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Doctor, Doctor!

Just a short little thing starring David Tennant as The Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and the cast of Twilight as their respective characters.Bella is in trouble, but when she calls for the doctor, someone other than Carlisle turns up. Who is this stranger and why is he so interested in the Cullens? Moreover, why does he dislike Dr Cullen? Includes shameless amounts of Dr Who, but plenty of Twilight! Set in Twilight, sort of middlish before Bella and Edward get serious and yeah, Bella has had a random accident. Fill in the gap there as you please.

Juuuust a lovely little crossover fic for any fellow dr who fans out there.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella woke slowly, as if a dim veil of drowsiness was being gradually lifted from her body. Her senses returned even more slowly - a dull bleeping came to her ears, echoing the thudding of her own heart, and a sterile scent that only belonged in a hospital met her nostrils. Achy pain throbbed in most of her limbs, numbed by morphine but not quite non-existent. She vaguely remembered the pain of an unidentified incident. Indescribable pain, a dark night and the awful roar of an engine. Despite this, she wasn’t quite sure what had happened.

She groaned and opened her eyes. Or not. She tried to open them again. That didn't seem to be working. She put one hand up to her face, wincing as she brushed a bruised area below her eye. Her hand rested there and she could feel her eyelashes brush her fingertips as her eyelids closed, opened, closed and opened. Yet they couldn't be open, they just couldn't, because if they were, then why couldn’t she see? She froze as deep dread filled her. But Carlisle must be near by. He would know what to do, how to make this right.

"Doctor, Doctor!"


The Doctor

The Doctor ran his hand through his mess of soft brown hair and straightened his suit jacket.

"So where today?" asked Rose, walking into the TARDIS control room.

"Oh, I dunno," said the Doctor, grinning from the other side of the control room, "Anywhere." He pulled down a brown lever and grinned even more widely as the central column began to rise and fall, casting bright blue light across his face and the TARDISinterior. After some drawn out groans of effort and a judder of mechanical anticipation, the TARDIS landed and all became very still.

"So out there could be… anything?" said Rose, her own smile almost matching the enthusiasm of the Doctor's, if such a thing was possible. His only confirmation was an extended arm towards the door, inviting her to see for herself. She skipped to the doors and stuck her head out. There was a pause which sounded distinctly like disappointment.

"Er Doctor… "she said slowly, "It's…it’s a hospital." She seemed less than enthused.

"Oh really?" he replied, opening the door to look out himself. Sure enough, they had landed in a small hospital storeroom,filled with what seemed to be medical equipment. The door of the room was ajar a few inches and through the gap the white and greenwalls of a hospital corridor were visible. They stepped out of the TARDIS and the storeroom and into the corridor. It appeared to be sometime in the evening and a few doctors and staff in scrubs and white coats passed by occasionally, as well as visitors. The Doctortook in the atmosphere. It was not silent, but quiet. The air was filled with annoying almost-sounds; the bleeping of a machine, scuffling shoes and the quiet mutterings of hushed conversations. Suddenly a cry, not pained but desperate, broke the stillness.

"Doctor, Doctor!"

The Doctor and Rose exchanged a quick smile and dashed towards the sound, barely noticing as their feet carried them towards it and their hands slipped into each others in that traditional effortless hold.



Bella heard feet rushing, but they were not swift vampire feet. Not a vampire's long, elegant stride. No. These were smaller, shorter strides. The sound of clumsy human running. No one important then. Where was Doctor Cullen? Or Edward?

The running came nearer, slowing up as it reached… her room? She scanned the room with her useless eyes, willing them to acquire new information.

"Who are you? Is Dr Cullen there? Are you doctors?"

"Doctors?" repeated a male voice, "I suppose you could say I'm a Doctor. And this is Miss Tyler, my… beautiful assistant."

"I thought beautiful assistants were for magicians?" asked Bella, momentarily transported from panic.

"Yes, well. Magic healing hands, that's me," replied the Doctor dismissively, "So, you called for help?"

"Yes…I…I can't see, Doctor. Not at all. And before…I could," she finished lamely.


"Is there anything you can do?" muttered a female voice quietly. Obviously this was the "beautiful assistant", Miss Tyler.

At that moment, their short conversation was interrupted by the entrance of several other people.



The Doctor and Rose were shunted aside as medical staff bustled into the room. Rose barely noticed most of them; only onedoctor had caught her eye. He was good-looking, not merely nice-looking, but painfully good-looking - the sort of good-looking that belongs in magazines and never quite looks real in ordinary life. His hair was a rich, flaxen blonde and his eyes were a bright, gleaming topaz. He interacted with his colleagues with a calm authority and then quietly spoke to and checked over the girl in the bed. Yet despitethe apparent mundanity of his actions, he managed to make it all look so hideously attractive. His name badge identified him as "Doctor Carlisle Cullen." This must be the doctor that the girl was asking for when they first arrived. Rose could see why. It was clear asshe watched him work that he was quick, efficient, kind and, of course, devastatingly handsome. After some moments, Rose vaguely noticed that the Doctor was watching her. He didn't look impressed. Realising that her mouth was gaping, she abruptly shut it. No need for the Doctor to see her looking at other guys in that way.


The Doctor

The Doctor turned to look at Rose. She hadn't said anything since the others had entered the room and now he saw why. Her attention and her mouth were otherwise engaged, the latter hanging wide like an open void. Her brow was furrowed and her head cocked slightly to one side. He followed her line of sight in order to discover the object of her awed interest. It was a doctor that was beside the bed of the patient and the Doctor doubted very much that it was his bedside manner that had attracted Rose's attention. He turned back to her. She seemed at that moment to sense his scrutiny and her jaw hastily snapped back into place, her lips closing into a slight pout and her brow loosening only slightly. She didn't quite meet the Doctor's eyes, but instead became innocently interested in a wall to her right, which conveniently disguised her expression from the Doctor to her left.

The Doctor made his way to Bella's side, sonic screwdriver in hand. The other doctor turned to look at him with a mild curiosity, but said nothing. The Doctor just gave him the stare that he usually reserved for Public Enemy Number One and pointed the sonic vaguely in Bella's direction. He Clicked it a few times and it illuminated her with blue light. It whirred gently.

"What is that?" asked the blonde doctor, with what seemed to be a genuine curiosity.

"Your blindness should only be temporary," said the Doctor, addressing Bella rather than the doctor as he pulled the sonic screwdriver away.

"Um yeah, Dr Cullen said."

"You're Doctor Cullen then?" asked the Doctor, as if they had only just seen each other.

"Yes, that's me. And…who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor."

"I think possibly I am the doctor here."

"Yeah, but it's not the same thing. I'm THE Doctor."

"Ah…I see…" said Dr Cullen, sounding like he didn't see at all.

"And I'm Rose," said Rose, smiling a little too widely for the Doctor's liking as she introduced herself. He didn't like the way she seemed suddenly more…bouncy.

"We should go now," said the Doctor quietly to Rose.

"Go!? We only just-"

"No, not in the TARDIS, let's just…look around…"