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Accepting Edward

Bella gets a stomach bug and during her illness, Charlie finally accepts that Edward loves her and will take good care of her when they are married.

A little random. Inspired by when i was sick and i wished i had an Edward to take care of me :) So jealous of Bella

5. He likes you

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Bella was doing a lot better today. She slept through most of the night. She only got up twice to be sick. Her fever was not as high as before, and she actually kept some food down in the morning. Alice had said she would be completely normal in two more days, so it was about time she could eat something.

Charlie had left me with her again while he went to work. Bella was happy to hear about our conversation the night before.

“I told you he likes you,” she said smugly, looking up from her position leaning against my chest on the couch.

“I don’t know. I still think he’s just happy he doesn’t have to deal with you,” I said jokingly. Bella knew I was joking but she smacked my arm anyway. “I’m just kidding, Bella. You know I love to take care of you.”

“And I love you taking care of me, so it works out pretty good, doesn’t it?” she said with a smile. I leaned down to kiss her and finally, she let me. I lips smiled on hers, feeling like I had won. She twisted around so she could reach me better and wrapped her arms around my neck. After a few seconds, I pulled back, not wanting to wear her out. She gave me a disapproving look but didn’t fight me, knowing I would win.

“So later on, I need you to go home, so I can talk to Charlie,” she instructed me, out of the blue.

“Why? You can talk to him with me here,” I answered, not really comfortable with me leaving her while she was sick.

“No I can’t. Not without you listening. I usually don’t care, but I’m going to be talking about you,” she said with a smile. I gave her a confused look and she laughed. “I want to talk to Charlie about you, and thank him for letting you stay with me,” she clarified. I knew this wasn’t the only thing, because she would do that with me here. I didn’t press her for information though. I tried to give her a little privacy. “I just need a few minutes, you can come back as soon as I talk to him, I promise.”

“It’s your house, Bella. I’ll leave if you want me to,” I assured her, trying to make sure she hadn’t thought that she’d hurt my feelings. “I should go home and talk to Carlisle and Esme anyway.” I smiled down at her and she reached up to kiss me again.


Edward waited until Charlie got home to leave, not wanting to leave me alone. He told Charlie that he was going to go home to shower and change, which was probably true. He’d promised to be back within an hour.

“How are you feeling Bells?” Charlie asked me as he came to inspect me, still laying on the couch.

“I’m getting better. I’m no where near as tired. And Edward said my fever was going down.”

“Good. You should be having fun this summer, not sitting around the house being sick,” he decided. I thought about that and thought that was a good sign. Charlie knew what I would rather be doing to have fun. This mostly involved Edward, so he must be growing on him.

“Dad, I kinda wanted to talk to you. Could you sit?” I asked him when I was pretty sure Edward would be a few miles away, unable to hear. He shot me a worried look, but sat down after a minute. “I know you don’t really like Edward, and I sorta wanted to know why.” This came out as more of an accusation, but I wanted answers.

“Oh,…I’m sorry Bella, it’s not that I don’t like him,” I gave him a disbelieving look that he ignored, “It’s just that he left you before and I want you to be careful.”

“I know that’s not it. You didn’t like him long before that,” I challenged him.

“Well, yeah. I guess you’re right….I don’t know Bella. I suppose it’s just that I want you to be happy and safe and I’m probably being a little overprotective. But honestly, Bella, that boy is the most overprotective kid I’ve ever seen, so you can’t fight with me for me trying a little too.”

“But Dad, I am happy and clearly, I’m safe with Edward. He would never let anything happen to me. I trust him completely and you should trust me enough to believe that too.”

“I do trust you Bells, and your being sick has definitely made me see that he will take care of you. Don’t worry Bella, I do like him. I really just don’t want to let you go. But I’ve been trying to accept that and I’ll be okay, I promise,” he tried to comfort me, but this only made me worry more. Not about Edward, but about Charlie. He lived alone for so long, maybe he liked living with me too much, that when I left, he would be sad again.

“I’m not gone yet, Dad,” was the best I could do for him. I couldn’t live with him forever, so he might as well enjoy the time he had with me if he didn’t want me to leave.

“I know, Bella, don’t worry about me. Just be happy,” Charlie said with a smile. That was about as heart to heart as were could get. We just sat in an awkward silence after that, so I took my chance to shower while Edward was gone. I didn’t think he would object to me showering alone again, but I didn’t want to take any chances. “Are you sure, you’ll be okay Bella?” Charlie asked with the same concern as Edward. The only difference was that Charlie could see reason.

“Yes I’m sure. If Edward comes, tell him to wait up in my room,” I watched Charlie’s expression carefully and he kept his face smooth and didn’t object to my instructions. Maybe he would be more lenient with me and Edward from now on. That would be a very nice change of pace.


I pulled up to my house and it felt a little strange. For one, I was very nervous leaving Bella alone, even though I knew she would be fine. For another, I hadn’t been home in almost two days and I felt disconnected from my family.

I walked through the front doors and into the open living room. Rosalie, Emmett, and Esme were all sitting in front of the TV.

“Edward!” Esme said in a relieved voice and ran over to me, hugging me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Is Bella okay? I’ve been so worried.”

“Yes, she’s getting better. I wouldn’t of left her if I didn’t know she’d be okay while I was gone,” I assured her and she looked relieved.

“Hey Edward, good to see you away from Bella,” he joked. “I bet she needs some space by now.” I ignored his comment and asked Esme where Carlisle was. Before she could answer, he came down the stairs.

“Right here, Edward. How is she?” he asked immediately, his thoughts wondering why I left her.

“She’s better. Still has a fever and she’s still getting sick but less often and she has more energy.” I watched his reaction to my words, looking for what he thought of Bella’s progress.

Good. She’ll be better in a few days. Just a stomach bug, like I said. Absolutely nothing to worry about, Edward. He gave me a reassuring look and patted my shoulder.

“Where are Alice and Jasper?” I asked him.

“Out hunting, but just a short trip. Alice said she would be happy to come back to help Bella shower, but that she won’t need her help,” Carlisle replied. I groaned and knew what that meant. She had taken advantage of her brief freedom from my worry and showered by herself, knowing that I wouldn’t like it. I knew Alice were never let her if she foresaw something happening to her, but just in case, I quickly ran upstairs to change. I said goodbye to everyone as I ran past them and back out the door to my car. I heard Emmett chuckle as I past and mutter something like overreacting. I knew he was probably right but I wasn’t going to take any chances.

I got to Bella’s house quickly and knocked on the door, sensing Charlie waiting in the kitchen for my return. He slowly came to the door and held it open for me to come inside.

“She’s in the shower but she said to wait for her in her room.” What? I thought, shocked. Since when did he actually want me in her room? What had Bella talked to him about? I looked at him disbelieving and he gave me a weak smile. I didn’t wait for him to change his mind, but hurried up to her room.

I could hear the water running and listened carefully for any noise that was not normal. I still had a vivid mental picture of her getting hot and becoming dizzy, falling down, and hitting her head. I sighed in relief when I heard the shower shut off. Bella was quick changing and brushing her teeth.

She came slowly into her room, probably sensing that I was there and would be mad. She saw me sitting on her bed and grimaced, waiting for me to yell at her. Like I could be mad at her today.

“I’m not mad, love,” I told her while smiling at her unnecessary fear. She smiled a little too, not totally convinced. I stood up and walked over to her, wrapping my arms around her hot, little frame and pulling her into a gentle hug. Her hands reached up and started to wrap around my neck, but couldn’t reach all the way. I pulled her up so she didn’t have to stretch and her feet were a foot or so off the ground. I kissed her soft lips and breathed in her sweet scent. I kissed her for longer than usual, without pulling back for a few minutes. I had missed her a lot while I was away from her for the past hour. It seemed more like several days apart. She smiled around my lips and sighed, content.

When I finally pulled back because she was out of breath, I carried her over to her bed and settled her in. After I handed her the medicine and she swallowed it with a glass of water, I laid down next to her. She was still hot so I wrapped my arms around her.

“Hey, guess what,” she teased. I never had to guess with anyone but her.


“He likes you. He said so himself,” she said smugly.

“Oh really? How did you manage that?” I asked, amused that she was so concerned about him liking me. I couldn’t care less if he still hated me. It was nice to know that he approved of me for his daughter, but even if he didn’t, I would love her all the same.

“I just convinced him that you loved me and were more protective than even he is.”

“Well I suppose that is true,” I said kissing her hair. She tried to stifle a yawn and I chuckled at her attempt. “Go to sleep love, your tired. I’ll stay with you all night, I promise.”

“I love you. Thanks for taking care of me,” she said sweetly.

“I love you too,” I told her as she drifted off to sleep.