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Full Moon

I watched my stalker get closer. He attacked me and I was left to die. I slowly became unconscious.CHAPTER 5 IS UP! banner made by me

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3. The Surprise

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"Bella, are you ok?" Krystal asked while Ashley ran over and patted my back. "I am HAPPY. I am more than ok, I have a family now." I said. They all smiled at me and Ashley said "Group hug!" Everyone hugged me. It felt nice. Relief washed over me to see they all accepted me. "Holy crap." Ashley said and backed away. "What? Ashley, are you ok?" I asked. "I- I can read your mind! You have been blocking me, and now it- it is clear! That is strange." She said. "You can choose who gets in your head!" Hannah exclaimed. "Whoa! You talked! No way!" Cory said. Hannah glared, and then said "Shut the hell up Cory." Cory stood up straight, saluted, and said "Sir, yes sir!" Hannah growled and tackled him. "Bad Hannah! No!" Krystal said, not meaning it. Ashley sighed and pulled Hannah off Cory. I heard her whisper"Way to go, Hannah!" Krystal gave Hannah a quick high five. I laughed at the look on Cory's face, confused and scared.

"Uh, Bella, can you kind of SHOW me your life? I like to understand people like that." Ashley said. I nodded and showed her. "Oh. My. God. You have been through hell!" Ashley exclaimed. Everyone looked shocked. "Uh, Ashley, did you do that?" Ariel asked. "Do what?" Ashley asked. "Uh, right now, I am having a flash back of BELLA'S life. That is not supposed to happen." Ariel said. "Wait, let's conduct an experiment. When you see a heart, raise your hand." Ashley said. She looked at Krystal and she raised her hand. She looked at Ariel and Hannah, who abruptly raised their hands. Then she looked at me, Cory, and Annabel. We all raised our hands as soon as I saw nothing but a pink heart. "Awesome! Ashley can send secret messages!" Krystal exclaimed happily. Ashley beamed. Then she looked evilly at Cory. "Payback time." She said. Ashley kept staring while Cory kept wincing.

They did this for five minutes until Krystal said "Let's go to La Push, where there are witnesses if Cory kills Ashley." She murmured the last part. I looked at Ashley who stared right back. We were thinking the same thing. Jacob is there. "Guys, Jacob is there. Bella has been through a lot with him, and to make it worse, she is a bloodsucking monster. No offense Bella, we all are." Ashley said. She played a few images from my memory of him ditching me for his imprinted girlfriend, Leah. God, he was such a jerk. Ariel walked up to me and gave me an awkward hug, along with Hannah, Krystal, Annabel, and Cory. Ashley was still reading my mind. "Bella, Ariel has been ditched like that before. Her friend, Danielle, got imprinted with a wolf named Samuel. Danielle never spoke to her again because she was so into Samuel." Ashley said. Ariel looked down and bit her lip. Ashley walked over and gave her a hug. Ariel smiled and said "It was worse for you though, to have him say he did not love you. Danielle and I were just friends." I remember it so clearly.

"Bella, come over to my place. We need to talk." Jacob said over the phone. I replied with an Okay and hung up. I ran out to my big, red truck, tripping, and started the engine. On the way there, I was wondering what he wanted.

After I finally got there, Jacob walked me to the woods. When we were in the woods, he started pacing back and forth. He turned toward me and said "Bella, I have imprinted with someone." My heart raced, and I sat down on a log. I heard rustling in the woods and I was surprised to see Leah. "Bella, meet my new girlfriend." Jacob said. I looked up and whispered "Leah?" He nodded and held my fragile hand in his enormous hand. "I still love you, Jacob, and I always will." I said. His expression softened, and then hardened again. "I wish I could say the same, but I won't lie. I love Leah, and only Leah. I don't love you." He said, crushing my heart. I looked down and he said "Do not cry, this is the way it has to be. Goodbye Bella. Have a good life." He left me in the woods alone. I fell to the ground, sobbing. The hole in my heart doubled in size. I clutched my sides, trying to keep myself together. This so much like what happened with Edward. The thought of him made me sob harder.

When I was finally able to stand, I walked further into the woods, to our meadow. I saw red eyes, and wished I was dead. There, twenty feet away from me was Laurent. He smiled evilly, and lunged himself at me.

I snapped put pf my flashback, shuddering. Ashley had her mouth wide open, listening to my thoughts. She fell to her knees and started sobbing tearlessly. Soon, everyone looked sad too. They saw it from my point of view, so they were sobbing too. Everyone seemed to feel the same I did. I felt so bad for putting them through that.

"You know what? So you can feel better, let's go visit him, the jerk." Cory said. Ashley sent me a message. So he can apologize and see where its lead you. We were going to make a trip to La Push