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I Want.

After almost 200 years, Bella and the Cullen family are back in Forks for the first time. Lexie has just left Phoenix, and moved to Forks to live with her father.She’s just a normal girl that hates the rain, and she sets her eyes that something that might make Forks a tolerable place to live. She wants it, and she'll have it. Consequences be damned.

Multiple POV - Mainly Bella and Lexie Go easy. I'm still brushing the dust from my writing skills. But I'm always up for some constructive criticism. I wanted to try something new. R&R and let me know if it works?

The [T] rating is just a saftey net for later chapters..

10. Chapter 10

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"That little girl is really starting to work on my nerves!" Rosalie hissed to no one in particular. She somehow managed to radiate fury, whilst maintaining an appearance of ‘miserably depressed'.

It was lunch time, and the entire family was feeling slightly on edge; Rosalie more so than everyone else, though, Rose had always had a magnificently short temper.

And, she seemed to have taken exception to this Lexie girl like nothing I'd ever seen before.

Though I couldn't really understand the depth of her ire, I couldn't argue with her sentiments. Lexie was getting extremely annoying.

She'd been keeping her eyes trained on our every move. It was highly irritating.

We were used to people paying attention to us; we worked hard to appear normal, but no matter how good our acting was, the humans always took notice of us. It was the nature of our camouflage; they were drawn to us, yet their instincts told them to stay away. It was natural for them to be intrigued.

But this was something else entirely. The girl hadn't taken her eyes from us the entire day.

"I know what you mean, Rose. God. Can't she pay attention to anything else?! I feel like she's just waiting for one of us to.. I don't know.. " Bella said. She gave a frustrated huff, and began ripping apart the bagel on her tray.

I wrapped my arms protectively around her shoulders. I really didn't like seeing her get so worked up. "Relax, love." I whispered, placing a soft kiss on the top her head.

"How can you not be irritated?" She practically snapped, her golden eyes blazing.

"Jeez, little sis, calm down." Emmet whispered from across the table. Do something, Ed. She looks like she's about to kill something.

Suddenly, the tense atmosphere seemed to abate, and I shot a thankful glance at Jasper. The tension everyone was feeling would be affecting him so much more.

We spent the rest of lunch trying to act as human as possible, not speaking much. Everyone was lost in their own thoughts, though they all followed the same thread; irritation with the attention that was being directed at us, tinged with worry about what it could mean.

During French class, my annoyance was taken up another notch. I was used to Lexie staring at me. She did it with irksome frequency, and usually, the staring was coupled with inane small talk and eyelash-fluttering. But today, she didn't try to talk to me.

Every few minutes, she would sneak a glance at me out of the corner of her eye. She must have thought she was being sneaky. It was very irritating. I think she was paying more attention to me than she was to the lesson, which in itself wasn't any different to any other lesson, but there was something different in the way she was looking at me.

Halfway through the lesson, Ms Vega slammed her book down on her table to illustrate a point, and Lexie jumped halfway out of her seat, knocking her own book to the floor. We both reached for it at the same time, and for the briefest of moments, our fingers brushed together. I jerked my hand back quickly, but there was a brief flash of something in her eyes. I know she had felt how cold my skin was. I smiled at her, hoping she would make the same assumption she had with Bella; low iron-levels.

It was ironic really.

Her return smile was forced, and she didn't look in my direction again for the rest of the period. As soon as the bell rang, she raced out of the class without even packing her bag.

I left at a more leisurely pace, though I still managed to get to the parking lot before the rest of my siblings. Jasper and Alice arrived first. Their thoughts were agitated.

We need to talk, Edward. I caught a flash of the vision Alice had had on Saturday morning. Jasper must have been picking up on her anxiety, though his thoughts were filled only with concern for his mate.

Bella, Emmet and Rose arrived then, chatting amiably, but still visibly tense. Fantastic. When would things return to normal? It irked me that one girl could cause so much trouble.

The drive home was silent, for the most part. I kept seeing flashes of Alice's vision, and it disturbed me to see myself like that. My other siblings seemed to be keeping their thoughts occupied with more trivial things, though their was an underlying unease that was practically palpable.

When we arrived at the main house, everyone automatically gravitated toward the lounge. Apparently we were having another family meeting. Even Esme joined us, and I'm sure that, had Carlisle not been at work, he would have joined as well.

"What is this about Alice?" I asked once we were all assembled, not fully able to restrain my impatience. A wave of calm washed over me.

"I had another vision this afternoon. Or, the same vision, really." She said. I don't know what to do, Edward.I'm really worried about this.

Bella looked instantly apprehensive, and she walked over to me, insinuating herself under my arm. "What do you mean?" she asked.

Alice worried her bottom lip; a habit she'd picked up from Bella. "Nothing's changed." She said. "Even though we're using extra caution, and I'm not seeing her anymore. Nothing's changed. The vision is the same. I looked into her future again - Lexie - just to check, and it's stayed the same."

Esme looked concerned. I really didn't want anyone to worry.

Rosalie huffed, and Emmet pulled her towards him. She was irritated, rather than worried. What is it with you and human girls, Edward? They're like flies to the honey-pot.

"Should we be worrying, Alice?" Esme asked, concern colouring her tone. Now it was my turn to huff.

Jasper answered instead. "I don't know about Alices vision, but today, her emotions were very different. The best was I can describe it is that she was suspicious" He said. "I don't really know how to explain it."

In his mind, I could see what he meant. It was difficult to explain her emotions.

Everyone looked slightly uncomfortable now. One of the ways we managed to stay undetected is that humans tended not to pay us too much attention, outside of noticing our beauty.

"Do you think she noticed anything?" Bella asked, to no one in particular. I could tell that she was worried.

"Why are we all getting so worked up?" I asked. "It's one girl. There's nothing she can do! What are the chances of her figuring anything out, even if she does notice something odd about us?"

"I figured it out." Bella said softly.

I could sense a shift in everyone's thoughts. They were all remembering the last human girl that took a vested interest in me; over 200 years ago. There wasn't even the remotest possibility that this would turn out the same.

"This is different." I said, trying vainly to make them understand that this whole discussion was absolutely pointless.

Of course, it was no use. Apparently, everyone seemed content to cause themselves unnecessary stress. Even Emmet wasn't totally comfortable with the current situation. It was strange to see him looking so sombre.

"Edward, we should at least think about this." Alice pleaded.

My temper was starting to get the best of me, and I snapped. "What is there to think about!?" I yelled

"You saw for yourself. Aren't you the least bit worried?" Alices eyes were soft. She was genuinely concerned. Esme put her arm consolingly around her shoulders.

I glared at her, though it softened almost immediately. I knew she was worried, and I didn't want to make this any harder on her.

"No, Alice. I'm not worried." I ran a hand through my hair, trying to remain calm. "It's one girl. One human girl. What could she possibly do?"

Her mind flashed back to her vision. I don't like this Edward.

"Edward's right.' Jasper said. Alice glared at him. "I'm sorry, love. But think about it logically. I know you're worried, but there is nothing that she could do to us. She's only human. We'll stay away from her, we'll be cautious, we'll do everything we already planned on doing, but; he's right, we shouldn't get so worked up." He shrugged apologetically, and opened his arms to her.

She looked at him for a moment, face stony, but then she smiled slightly, and moved swiftly into his embrace.

This seemed to diffuse the situation slightly, but the atmosphere in the room was still tense. Today had been trying on all of us.

Rosalie huffed again. I think we should just kill the bitch.