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Adieu, Mon Coeur

It's 1917, and an extra year on his birth certificate is all Edward needs to get into the college of his choice. He feels like he is on top of the world. He has love, an education, and an indepenence he's never had before. It was that one extra year on his birth certificate that would change his life forever. It starts all human, anyway. Edward/Bella And thanks a million, jillion to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the banner!

I've been thinking about doing this story for quite some time. All our pals from the series are in it... well, the ones that were around in 1917, anyway. Bella and Charlie (and even Jacob) live then, too.
I'd like to give a big ol' heaping thanks to Ghostwriter71 for helping me with all the historical bits.
Just you wait, folks. I've had more fun planning this story than I've ever had before. :)

5. Goodbye

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The doctor was right. I had passed my physical with flying colors. He didn't even seem to notice my black eye or bruised ribs. I was told to report to the train station the next morning. We would take the train to Richmond, Virginia. We'd undergo a week of basic training, and then we were being shipped off to France.

The night before I had to leave, Bella stayed at my apartment.

“Bella, dinner was superb,” I said after finishing my second slice of chocolate cake. She told me she was going to do something special, and she was right. She cooked me a huge steak and then baked an excellent cake for dessert. I supplied the wine. My father had an extensive wine cellar, and he had given me one of the best for tonight.

Bella laughed. “Only the best for you!” She took my plate from me and deposited it into the sink. She stood there for a second, gazing out the kitchen window, before I saw her shoulders start to shake.

I got up from my seat and wrapped my arms around her. We stood there, looking out the window, for what seemed like hours.

“I don't want you to go,” she whispered.

“I know, love, but I am not going to stay here. It's my duty to my country,” I explained. “I promise you, I will be back. We will get married and live happily ever after when I return.”

She sighed. “Yes, but...” She didn't finish her sentence.

“But what if I don't come back?” I asked quietly.

She nodded.

I turned her around to face me. “Bella, you mustn't worry about things like that. I will be safe.”

She frowned. “You're going to be in a war zone. That is as unsafe as it gets.”

I cupped her face in my hands. “Please listen. I promise that I will come back safe. I am going to try my damnedest out there. I will not die. I swear.” I kissed a tear off of her cheek.

She smiled. “I'm holding you to that promise.”

I laughed. “Fair enough.” I pressed my lips against her's and pushed her ever so gently against the counter. Her hands trailed their way down my chest. I put my hands on her hips and lifted her onto the counter. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me towards her. My kisses moved from her lips to her jaw, and then down her neck.

“Edward,” she breathed.

I was about to reply when there was a knock at the door. It wasn't the kind of knock you get from a neighbor who wants to borrow some sugar. It was the knock of someone very, very angry.

I stepped away from Bella and opened up the drawer next to the refrigerator.

“A gun?” Bella whispered. She hopped off of the counter and managed to trip into the table.

“I know you're in there! I heard you! Open up!” exclaimed someone, a man.

“Bella, stay right here, okay? Do not follow me,” I whispered.


“No, Bella,” I interrupted.

I tucked the gun into the back of my pants and walked into the front room. “Who's there?” I asked through the door.

“Mancini gets impatient,” answered the voice on the other end of the door. Without another word, the door to my apartment was kicked open. The man behind it was huge, easily two times my size. He grinned and stepped towards me.

I swung my fist at his face. He stumbled backwards, but recovered quickly. He pushed me further into the room. “Get over there,” he commanded. He punched me in the jaw. I didn't have time to waste, and even though the room tilted dangerously, I pulled the gun out. But, unsurprisingly, he pulled his out, too.

“What, are you gonna shoot me?” asked the man. He had his pointed at my chest.

“That all depends on whether you try and shoot me,” I said as calmly as I could.

“Well, that's the pla-”

There was the sound of shattering glass, and the thug didn't get to finish his sentence. He hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Behind him was Bella, and she had the neck of the wine bottle in her hands. The rest was sprinkled on the ground, and probably stuck in the man's head.

I exhaled for what seemed like the first time since he had knocked. “Bella, are you okay?” I asked quickly.

She nodded. Her eyes were trained on the man on the ground. She shook her head and then looked at me. “I'm sorry about the rest of the wine,” she whispered.

I laughed. “You think I'm worried about the wine? Thank God you were here! I was going to have to shoot that guy!”

“I called the police when I was in the kitchen. They'll be here in a minute... so you might want to put the gun away,” she suggested.

When the police arrived, Bella and I had to answer a few questions. It was common knowledge that Mancini had cops on the payroll, so there was no point in pressing charges against the guy.

By the time the police were gone and the mess from the broken bottle was cleaned up, Bella was sleeping soundly on the couch. I picked her up and put her in bed before returning to the living room.

I had an idea. I knew that I couldn't speak to Bella while I was away, but I could certainly write her. It was very late, and I had to be up early the next morning, but I wanted to write her a letter right then. When I went to bed, it was well after midnight.

I expected to wake up before Bella, no matter how little sleep I got. I always woke up early. But, when my eyes opened, she was not in bed next to me. The smell of bacon wafted into the room. I nearly fell right out of bed.

“Bella, you are my favorite person on the planet. Have I mentioned that?” I asked as I strolled out of the bedroom.

Bella was standing in front of the stove, and a massive plate of bacon was next to her. “I don't think you ever have! You might have to explain it again,” she laughed, but it was short-lived.

I kissed her on the cheek before getting a plate and piling it full. She had also made pancakes and eggs. I was really looking forward to the time when I could eat breakfast like that everyday.

Despite her best efforts, though, Bella was not happy. During breakfast, she hardly said a word. She stared at her food. I knew that my leaving was hurting her desperately. Just before I cleaned my plate, I could have sworn that I saw a tear roll down her cheek.

Soon after breakfast, I was expected at the train station. My mother and father met me there. My mom was in tears, but my dad looked more proud than I had ever seen him before. I squeezed Bella's hand. She did talk much on the way over.

“Edward!” exclaimed my mother as soon as Bella and I walked onto the correct platform. “Come here!” She held out her arms and pulled me into a tight embrace. “Your train leaves very soon.” She kissed me on the cheek and then stepped away from me.

“Yes, mother,” I said.

“Edward, I have a busy day of meetings that I must get to... Elizabeth, go wait in the car for me. I shall be out in a minute,” said Father.

She nodded. “I will miss you so much, my child,” she whispered. She gave me another quick hug and then quickly walked out of the station. That's how it was with Mother. She always like to get unpleasant things over with quickly.

“You have made me very proud, son,” said Father. “I expect you will bring great glory and honor upon our family.” He held out his hand. A handshake was as much contact as my father would ever make with anyone. He nodded at Bella, and then walked out to join my mother.

“The train to Richmond, Virginia will be leaving in three minutes!” exclaimed the conductor.

Bella looked like she was about to break into tears. “Isabella Marie Swan, I love you more than anything in my life,” I said. I pulled her close to me. She wrapped her arms around my waist and then buried her face in my shoulder. She started to sob.

“I'll miss you so much,” she cried. “I won't ever stop thinking about you.”

I held her there, not ever wanting the moment to end. I didn't want to leave my Bella.

“One minute! One minute until the train to Richmond, Virginia departs!” yelled the conductor.

Bella pulled away from the hug and put her hands on my face. She brought my lips down to her's and kissed me more passionately than she ever had before. In that moment, I committed every aspect of her to memory... the way she smelled of cinnamon and flour, how her soft lips felt against mine, the way her hands felt when they were wrapped in mine.

She bit her lip when she pulled away. Her face was wet with tears, and I wished that I had even one more minute to spend with her. “Goodbye, Edward. I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too,” I said, my voice muted. I pulled the letter I had written her out of my pocket and then hopped onto the train just as it started to inch out of the station.

I ran to my spot and looked out the window, just in time to see Bella waving at the train. A moment later we turned a corner, and my Bella was gone.