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Dancing Lessons

Shortly before the wedding, Alice decides that it's time to give Bella another surprise. Will Bella learn to dance before the wedding, or is she destined to finally conquer her inability to dance, or is this a disaster in the making? (Rated Teen in case Bella gets too frustrated...)

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So, I wrote this at midnight...and I'm sure that shines through. But this is something I've been wanted to write for awhile, so I promise I will do better in later chapters!

1. Impending Disaster

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Bella’s POV It’s official. Alice is insane. Completely and utterly unstable. What could she have been thinking? This was not going to end well. The wedding was only weeks away. Alice had been, well, for lack of a better word, amazing. She had taken every detail into account; the dress, the decorations, the flowers, invites, everything. And the best part of all? I wasn’t required to do anything. Until now… Oh, sure, Alice would ask my opinion of things, but with her useful little gift of clairvoyance, she almost always knew the answers ahead of time. I never had to stress over the minor things that, according to Alice, Esme, and Rose, always made the occasion. It was simple. All I had been told I had to do was show up early, let Alice use me as an oversize doll, and say ‘I do’. Simple, really. I guess I had been misinformed. Instead of being allowed to be at peace in my wonderful fiancé’s arms in our meadow, I was in the absolute worst place a klutz like me should be. I was in a dance studio. In a long skirted dress. In heels. What god had I offended? The only good thing that was in this room was, of course, Edward. But even he didn’t see the disaster that would surely unfold. He knew how uncoordinated I was, and yet he was convinced that everything would be okay. He was so nonchalant about this whole predicament, I was unable to stay mad at him for more than a few seconds. Instead, I directed my anger towards the pixie-like vampire sitting cross-legged in the back of the room. She looked so smug, so sure. Even after taking in the glare that was now permanently glued to my face. “Bella, don’t be too mad, you’re going to be great. I can see it now, you’ll blow everyone away at the wedding! Nobody is expecting you to be so graceful and poised and” “Alice. There is a good reason why nobody expects me to be graceful. Do you not remember how many times a day I trip over my barefooted a smooth surface?” “But, Bella! Your not going to fall over your feet!” Hearing Alice say this helped ease some of the anxiety in my stomach. Edward’s chuckling, however, did nothing to help. “What’s she thinking now? How am I going to kill myself this time?” Edward pursed his lips. He never did like me joking about how I would accidentally kill myself one day. “You won’t die. She merely pointed out that you won’t fall, but only because I’ll catch you before you do.” I narrowed my eyes at the vampire in question, and proceeded to stick my tongue out at her. Alice responded with a radiant smile that had me rolling my eyes. She could be so annoying. Edward sighed at our behavior. I could have sworn he muttered something along the lines of “Juveniles” but I could be sure. The dance instructor had just loped into the room, which, unfortunately, scared me enough to distract me. This whole experience was not going to end up well…