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I Want.

After almost 200 years, Bella and the Cullen family are back in Forks for the first time. Lexie has just left Phoenix, and moved to Forks to live with her father.She’s just a normal girl that hates the rain, and she sets her eyes that something that might make Forks a tolerable place to live. She wants it, and she'll have it. Consequences be damned.

Multiple POV - Mainly Bella and Lexie Go easy. I'm still brushing the dust from my writing skills. But I'm always up for some constructive criticism. I wanted to try something new. R&R and let me know if it works?

The [T] rating is just a saftey net for later chapters..

4. Chapter 4

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It had been almost 2 months since I’d decided to make Edward mine. 2 months of seductive smiles, sexy clothing and many, many failed attempts to strike up conversation. I was getting nowhere. Slowly.
He obviously wasn’t interested in my looks. That much was painfully obvious. I needed to seduce him with conversation, something I’d never really had to do back in Phoenix. Usually a low-cut top and a naïve smile were all I needed to get what I wanted. Edward was a challenge, but that was alright. I liked a challenge.

What I needed now was an ‘in’. I needed to find something to talk about that he would actually be interested in. Just some way to start up an actual conversation. I needed to find out more about him, but nobody knew anything about them. They were all so damn secretive, only ever talking amongst themselves.

And then I realised what I needed to do. I needed to talk to someone who knew him, someone that was close to him. I needed to talk to one of his siblings. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this sooner. Now the only question was: Which of his siblings was most likely to talk to me?

Bella was a definite no. Judging by the looks she’d been giving me, I think I could safely say that she couldn’t stand me. Hah. She probably just didn’t like the thought of having competition. Jasper was also a no. He and Bella seemed too close. That, and he didn’t look too stable. Emmet and Rosalie were also no’s. They were too wrapped up in each other. And Rosalie seemed to hate me just as much as Bella.

That left Alice. She seemed nice enough. And her fashion-sense was to-die-for. She definitely seemed like the type of girl I could get along with.
But I had to get her to talk to me first.

I shouldn’t have worried. The next day, during English, I saw the perfect opportunity to start up a conversation with her. She and Jasper sat near the front of the classroom, and I had to jump out of my seat and race, books still in hand, to catch her before she left the room and became lost in the throngs of students headed toward the cafeteria for lunch.

I caught up to them at the door, touching her lightly on the shoulder to let her know I was behind her. She stopped just outside the door, stepping aside to let the other students pass. “Hi,” she said, looking at me curiously.
“Sorry,” I said, “I know this a bit corny, but I just wanted to say that I love your dress. It’s Alice Roi, right? I love her style.” Her eyes had lit up, and she was smiling brightly at me. Jasper was shaking his head.

Alice was practically bouncing up and down. “I can’t believe you know Alice Roi! Nobody in this town knows anything about fashion. It’s so depressing.” She paused, thinking. “Walk with us to lunch,” she said. I just nodded, and we headed toward the cafeteria.

We kept up a steady banter the whole way there. “You’ve actually been to Fashion Week!?” I practically screeched at her. “As in ‘Fashion Week’. Paris Fashion Week? Tell. Me. Everything!” She nodded eagerly, and launched into a minute-by-minute rundown. We walked over to an empty table and sat down, not even noticing that Jasper had walked off to join the rest of the Cullens at their usual table.

Lunch ended far too quickly. We had a lot to talk about, and Alice was surprisingly easy to talk to. When the bell rang, we both groaned simultaneously.
We promised to chat later, and trudged unwillingly to our next classes.

She caught up with me again at the end of the day. I was standing by my car, talking to Luca.
“Hey Lexie. You have to sit with me at lunch again tomorrow, okay?” She smiled, and then she was gone, dancing away to rejoin the rest of the siblings. The rest of them stared at me distrustfully. I smiled smugly, and waved at them.

When I turned back to Luca, she was wide-eyed with disbelief. “I can’t believe it.” She said. “You’re friends with Alice Cullen. The Cullens aren’t friends with anyone!” I just laughed. “We have a lot in common” I said with a shrug. “I’ll see you tomorrow, ok? I need to start on my homework before my dad gets back from work. He’s been getting weird on me lately about my grades.”

I was still grinning when I arrived home. Maybe Alice and I would be friends. She was really cool, and it would make it easier when Edward and I got together. I hadn’t spoken to Alice about Edward yet. We’d been too busy discussing Fashion Week, and the poor, fashion-deprived people of Forks. But I had time.

From then on, I spent every lunch break with Alice, and sometimes she even came over to my house after school. Talking to her was far too easy, and she was so fun to spend time with. We talked about almost everything, and she was like the sister I’d always wanted. But we always sat alone, or with my friends. She never invited me to sit with the rest of her family. And she never talked about them. I never seemed to get around to asking her anything about the rest of the Cullens. One of them in particular. We just had too much to talk about and never enough time.

One Wednesday morning, I woke up to strong rays of sunshine falling across my face. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window. The clouds had mostly disappeared, and the sun was shining brightly. This was the first time the sun had come out since I’d arrived in Forks. Over 2 months without sunshine.

The only pity was that it was a school day. I wouldn’t have minded sitting on the front lawn all day, just soaking up this unexpected miracle. Though, I did want to see Alice today. If the sun stayed out till the end of the day, maybe she could come back here and we could tan.

But there was no sign of her at school. I waited in the parking lot until the bell rang, but she didn’t arrive. None of the Cullens did. I thought maybe they were just late, but by lunch time there was still no sign of them. I sat outside on the still slightly damp grass with Jen and Luca, eyes closed, absorbing the warmth of the sun.

“It’s a shame Alice isn’t here” I said. Or Edward. He would look amazing with sunshine glinting in his beautiful bronze hair. “Man. They’re so lucky.” Jen sighed. “What do you mean?” I asked. Luca answered, sounding jealous. “The Cullens are never at school when the weather is good. Their parents take them camping, and hiking. Stuff like that. I tried that out on my parents. Not even close.” Jen nodded. “Like I said. Lucky.”

All of a sudden I was excited. This was the chance I’d been looking for. I could go to the Cullens’ house. Maybe they’d invite me to stay for dinner. I smiled at the thought. I didn’t know where they lived though, but that would be relatively easy to fix.
“Hey Jen, do you know where the Cullens live?” I said, “I want to go there and drop off Alice’s homework for her.”
“Uhm, yeah, they live outside of town.. I’m not exactly sure where. You could ask one of the secretaries though. If you tell them you want to drop off homework, I’m sure they’ll give you the address.”


After school, I went through to the main office and put on my most convincing –I’m a diligent student that just wants other students to be as hard working as me- act. The secretary was only too happy to give me Alice’s address. She gushed about how sweet it was that I was looking out for my fellow students, not wanting them to fall behind.

I decided to drive through to their house later that evening, when it was more likely that they would be home. The weather forecast said that the sun would be gone by tomorrow, and probably wouldn’t put in another appearance for a while. I was hoping that the Cullens had heard this, and had only gone out for the day. Surely Dr. and Mrs Cullen wouldn’t want their kids to miss that much school?

At around 5, I checked the directions and headed off. The place looked simple enough to find, and knowing what I did about the Cullens, the house would probably be more of a mansion. I didn’t think it could be too difficult to spot.

I was wrong. I missed the turnoff to their driveway 4 times. It was very well hidden. By the time I’d found the turnoff, the sun had faded below the horizon. I took one last look at the sky before turning into the tree-lined driveway. Twilight was my favourite time of day.
When the winding lane finally ended and I saw the house, my jaw actually dropped in amazement. I’d expected something that screamed MONEY, but I was shocked. The timeless house stood in the middle of a meadow that acted as their front garden. The house itself was just as beautiful as the scenery surrounding it. And huge! I knew they would live in a mansion!

I parked, and sauntered to the front door. I could see lights burning inside the house, on all 3 floors. They must be home. I knocked twice and waited. A few seconds later, the door opened and Bella stood there looking at me expectantly. “Hello, can I help you?” She forced a smile at me, but her eyes were cold. I shuffled my feet. “Uhm, I just came to drop of some homework for Alice. Is she here?”
“She is, and she’s busy right now, but I’ll give it to her.” She held out her hand, waiting. “Do you think you could call her for me?” I asked, ignoring her hand.
“No.” She replied tersely. “She’s busy. You can talk to her at school tomorrow.” Her hand was still held out in front of her, unmoving.

Just then, Edward appeared behind her in the doorway, placing his hand on her shoulder and pulling her against his chest. “Hello Lexie,” he said, smiling warmly, “Alice won’t be done for a while. You can just give the homework to me. I’ll make sure she gets it.” I sighed internally. So much for my brilliant plan. I handed the papers to Bella, and our fingers brushed together. Her fingers felt as though they were carved from ice.

“Thanks. Could you tell Alice I dropped by?” They both nodded. “And Bella,” I said, already backing away, “are you sure you’re getting enough iron? Your hands are ice-cold”