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Dancing Lessons

Shortly before the wedding, Alice decides that it's time to give Bella another surprise. Will Bella learn to dance before the wedding, or is she destined to finally conquer her inability to dance, or is this a disaster in the making? (Rated Teen in case Bella gets too frustrated...)

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So, I wrote this at midnight...and I'm sure that shines through. But this is something I've been wanted to write for awhile, so I promise I will do better in later chapters!

2. Ms. Tanec

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Bella’s POV

The woman who was going to teach the class was, clearly, under the impression that anyone could dance.

I was sorry that I was going to have to shatter the dream world that she was living in. She had clearly never met anyone as klutzy as I am before.

She was, in many ways, a combination of Rosalie and Alice. She was tall, skinny, and had long, flowing hair, but in a deep, jet black that was like Alice’s. She also the gliding movements that Alice had, only in a more human degree. The rest of her coloring was obviously not like any of the Cullen’s though. Her skin had a rich almond coloration to it, and her eyes were a strange shade of green that resembled a silver sage color. She easily could have been a model.

This was going to be horrible.

The graceful woman walked to the front of the room and clapped to get the attention of the other couples in the room.

“Hello, my name is Ms. Tanec, and I will be your dance instructor for the next three weeks. As I’m sure you all know, we will meet four days out of the week for two hours per session. I promise that by the end of the course you will all be skilled dancers with a new respect for the challenges this sport presents.”

Someone in the back of the room snorted at the mention of ballroom dancing being a sport. As it turned out, the man that had snorted quickly added more insult to injury by sticking his foot further into his mouth. “Dancing, a sport? Please, don’t make me laugh.” And, surprise, surprise, he laughed.

He was the only one to find it funny, and I doubted that anyone would have dared make another comment on this subject once they caught the face of Ms. Tanec.

“Oh I assure you, it most certainly is a sport, and quite a difficult one at that. Dancing works all of your muscles, not just a specific set, as other sports do. There is also a high risk of injury, sometimes causing you permanent damage. There is nothing that compares to the work that your body does while dancing. And if it was so easy, then you wouldn’t be standing here, barely able to put one foot in front of other, waiting for me to teach you how to stumble through a simple waltz. Now, if you are to continue to have that mindset, I urge you to get out of my classroom and out of my sight within the next two minutes before I throw you out the door for your insubordination. Do I make myself clear?”

I don’t think anything could be clearer in this moment. It was apparent that this woman meant business. There was no mistaking the glint of fury in her eyes, or the stance that she had taken on. I suddenly didn’t doubt that she would easily be able to throw the guy out of the classroom. I looked back to see his reaction, and had to stifle a laugh. Here he was, a very built man, obviously an athlete, looking like a deer in the headlights after being shouted down by a skinny dancer.

Huh. This might turn out to be more entertaining than I had thought.