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I Want.

After almost 200 years, Bella and the Cullen family are back in Forks for the first time. Lexie has just left Phoenix, and moved to Forks to live with her father.She’s just a normal girl that hates the rain, and she sets her eyes that something that might make Forks a tolerable place to live. She wants it, and she'll have it. Consequences be damned.

Multiple POV - Mainly Bella and Lexie Go easy. I'm still brushing the dust from my writing skills. But I'm always up for some constructive criticism. I wanted to try something new. R&R and let me know if it works?

The [T] rating is just a saftey net for later chapters..

9. Chapter 9

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I had to withhold a disparaging snort as I watched Rosalie clutch dramatically at Emmet. She had always loved to be the centre of attention, and today she was just that.

The entire school had been watching her the whole day, their thoughts a mixture of pity and voyeuristic excitement. Everyone loved being able to witness one of ‘The Cullens' falling apart so spectacularly.

The usual noise in the cafeteria was overlaid with new babble. Almost everyone was thinking about us, and it made it difficult to tune out their thoughts the way I usually did.

I wonder what happened Poor Rosalie Emmet is so lucky that he gets to hold that body I wonder if she's alright I wonder why she's so upset Why is Rosalie crying I wonder what happened Rosalie looks really upset

It all merged together into a senseless cacophony.

I turned to Bella, frowning. She was practically vibrating in her seat; impatient for Alice to arrive and let her know how things went with Lexie.

Rosalie looks so upset Poor Rosalie God since when is Rosalie so pathetic I thought all the Cullens where so happy I wonder why Edward looks so pissed of Why does Bella look so happy Poor Rosalie I wonder what happened

"Love, while I admit that this plan does have it's merits, don't think you could have picked something that would have brought less attention to us?" I asked.

I don't think even heard me, because all her attention was trained on Alice, who had chosen that exact moment to walk into the cafeteria. Alone.

Jasper had come in a few minutes earlier, having left Alice and Lexie to have their conversation in private. I suspected he might be the reason that Rosalie was currently sobbing so convincingly on Emmets shoulder. Not even Rosalie could act that well.

"How did it go?" I heard Bella whisper to Alice. "Perfectly. Lexie was so understanding. She took it far better than I thought she would."

Well, good. Now they could finally stop worrying. Alices thoughts had been a mess of anxiety and apprehension since her vision on Saturday morning. I couldn't understand it personally, but if Alice was upset, Jasper followed suit, and when Jasper was upset, the entire house felt it.

Needless to say, it hadn't exactly been a pleasant weekend.

I turned to Jasper, taking in his slightly smug expression as he watched Rosalie ‘fall apart'. No doubt he was very proud of himself, and even I had to admit, his talents were useful in a situation like this.

It was only because I happened to be paying attention to him that I noticed his face suddenly scrunch up in what looked like agony. He looked as though he'd been slapped, but he smoothed out his features in an instant. I doubt anyone else noticed.

I whipped around, following the direction of his gaze and trying to spot what it was that had affected him so strongly. I couldn't hear any thoughts that were out of place.

And then I saw her. Lexie Swan. Of course. No wonder I couldn't hear anything.

Edward. Jaspers voice was easily discernable amongst the babble.

I gave him a questioning look.

Jasper was shaking his head minutely. The anger coming off her is so strong it's painful, he thought. That is one seriously pissed off girl.

Again, I gave him a questioning look.

I don't like it Edward. It's malevolent.

I just shrugged. Jasper and I could talk later. So one human got her feelings hurt. It made no difference in the greater scheme of things. She would get over it, and she would move on. Then everyone could stop worrying.

I turned to look at Lexie again. She was talking to a girl I vaguely recognized.

I wonder why Lexie isn't sitting with Alice today... the thought seemed to be echoed in the minds of most of that group, with varying amounts of ire.

"Why aren't you sitting with Alice today?" the girl asked. I listened, curious, for Lexies reply. "Apparently they're having a bit of a family crisis."

I couldn't hear her thoughts, so I couldn't be certain of her mental state, but she sounded placid enough. I turned to Jasper again for confirmation.

She's lying through her teeth. I can't even explain her emotions to you.

What right did she have to be angry?

She wasn't anything special. Just another human girl, in a world full of human girls.

Though, I had to admit, I was glad I didn't have French today. I was not in the mood to endure her inane attempts to start conversation. The girl was so vapid and self-involved.

Bella and Alice were still giggling about their ‘victory'. I don't know how deceiving one silly mortal could be deemed a victory, though. Deceiving mortals was an art-form for us.

They were cut short when the bell rang. Bella, Alice and I all had math together, so we set off in that direction, making a show of our ‘support' for Rosalie in her ‘time of need'. I wondered how long we'd have to keep up this charade...

Keeping our grades flawless was never something we've had a problem with. The curriculum hadn't changed much in the centuries I'd been attending highschool, and becoming a vampire had added benefit of increased mental capabilities. Couple that with the fact that my ‘special ability' meant that if the teacher knew the answer, so did I, and you understand that I never really had to pay attention in class and I was still one of the top students. If I wasn't paying attention when the teacher asked me a question, I could just pull the answer out of their mind.

In all my years as a student, I've never stumbled over the answer to a teachers question.

"Mr Cullen."

All I could do was stare at the math teacher dumbly. I had no idea what he was talking about.

"The answer, Mr Cullen?

To the humans, my pause would have been negligible, but I knew that Bella and Alice had noticed, and no doubt Bella was feeling very smug. Quickly, I sifted through his mind for the answer.

"Iscoceles triangle."

I turned and glared at Bella. No matter how many times she allowed me into her mind, it always left me slightly dazed but today, still jubilant about her success at lunch, the thoughts she directed at me were... unsuitable for a highschool classroom and all hope of concentration was lost. It was all I could do to not snatch her up right now and run to our cottage.

The rest of the day passed far too slowly. I was practically grinding my teeth together in frustration by the time the final bell rang.

I didn't even bother waiting for the rest of the family to get to the parking lot. Alice would see what I meant to do, and she and Jasper could get a lift with Emmet and Rosalie.

Bella and I sped off, heading straight for the cottage.