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Doctor, Doctor!

Just a short little thing starring David Tennant as The Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and the cast of Twilight as their respective characters.Bella is in trouble, but when she calls for the doctor, someone other than Carlisle turns up. Who is this stranger and why is he so interested in the Cullens? Moreover, why does he dislike Dr Cullen? Includes shameless amounts of Dr Who, but plenty of Twilight! Set in Twilight, sort of middlish before Bella and Edward get serious and yeah, Bella has had a random accident. Fill in the gap there as you please.

Juuuust a lovely little crossover fic for any fellow dr who fans out there.

3. Chapter 3

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“But only temporary? You’ll definitely be alright soon?”

“Yes Edward,” said Bella, for what felt like the millionth time.

“And the pain? The morphine is working? You really feel okay?”

“It’s all fine. I’ve got Carlisle haven’t I? I’m in safe hands.”

He seemed satisfied, but his silence betrayed that he might still be brewing over something. Though the effects of his over-protective nature were wearing off, he was not entirely happy. Letting out a frustrated breath he began another question.

“Did you know those people? The man in the suit... the blonde girl...Carlisle thought – well that doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, the Doctor and his assistant you mean! No I don’t know them. They arrived before Carlisle when I woke up. If I’m honest he didn’t seem much like a doctor.”

“Not much like a doctor...”


The Doctor fiddled with a dial of the TARDIS nonchalantly. “Rose!” he called, “Going to be long?” He waited for a reply. Eventually it came from the direction of Rose’s room, accompanied by a loud crash. “Hang on, I’m just coming!”

“What in the Multiverse are you doing back there?”

“I’m just... just wait a sec!”

Minutes later Rose emerged, entering the control room. “Hey, what do you think?” she said, “I don’t know why the TARDIS keeps putting this stuff to the back of my wardrobe.”

The Doctor surveyed her outfit. It was worse, far worse, than the time that she had decided to wear the Union Jack across her chest during WWI.

“Rose...it’s a little...”

“It’s floaty,” she grinned.

“It’s transparent,” he corrected.

“It’s pretty,” she argued.

“Pretty revealing.”

The dress looked as if it had been brought in the markets of the Baum Hoop Republic, (so perhaps she had picked it up when he was busy with the bog monster) and was made of a shimmering white fabric that revealed more than it left to the imagination. The Doctor sighed.

“Rose. What’s this about? This doesn’t have anything to do with that doctor, does it?”

“It’s...just a dress...”

The Doctor remained unconvinced. “Remind me why you needed to change again...?”

“Therewasa...stain...” muttered Rose indistinctly.


Bella heard the sounds of people approaching again and two voices that she recognised. One, young and female, the other male and confident. As they came closer she caught odd phrases and parts of their conversation. They were laughing as they talked, barely managing their sentences. “And, and then he said,” giggled the female assistant.

“Not without my hat!” they finished in unison, before descending into uncontrollable laughter.

Bella was sure that Edward would be listening too, though no doubt he heard a lot more than she did – not least because they would soon be in range of not only his enhanced hearing, but also his telepathic ability.


Edward could hear more than just their conversation; he could hear the rhythmic beating of their hearts. The girl’s was fast, more irregular than most, skipping and lively. The man’s – the doctor’s – was different; not only different from the girl’s but different from any heartbeat that Edward had heard before. It was not a steady beat of two (or even an unsteady one), but a beat of four. It counted out four clear pulses every time it rang in Edward’s ears.

It was not only this that he noticed. It was also the doctor’s mind that drew his attention. It was strangely...fortified. Not in the same way that Bella’s was. It was not so much guarded, as it was completely unfathomable. Edward could feel that something was there, but it was a resistant, uncatchable something that avoided his grasp. At the same time, it cast ripples of potency through the air that he could feel through every fibre of his being.

The girl, even, was thinking such extraordinary thoughts. Of a man and his hat – but the man wasn’t human and the hat wasn’t a normal hat. Of a world – and a million other worlds – bright blue sunsets, a billion dazzling stars and all seen with the doctor, her doctor...The Doctor. Her amusement lapsed temporarily; thoughts of The Doctor troubled her. Something to do with her outfit and how eagerly she anticipated the next time that she met...

Edward withdrew a little. She was just another ordinary female, her thoughts filled with and drawn in by vampiric beauty. He would remember to slip Esme into the conversation, which would be easy enough. “Oh yes...Carlisle isn’t here, he’ll be at home with Esme,” or maybe “No, he’s gone home. Was there something you wanted from him? I could ask when I get back, I’m one of his adopted children you know, his and his wife Esme’s.” She’d be disappointed, they always were. He suspected that she would hide it well for her companion’s sake, however.

Before they entered the room, before Edward saw them, he smelt them. The Doctor smelt like a little bit of everything. A bit like fuel, a bit like fumes and very foreign – alien, almost. His blood smelt different, unappealing. The girl smelt...well, without finding a better or nicer way to describe it, he could only call it hormonal. Pheromones galore. Her blood smelt nice, but different like the Doctor’s was, though on a much smaller scale.

Edward wondered briefly why he had not seen any of these things in Carlisle’s thoughts, but when he reconsidered what he had seen, he remembered that the room in Carlisle’s thoughts had been crowded, and obviously he had been occupied with Bella at the time, too busy to think about every aspect of the strangers.

When the Doctor and his assistant finally entered the room, Edward was as intrigued by the sight of them as he was by anything else. Because who in the world combines a pair of Converse with a suit?

More importantly, who would wear pink high heels and a mostly transparent dress (that failed in all its ambitions of covering its wearer) in Forks – kingdom of the never-ending rainy season?