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La Tua Cantante

What happens when a new girl moves into Forks? Will Jasper be able to control his thirst, especially now when he's battling so hard to keep it under control? Or will this all end horribly wrong? Story based on Twilight with a Twist. EdwardxAlice JasperxOriginal Character

This is my first Twilight story so I hope you guys like it. Also I guess you could say this is an alternate universe type one, since we all know that in Twilight Edward is with Bella, but in this story Edward is with Alice, and Jasper is the Edward...And also my character is from Arizona, keeping it kind of like in the books but with my own twists and stuff =]

I hope that makes sense xD In other words this is all just my idea of how Twilight would be if it was Jasper instead of Edward.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or anything in the books. This is just my crazy idea =] Also I made it adult just to be on the safe side, even though this story probably wont get to Rated , since I'm basing it on the book.

2. Bienvenidos To Forks

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Chapter 2

Bienvenidos To Forks

-Jasper's POV-

Going to school, was always a battle for me. I always felt my throat start to burn with the thirst. I was always scared that anything awkward or abnormal would set me off into one big animalistic rage. Making the whole school my lunch buffet. I sighed as we all got out of Edward's Volvo, another day, another chance.

"Lighten up Jasper.." Emmet patted me on the back, as he walked past me with Rose. I nodded as we walked past a few students, I could sense there emotions rubbing off on me. I was used to it by now, at first it was so bad that I couldn't really focus on anything. I was always distracted by someones emotions, it got to the point were it felt like I was going mad or crazy. Luckily I managed to control it, once I had spoken to Carlisle about it.

"Looks like there's a new girl in town.." Edward muttered, as he wrapped an arm around Alice. I cocked an eyebrow.

New Girl?

He nodded,

"From Arizona, guess the whole school is talking about it.." he shrugged. Alice only smiled, I guess she had already had a vision about all of this. We all walked our separate ways, I kept holding my breath at times, just to manage the burning in my throat. I bet I looked like I was in pain all the time, the way I walked through the halls. Oh well, why do I care? Or should care for that matter...

"Buenos Diaz, Señorita Ramirez.." I smiled, giving the teacher a nod like always as I walked in and sat down in the far back of the class.

-Lex's POV-

Bella had picked me up in the morning, and we managed to get to school a bit early so she could show me where each class was. I didn't have a difficult schedule, most of the stuff I had, I had already learned. Like Spanish, I knew a fair good amount of it, being that I lived in Arizona, so that class would be a breeze. Maybe I could get in a few naps?

Bella had walked with me to Spanish, before running off to her own class. We had the same English class, so we didn't have to meet anywhere for lunch.

"Bienvenidos a la clase de Español.." Ms. Ramirez said to me as I walked in. She had been in the middle of explaining some verbs to the class when I had walked in. I looked around the class, my eyes meeting with some dark black ones in the back. I quickly looked away, as the teacher handed me back my schedule. I took my books and sat in a seat in the back of the class. Away from getting called on to answer questions, but a little bit too close to the kid sitting back here as well.

I glanced at him a few times, but I really don't think he noticed. Since his gaze was fixed to the window right next to him. That there, just made me feel even more uncomfortable. I mean don't normal people at least introduce themselves? Like, "Hey, my names -insert name here- Nice to meet you!"

Well maybe not that perky, but something along those lines right? Maybe people in Forks aren't hyped on caffeine like in Arizona? Or maybe I'm just too ugly to be introduced to? I'm going with number two.

Spanish and the rest of my classes flew by fast, by the time I knew it I was already walking to lunch with Bella and this new girl Jessica who she had introduced to me in English. I never ate lunch so I just sat down at the table with the rest of them. Turns out Bella was from Arizona as well, but we were both from different cities. I also met a few people like Eric, Tyler, Angela and Bella's boyfriend Mike. They were all pretty cool people, I never would of thought Bella and Mike would be a thing though, since they seemed different. But I guess opposites attract right?

I saw that same guy from my Spanish class walk in, and I couldn't help but ask Bella what his name was. I didn't quite know his name, since he hadn't introduced himself like every other person in that class.

"Him? Oh that's Jasper, he's Doctor and Mrs. Cullens son, well adoptive one.." she began before Jessica cut in and said,

"He always looks like he's in pain though...." I nodded as they told me each and everyone's name. The big one was Emmet, the model on was Rosalie, the hyper weird one was Alice and the godly looking one was her boyfriend Edward. I guess they were all together, and lived in the same house.

All through out lunch I had glanced over once, and that had been when I had asked what Jasper's name was. After that I wouldn't dare look up, I just felt like a creep if I were to. Plus, I didn't want them to know we we're talking about them.

-Jaspers POV-

"Bienvenidos a la clase de Español.."

I heard Ms. Ramirez greet someone at the door. As I looked up, I caught a smell that sent my whole throat into flames. I could feel my mouth fill up with Venom. I put my hand in front of my nose a bit, to maybe make the smell that less intense, but it didn't work. I could still smell it through my fingers. I closed my eyes as I tried to regain control. The only thing running through my brain was how sweet her blood smelled, and how badly I wanted to taste and feel it go down my throat.

Lucky me that she had sat right next to me. I could feel her glance over at me, my eyes transfixed on the window and the scenery outside. I had to gain control, I couldn't lose it now. Not like this, not here. I had to keep strong, for me and for my family. I held my breath in for the entire class, not wanting to risk it.

But what also kept me distracted were her emotions. She seemed to be nervous, scared and almost like a bit mournful all at once, and it just seemed to get stronger whenever she would glance over at me. I wonder why? Why was she mournful? And why did her feelings of being nervous heighten when she glanced over at me? I couldn't help but think why she was feeling like this?

The period went on quite slow, and when the bell had rang I picked up my things quickly and walked right past her. Wanting to get away from her dreadful, but sweet smell. For the rest of the periods I ran into the woods near the school. Wanting to feel fresh air in my lungs, anything else, anything that wasn't the smell of her blood.

I hated that I was close to slaying a human, especially in class. The mere fact that I had thought about tasting her blood, made me sick with myself. Once it was lunch I had decided to go back, I had already had fresh air I could manage a few more hours right?

I doubted it, but really I wasn't going back so my family wasn't worried were I had gone to. Mostly I wanted to see that girl again. Wait, did I just say that? I believe I did...I must be some kind of crazy idiot...

"She's about to ask about us..." Edward muttered, as Alice sat down next to him. I looked over at the girl, she had looked away right when I had met her brown eyes. Edward chuckled and I couldn't help but wonder what he was laughing about.

He shook his head and said, "She seems to think the reason you didn't introduce yourself is cause she's ugly.." Emmet laughed at that statement, and I shook my head a bit annoyed.

"That's the least of her problems.." I muttered under my breath. Rose cocked an eyebrow at me and I said,

"I'd rather tell you guys once we're with Carlisle..." I said softly. I glanced over at her again, it seemed like she was trying not to look over at our table. And the emotions radiating off of her, were those of curiosity, I guess she was curious about the infamous Cullens. Like every other humans who see's us..

I sighed as the bell rang and walked out. I wasn't going to go to class, I couldn't. I had to go, to get my thoughts together.

To get as far away from her as I could....