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Full Moon

I watched my stalker get closer. He attacked me and I was left to die. I slowly became unconscious.CHAPTER 5 IS UP! banner made by me

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2. The Event

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Ashley was freaking out because Ariel's visions kept changing. Krystal and Cory had to drag them to the cottage. "What's the big deal about three vamps? There is seven of us." Bella said. "Uh, Bella, they are about 20 years' old, human years. Grace is a healer, Brian's a tracker, and Ayla can cut off all senses. They have been vampires for over 100 years. Ariel, Ashley, and Hannah are only 14 years old human years. They just got changed three weeks ago. Even me, Annabel, and Cory aren't old. We are only 16 and got changed five month's ago. You are the oldest of us." Krystal said. "Wait, why are they coming? And why do they want to fight with us?" I asked, extremely confused. "Well, we kind of got them in trouble. When we first met them a week ago, they're friend, Kearstin, was slaughtering many people. We told the Volturi and they killed her. They told us they would get us for it, and so they are coming and they will not leave until they are victorious. This means they will try to kill at least one of us." Krystal answered, biting her lip. "2 hours until they come. Let's get ready in the forest." Ashley said, snapping out of her trance. We all ran toward the forest. Ariel was still dazed, but she focused pretty well. We were making plans for the fight. Ashley and Hannah will take Brian, Krystal and Annabel will take Grace, and Ariel and Cory will take Ayla. I go for whoever I can while invisible. I looked at everyone and saw they were ready. I faintly heard footsteps and we all looked up to six bright red eyes.

Brian was in the front, flanked by Grace and Ayla. "We WILL be victorious against you children. Oh! A new member is helping you in this suicide mission? Oh, how delightful! Say your worthless prayers and get ready for death." Brian sneered. "Enough!" Ashley shouted. "We will win, and you know it." She said more calmly.

Everything was a blur. Everyone running at top speed. I ran for Grace, helping Krystal and Annabel. One down, two to go. I looked over and was scared. On the ground were Hannah and Ashley, wounded severely. Brian laughed and lunged at them. I tackled him and ripped him apart viciously. I burned the pieces and moved on to Ayla. They were doing pretty well, but I told them to go help Hannah and Ashley. I tore Ayla apart and finished her off.

I ran over to Krystal and Cory who were helping Hannah and Ashley up. "Ow, shit, ow." Ashley was mumbling. She wobbled a second, and steadied herself. "I outta...." Hannah threatened, brushing off her pants. Krystal walked up to me and said "You fought well for being a newborn." I thanked her and looked at Ashley and Hannah who were already getting teased by Cory. That earned him a slap, courtesy of Ashley. Ashley laughed and jogged off. Hannah and Ariel followed. I looked at Krystal, who was wondering the same thing. Why did they leave? I just now saw that Cory was gone too. Oh! Running for they're life. Smart kids! Me, Annabel, and Krystal ran after them to find Cory TRYING to attack them. It wasn't working though. Ashley read his mind; Ariel saw what he was going to do and Hannah was keeping him away from her. He was getting frustrated, so he moved the elements so he could attack. Ashley pulled Hannah out of the way of a gigantic oak falling to the ground while Ariel jumped over it. I walked over to them, being invisible, and scared the crap out of Cory. "Oh shiz!" he shouted. Ashley and Ariel were on the ground laughing. Hannah was leaning against the once mighty oak cracking up. "Go sister!" Krystal shouted. Sister, as in part of a family. Family...I thought to my self. I felt a prick in my eyes as I realized I fit in. I had a family I belong with. And I loved everyone in my family