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Doctor, Doctor!

Just a short little thing starring David Tennant as The Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and the cast of Twilight as their respective characters.Bella is in trouble, but when she calls for the doctor, someone other than Carlisle turns up. Who is this stranger and why is he so interested in the Cullens? Moreover, why does he dislike Dr Cullen? Includes shameless amounts of Dr Who, but plenty of Twilight! Set in Twilight, sort of middlish before Bella and Edward get serious and yeah, Bella has had a random accident. Fill in the gap there as you please.

Juuuust a lovely little crossover fic for any fellow dr who fans out there.

2. Chapter 2

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"Okay, okay," said Rose as they emerged onto a sodden wet street, "So let me guess….You're saying that Dr Cullen is an alien trying to take over the world singlehanded, right?"

"Actually I never said single handed. I never said alien either. I'm just saying that perhaps he isn't all that he seems."

"So he isn't a kind and proficient doctor?"

"Well maybe that's a cover."

"So he is a kind and proficient doctor, but he's alsotrying to take over the world?"

"Possibly. And why are you so keen to jump to his defence, hmm?"

"No reason," replied Rose innocently, "I just…I just think you might be wrong this time…"

For a minute or so after this, the only sound was the rain pattering against the ground and the slow sloshing steps of their feet in puddles. They travelled in no particular direction, losing sense of to or from in their thoughts.

"He's not even that attractive!" ejected the Doctor after some moments.

"If that's your opinion, then I don't think you've taken a good enough look."

"Huh. I saw you taking a good look."

"I can't help it! He's good looking. Say what you like, but he's the most attractive guy I've seen."

The Doctor looked at her, his expression hurt.

"Wha- hey, I didn't mean…I meant…you know…the most attractive human guy…not that I think about…not that I meant…"

The sound of her voice trailed off, mingling with the quiet rain and then fizzling out completely.

"Anyway," said the Doctor, closing the subject, "I was thinking that we should do some investigation," and quickly added, "Just to be on the safe side."

"Yeah, sure."

"Well I think we should start with the girl. Best lead we've got. She asked for Dr Cullen, so she must at least know him."

"Oh right. Can…Can you do anything for her?"

"The blindness? Already have. The sonic is a wonderful thing, you know. She should be fine in no time. As for the other injuries, they'll heal up relatively well on their own."

"On their own, but with the help of Dr Cullen."

The Doctor had no response to this.

"So…why are still walking away from the hospital?"

"No point asking questions with Dr Cullen still around. That's rule number one."

"I thought rule number one was no wandering off?"

"Er no. I just made that one for you. For most people, it's don't ask questions in the presence of the enemy. Unless…unless of course you are questioning the enemy. That rather requires their presence. Most of the time, anyway. You know scrap that, it's more like rule number 23, but really that just doesn't sound as dramatic."

"So you didn't just make up the wandering off one for me?"

"Of course I did. Most people are sensible enough not to."



Edward jumped the gap, flying from one tree to the other with his eyes still on the ground below, tracking a mountain lion that was running through the forest. From the next tree, he gave up the long game of cat and mouse and finally launched himself towards the animal, landing directly on its back. His crushing weight pulled the animal to the ground, its legs snapping beneath it and its last sound a short, sharp squeal of agony. Delaying no longer, Edward sank his teeth into the animal's jugular vein, letting its bland but satisfying blood pool in his mouth. When he was done with the animal, he began to run back to the house. Now that he had fed, he might at least be able to visit Bella in hospital again. Previous to this short excursion, he had spent too long at her bedside, far too long allowing the aching hunger to grow and build. He had eventually allowed Carlisle to convince him to hunt though. After all, he needed food. More importantly, he could never have forgiven himself if he had…done something stupid because ignored the hunger. Anyway, it felt good to be relieved of it.


Carlisle wondered what that had been about. Why had "The Doctor" seemed so hostile towards him? More importantly, who on Earth would ever call themselves "The Doctor?" Another thing that had piqued his interest was the small cylindrical object that the man had been holding. He had not examined Bella, and it had appeared that he had used this device to diagnose her temporary blindness. Yet such an object was not known to Carlisle and definitely not as a piece of medical equipment, capable of reliable diagnosis. Perhaps he ought to ask the Doctor about it, it would be a useful tool. Then again, perhaps not. The Doctor had not seemed willing to divulge any useful pieces of information. His blonde companion had seemed like she might be happy enough to share the secret though.

Stepping out of the hospital doors at the end of his shift and into the pouring Forks rain, Carlisle was still pondering these things. He was even pondering - no, mulling over- them as he arrived at the Cullen household. Just as he was pulling into the driveway, Edward's Volvo was going in the opposite direction. He was no doubt on his way to rejoin Bella. Carlisle was sure that he heard the Volvo accelerate to top speed as Edward read the progression in Bella's condition in his mind.