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Adieu, Mon Coeur

It's 1917, and an extra year on his birth certificate is all Edward needs to get into the college of his choice. He feels like he is on top of the world. He has love, an education, and an indepenence he's never had before. It was that one extra year on his birth certificate that would change his life forever. It starts all human, anyway. Edward/Bella And thanks a million, jillion to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the banner!

I've been thinking about doing this story for quite some time. All our pals from the series are in it... well, the ones that were around in 1917, anyway. Bella and Charlie (and even Jacob) live then, too.
I'd like to give a big ol' heaping thanks to Ghostwriter71 for helping me with all the historical bits.
Just you wait, folks. I've had more fun planning this story than I've ever had before. :)

2. Blackmail

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I froze. “D-drafted?” I whispered. I held my breath. Maybe I had heard wrong. It was impossible. He was only seventeen. Yes, he did have to change his age on his birth certificate... but it couldn't happen to him. Not my Edward.

He nodded. I was grateful that he had his arms around me, because if he didn't, I would have fallen over. My knees went weak.

“Bella?” gasped Edward. He lifted me into his arms. He was stronger than any other person I knew.

“I'm just surprised,” I breathed.

He was leaving, Edward was leaving, so go be shot at. I knew it was honorable, but I couldn't help being selfish. He was my everything. My chest ached. I already missed him, and he wasn't even gone yet.

And then there was the fact that he might not ever come back... but I couldn't think about that.

Charlie took that moment to open the door. “What is this?” he exclaimed.

“Bella was faint, and I didn't want her to hurt herself,” explained Edward smoothly. “I realize this looks inappropriate, but I assure you, it was with the best intentions.”

I did not know how Edward could say such a thing without laughing. He had, on many occasions, lifted me in this exact position, and I knew it was not with the “best intentions.”

“Well, come in and put her down in here,” sighed Charlie. He opened the door wide enough for Edward to step through. Edward put me down on the couch, and then stood up straight. Charlie was right behind him. He had the look on his face... the look he got when he was about to do something he knew wasn't going to end well. My heart was still beating faster than usual, but I knew I wasn't going to go weak again, not now.

“Mr. Swan,” started Edward. “I know I should have asked your permission, but I couldn't wait. I asked Bella to marry me, and she accepted. I would have done it properly if I had the time.”

Charlie clenched his jaw. “Marry?”

“Yes, you see, I've been drafted, and I wanted to marry Bella before I left,” Edward explained.

I watched Charlie's reaction carefully. He seemed to be planning what he was going to say in his head. I had a feeling what he was planning wasn't exactly friendly.

“Mr. Masen, I regret to inform you that my daughter will not be marrying you,” said Charlie harshly.

“I am marrying him, actually. I know you are my father, but this is my life. You have no right to tell me who I can and cannot marry,” I exclaimed.

“But what about Jacob?” asked Charlie.

Edward stood still. He never liked Jacob, mostly because Charlie would never be quiet about how we were meant to be. Jacob was my friend, and it was as simple as that. He knew it, I knew it, and it was never going to change.

“You know how I feel about Jacob,” I muttered.

Charlie looked between Edward and I, completely aghast. “You really want this?” he asked, gesturing to Edward.

I nodded. “I do.”

Charlie shook his head. “I don't approve... but if it is what you want, do it.” He didn't look happy, though. His face was red, and I could tell he was infuriated.

“It is getting late,” said Edward. “I believe I should be getting home.” As he turned to leave, he winked at me... and I knew what that meant. I would have to wait for Charlie to fall asleep first. When the door closed behind him, Charlie turned back to me.

“Bella, you have got to be kidding me. We are not like him! You don't expect people to think this is normal, do you?” he exclaimed.

“I don't care what people think!” I exclaimed.

“I do! I don't want people to get the wrong idea about you,” he said. He started pacing through the living room.

“Oh, so marrying someone from a well-off family is going to make people get the wrong idea about me? It that what you are trying to say?” I could not get past the fact that he was mad at me, mad at Edward.

“I will not be spoken to this way,” he said abruptly. He turned sharply and left the room.

I sighed and leaned against the back of the couch. At least he was going to let me marry Edward. We didn't have his blessing, but he didn't forbid me. If he did, I knew Edward would obey. He was enough of a gentleman for that.

I listened closely for the sound of Charlie's snores. Once he was in bed, it was only a matter of minutes before he fell asleep. When he snored, I knew I was free to do thing that I couldn't while he was awake... like sneak out to see Edward. Soon enough, his loud snores echoed through the house. I smiled to myself as I got off of the couch and slowly opened the front door. If I wasn't careful, it would creak.

I walked down the front steps quickly. Edward always met me just around the corner, and I didn't want to keep him waiting. I was surprised, however, when I felt him grab my hand when I walked past. I didn't see him in the shadows.

“Edward, what are you doing there?” I laughed. “I'm supposed to see you around the corner!”

“Oh, you're seeing Edward tonight?” asked someone who was certainly not Edward.

“Jacob!” I exclaimed, pulling my hand from his. I swept past him and headed for the corner. Jacbo always followed me around. He was my friend, but nothing more. His advances were getting more bold, even though he was one of the only ones who knew about Edward and me. It was getting quite annoying.

“Bella, wait!” he exclaimed. He easily kept up with me. After a few steps, I got fed up.

“What is it, Jacob?” I asked, exasperated.

“Well, I just saw Masen leave your house, and I wondered what he was doing there so late... that's all,” he said, putting his hands in his pockets. Sometimes I hated that he lived right across the street...

“Is that any of your business?” I asked curtly.

“I've known you since we were children,” he replied. “And when I saw Masen leave, I thought I would stay here. I just had a feeling that you would follow him.”

“Well, I would really like it if you could go now,” I said, almost pleading.

Jacob shrugged. “Fine, but you should tell me what happens while I'm delivering the flour tomorrow. You never know what could slip out while I'm talking to Charlie.” With that, he turned and sprinted towards his house.

I practically marched to the corner, silently fuming the whole way there. How dare Jacob try and blackmail me? There was nothing that I wanted more at that moment than to go throw his own flour bags right at his head. When Edward saw me, he laughed.

“Don't tell me what your father said got you that upset?” he asked. “I could always cheer you up.” He kissed my hand.

I sighed. “Not now. It's not Charlie. It's that insufferable Jacob. He does not know when to stop.”

Edward looked over my shoulder. “If it is really bothering you that much...” He didn't finish the sentence.

“No, Edward. You are not going to touch Jacob. Let's just go.”

He sighed, but I knew he wasn't satisfied. He reached for my hand, and we walked in silence for a few minutes.

It was almost easy, how I could escape from Charlie to sneak out with Edward. We had gotten away from them many nights before. His apartment made things much, much easier, too.

But I knew that our nights were numbered. Very soon he was going to be very far away from me. It made me sick to think about.

“I don't want you to go over there,” I blurted.

“Over where, to Jacob's house? Because I wi-”

“No, Edward. I don't want you to go to the war,” I murmured.

He kissed my hand. “I must, Bella. You do not ignore the draft.”

I sighed. We were a block away from the apartment when the rain started to fall. After a few seconds, it was coming down in absurdly large drops. We ran the rest of the way to the apartment, but when we got there, we still ended up drenched. We hurried up the stairs to his apartment.

“I'm cold,” I spluttered as he fished the key out of his pocket.

“I can help,” he said. Abrupty, he pinned me to the apartment door. His hands were on the wood on either side of my face. His kiss this time was much different than the one in the bakery. It was more frantic and passionate. He firmly grabbed my hips, and I ran my fingers through his hair. I was surprised I was able to stay standing... especially when the door opened.

Edward caught me before I fell and then stepped away quickly. When I turned and saw who was at the door, I could only blush. It was his mother.

“Who is this, Edward?” she asked, looking at me with extreme distaste.

I glanced at Edward. He was frowning down at Elizabeth. “Is father here?” he asked, ignoring her question.

“He is. He sent me to fetch the door. We thought we heard someone knock.” She cocked and eyebrow at me, and then walked back into the apartment.

“Good.” Edward took my hand and pulled me into the living room, where his mother and father were.

“Edward, do you know what time it is?” asked his father. He stood at the window, looking down at the deserted street below.

“Yes, father. I have something to tell you, though,” said Edward quickly.

“So you know how late it is.... then I assume you also know that it is highly inappropriate to have a lady about,” continued his father.

“Well, yes, bu-”

“Do you have class tomorrow, Edward?” he asked, turning from the window for the first time. He was tall, and handsome in a way. He looked like he had money, and he definitely knew it.

“Yes, I do, but you must lis-”

“I suggest you go to bed then,” said his father, a note of finality in his voice.

“I'm getting married!” he finally exclaimed.

Edward's mother and father reacted quite differently.

“Oh, Edward! I'm so happy!” gushed Elizabeth, transforming from the cold, mean woman who I had met only moments before, into a nice, supportive mother.

Her? A baker's daughter?” gasped his father. As much as Edward's father enjoyed the finer things, he could never resist a nice pastry, fresh out of the oven. Charlie's place was one of his favorites, so he knew who I was.

Yes, father,” said Edward through clenched teeth.

Elizabeth took my free hand and pulled me away from Edward. “Oh yes, I'm certain we can make you look beautiful!” she exclaimed. “I have just the right set of pearls for you to wear.”

“But she's... she bakes!” gasped his father, still outraged.

“Yes, she bakes,” said Edward. “And I love her for it.”

I thought Elizabeth was going to faint, she was so excited. It was silent for a moment, as Edward's father looked between Edward and I, shock on his face. Elizabeth spun me around and started examining me like I was some sort of piece of fine furniture. Edward was glaring at his father, and I was trying not to turn too red.

“But I have bad news,” said Edward, finally breaking the silence.

“Oh, don't you ruin this moment,” clucked Elizabeth. She picked up my hair, which hung limply to my shoulder blades, and piled it on top of my head. “Oh yes, that will look nice,” she murmured.

Edward ignored her. “I was drafted.”