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Full Moon

I watched my stalker get closer. He attacked me and I was left to die. I slowly became unconscious.CHAPTER 5 IS UP! banner made by me

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1. The Meeting

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I watched my stalker get closer. He attacked me and I was left on the ground to die. I slowly became unconscious.


"Dude, Bella's been out for three days. The transformation should be complete." A male voice said. I felt like I was burning in hell. Oh, crap! I am becoming a vampire! "Hey! Her heart beat is going faster! She will wake up soon." A female voice said. Sure enough, the pain slipped away and I found myself awakening to a bright light. A small brunette ran up to me and started a string of questions. "Hi! I'm Ashley! How old are you? I like your dress. Are you thirsty? Do you know about vampires? Are you confused? "She said in one breath. A blonde haired girl walked up to her and put a hand over her mouth. "Ashley! You're confusing the crap out of Bella! Give her a minute." She said. Ashley looked frustrated. She pushed the blonde haired girl away and said"Krystal, we should introduce ourselves! Kay, the boy over there is Cory." She pointed to a blonde haired boy who waggled his eyebrows at me. A tall, short haired girl slapped him. "That is Annabel, Cory's girlfriend. " Ashley said. She pointed to a short, skinny, blonde haired girl. "That is Ariel, but her nickname is Air." Ariel smiled at me. "And last, but not least," Ashley said, pointing at a short, medium brown haired girl "Is Hannah! We are "vegetarian" vampires." Ashley said. Krystal walked over to me and asked "How did you get that badly injured? By the way, it was Ashley who doomed you to eternal damnation." Ashley smiled and said "Because I care!" I looked at the eager faces. I started my story.

"Well, my boyfriend saved me from James, a tracker. He left me and I went to our meadow. James' girlfriend wanted revenge, so she sent Laurent to kill me. He attacked, but he stopped. I don't know why he did. Maybe he thought I would die." I shrugged my shoulders. "So, how did you guys become vampires?" I asked. "Well, me, Ariel, and Hannah got in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver. Krystal, Annabel, and Cory saved us. They got changed after getting caught in a factory explosion." Ashley said. "By the way, I am kinda the mouth of this group." She smiled. Hannah and Ariel stepped up to Ashley. Ashley stared at them. "No, I can't." she said, answering an unspoken question. She turned and smiled at me. "I can read most minds. Not yours, though." She said. Krystal walked up and said "All of us have powers. Ashley reads minds. Ariel sees the future. Cory is an element mover. I'm a shape shifter. Hannah basically has mind control; she can make people do what she wants. And Annabel can tell if someone is lying. I wonder if you have any powers..." Krystal mused. "Wait, aren't you thirsty? Your throat should be on fire right now." Cory said. I suddenly became aware of a dull burning in my throat. "It isn't that bad, actually." I said. "She is telling the truth." Annabel said. "Whoa! You're a fricken huge self control FREAK!" Cory yelled. Ashley tackled him. "Jerk! Be nice or I will really hurt you!" She said. He threw her off him and said "I'm not afraid of you, little girl!" Annabel said"You are lying so hard right now!" I let a giggle slip out. Ashley smiled. "So, how ‘bout some grizzly bears?" Ariel asked. "Sure, sounds good!" I said.

We left the cottage and went into the woods. I drained three bears. I looked up from my fourth bear and saw Hannah, Ariel, and Ashley playing with a massive bear. Cory and Annabel were making out (eww.) and Krystal was draining a mountain lion. I looked down at my clothes. I was an utter mess. "Need some new clothes?" Ashley asked, startling me. "Holy crap! Where did you go?" Ashley asked. "Ohmygoodnessgracious! She can become invisible!" Ariel shouted. I looked down and I couldn't see myself. I started to panic, and then I changed back to normal. "Whoa! Super self control freak just got freakier!" Cory said. Krystal slapped him in the back of the head. "Hey, what was that for?" Cory shouted. "For being mean!" Krystal said. Ashley and Ariel were stifling laughs while Hannah looked away with a huge smile on her face. I laughed and Cory glared. Then he kissed Annabel. "Cory, PLEASE stop thinking of Annabel like that! No offense, but you have a VERY sick mind! Wait, offense intended." Ashley said. Ariel and Hannah were laughing so hard that they would have tears streaming down their faces, if it were possible. I was laughing too. Cory had an evil look on his face. "Oh, god! Make it STOP!" Ashley screamed. This time, it was Cory's turn to laugh. Everyone was laughing at each other. Then Ariel got a blank look on her face. Ashley and Hannah ran over and sat next to her. Then both Ashley and Ariel looked frightened. Every one ran over with lightning speed, including me. "What is happening?" "What's wrong?" "Are you OK?" were the questions they were all asking at the same time. "Brian, Grace, and Ayla, the Southern Clan, they are all coming in 3 hours." Ariel and Ashley said in the same monotone voice. Everyone seemed scared for there life. Oh, crap.