carried me gently to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and hair and then washed my face. I already felt a little better. When he picked me up to take me back to bed, I quickly put my hand on his chest to stop him. “Can I go downstairs instead? I’m tired of my room.” He smiled and took me downstairs instead, settling me on the couch and sitting next to me, wrapping me up tightly in my blanket again.

A few seconds later, I heard a knock at the door. “Come in, Alice,” Edward said no louder than if he was talking to me, but I knew she could hear him. Sure enough, a second or two later Alice came dancing into my living room.

“Hey Bella! Feeling better?” she asked as she took a seat in the recliner.

“I’m not really sure, I haven’t eaten anything to test it out,” I told her honestly.

“You will be completely back to normal sometime on Friday. And Bella, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this coming. I was so focused on seeing a picture of your wedding I wasn’t paying close attention to your future,” she said with a horribly guilty expression on her angelic face.

“Don’t apologize, Alice. Even if you did see it, what could you have done to stop it? Nothing. So don’t worry about it. I’m not mad,” I assured her. She nodded, still looking guilty, and turned to Edward.

“By the way, Carlisle says to call him when you get a chance. He wants to know how Bella’s doing but said he didn’t want to intrude when she was probably fine.”

Immediately, Edward pulled out his phone and dialed the number. “Hello, Carlisle…I think she’s doing a little better. She slept pretty good last night and hasn’t been sick since about two.” I stared at him, unbelieving. I was sitting right next to him. Didn’t he think I might mind them talking about me? Obviously he didn’t because he looked down at me and smiled at my face, and then continued. “The fever’s still there, but not as bad, I think.” He listened to Carlisle for a while and then he agreed with something he said and said goodbye. Once he had hung up, he told me, “He wants you to try to eat something. And then Alice can help you shower if you still want to.”

I glared at him but nodded. Edward hopped up from the couch next to me and went to go make me some breakfast. He came back with a plate of toast and another glass of water. I ate slowly, making sure I wasn’t going to get sick. I drank the whole glass of water quickly and he got me another one. When I was done I assured them both I wasn’t about to get sick. Edward picked me up and carried me upstairs, where Alice took over and helped me shower and get dressed in comfy sweats and a t-shirt. The shower took up all my remaining energy and I was exhausted again. My stomach was starting to rumble and I knew what was coming from that.

Edward that I was about to pass back out and scooped me up to carry me to my bed. Alice told me to feel better and headed back home. Edward positioned me on my bed so that he could lie next to me. He held me in my arms and sang me to sleep.


I changed into the new clothes Alice had brought for me and then sat on the couch for Alice to finish helping Bella get dressed. When they finally came down, Bella looked like she was spent. All the blood was drained from her face and her eyes were drooping. She smiled at me like she thought I wouldn’t notice.

“You’re exhausted, love. You’re going back to bed,” I told her as I moved to pick her up. Her face dropped a little but she didn’t object. I carried her upstairs as Alice said bye to us both and wished that Bella would feel better.

Bella felt warm in my arms and she was leaning against my cool skin so I put her on the bed so that I could lie next to her and cool her down a little.

“Thank you Edward. I love you,” she said feebly as she closed her eyes and leaned into my shoulder.

“I love you too, honey. Get some sleep now, please.” I sang her lullaby and she was out cold within a few minutes. I watched her uneasy sleep. Her heart was beating a little bit faster than usual and her breathing was a tiny bit accelerated. She held unusually still, trying not to upset her stomach. I wished more than anything that I could be sick for her. That she would not have to suffer through this discomfort.

She shot up to go to the bathroom after about an hour of sleep and we developed a routine. She would go in first, and she would tell me when I was allowed to come in. Then she would brush her teeth and I would carry her back to bed.

She slept most of the afternoon, with a few more bathroom breaks. I heard Charlie’s tires pull onto the driveway during one of these breaks. I was waiting for her to let me in while Charlie came through the front door. I hope she’s doing better, I hate to see her like this.And Edward better be taking good care of her for his own sake. Charlie’s thoughts didn’t really register in my head. I was too worried about Bella.

“Bella?” Charlie shouted up the stairs.

“Up here, Charlie,” I answered him, hoping Bella hadn’t heard him, it would only make her more self-conscience. Charlie climbed the stairs and headed over to wait outside the bathroom door with me, confused at first, then understanding after listening to Bella. We waited in silence for a minute.

“Kay,” Bella called to me from inside. I could hear her fast breaths and hurried inside to comfort her.

“Are you okay Bella?” I asked before she could see Charlie. She was sitting on the floor again, her head back against the tub with her eyes closed. She nodded weakly but didn’t open her eyes. “Do you want some water, honey?” She nodded again and I brought her the glass of water from the counter.

Oh man. She still looks bad. But Edward seems to be taking pretty good care of her at least.

“Bella, Charlie’s back,” I told her as I leaned her forward so she could drink some water. Her eyes popped open and she saw Charlie standing in the door. Her face immediately went bright red.

“Hey, Bells. Doing okay?” he asked. I knew she didn’t feel okay but that she would lie to him anyway.

“Yeah, Dad, I’ll be back to normal soon, don’t worry about me,” she said in her quiet voice. I lifted her up so she could brush her teeth. When I went back to carry her to her bed, Charlie moved out of the way and followed us into her room. She had started to shiver so once I settled her into her bed, I covered her up with her blankets. I pushed her hair back so I could see her face. Her eyes were already closed and her breathing more even. I kissed her on her forehead before turning away- Charlie could deal with that.

I past Charlie and headed out into the hall. He followed me so we could talk without waking her up.

“Has she eaten anything?”

“Yes, she had some breakfast but as you can see, it didn’t stay down long. I’m making sure she’s drinking lots of water though. Carlisle said she’d be fine,” I answered his concerned question.

“Did you go home?” Charlie looked pointedly at my new clothes and his thoughts became angry as he imagined I left her alone.

“Yes, but Alice came to stay with her. I was only gone for a bit. Alice helped her shower while I was gone,” I answered, calming his anger.

Charlie was quiet for a minute, thinking of how to say the next part. “I want to thank you, Edward. You’re taking good care of my girl for me. I know she’s happier with you here and I’m sorry for kicking you out last night.”

“Don’t worry about it Charlie, I know you mean well,” I assured him. He nodded and started to turn toward the stairs and I hurried back to be with my Bella.