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Full Moon

I watched my stalker get closer. He attacked me and I was left to die. I slowly became unconscious.CHAPTER 5 IS UP! banner made by me

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4. The Fight

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Cory and Annabel took the Mustang, while Krystal took everyone else in the Lamborghini. Ashley, Ariel and Hannah sat in the back arguing about how rock paper scissors is not fair. They are so weird. Ashley looked at me, stuck her tongue out, and went back to saying rock should beat paper, not the other way around. I rolled my eyes and started talking to Krystal. At least she is somewhat normal. Again, Ashley stuck her tongue out at me. I laughed at her and said "Settle down grumpy!" Ashley frowned at me and said "I may be grumpy, but at least I am stylish! Just look at your clothes." she looked at me up and down. I had to agree with her. I was wearing torn jeans and an oversized t-shirt. Ashley looked smug. Told you so. I looked out the window and saw something in the forest. It is the werewolves. Ashley messaged me. "Krystal, the werewolves are in the forest. Change us into wolves so we can be out there." Ashley said aloud. Krystal pulled over and we ran into the forest. Krystal changed us. Krystal was a magnificent white wolf with a silver streak down her back. Ashley was a sleek black wolf; I mean pitch black, with a white diamond on her forehead. Hannah was a chocolate brown wolf with cream spots all over. Ariel was a smaller wolf with silver fur and a white streak going down her back. I looked down and saw I was a cream color wolf with brown spots all over. I sent the message to Annabel and Cory. They were...busy. Ashley thought. Let's go! Krystal said. Everyone said ok and ran.

Ashley was really fast. She and Krystal were racing. Krystal was bigger, so she had longer strides, but Ashley was moving her legs with blinding speed. Ashley won, she found the wolves. She called us over and began talking to a large, russet brown wolf. Hello, who is your pack leader and where is your pack? Jacob asked as we just got over there. I have a coven, not a pack. Cory and Annabel are not here, and Ariel, Krystal, Hannah, and Bella are coming. Call your pack over; this might turn into a fight. Ashley said. We all arrived in our wolf forms. I saw the other pack coming; it was Sam, Quil, Embry, Jared, and Paul. I stared at Jacob and he looked at me. Hi, Jacob. Is all I could spit out. I felt like I was going to cry. Bella? Is that you? Why are you a werewolf? Jacob asked. I was cut off by Ashley who explained everything. Then she got mad. It is all your fault! You broke Bella's heart! Why would you do that? If you would have still been her friend, Laurent wouldn't have gotten to her. You should be ashamed. She is a vampire because of you! Ashley yelled. Sam and Paul flanked Jacob, with Embry and Quil close behind. But I spoke the truth! I told her I didn't love her, it isn't my fault she is oversensitive. Jacob said. I was sobbing. Look what you have done you big, insensitive jerk! Ashley screeched. Then she lunged at him. Ashley! Get off! Hannah said. Ashley didn't listen. She was biting and clawing at Jacob, who was fighting very well. Stupid, overly sensitive vampires. Paul thought. Hannah lunged herself at him. Paul quickly threw her off, which caused her to bash into a tree. Ariel got protective, so she attacked. Quil threw himself at Ariel, knocking her to the ground. I watched and got worried, so I attacked. Quil went flying and I blocked everybody's mind except for Ariel's and mine. Get Cory and Annabel. Now! I thought as everyone was fighting. Krystal against Sam, Hannah against Embry and Paul, Ashley against Jared, and Jacob, and me against Quil. I didn't pay attention, so I didn't see Quil until he crashed into me. He landed on top of me, and bit my upper leg. I was dizzy and then I blacked out

When I could finally hear everything, there were frantic shouts. Is Bella okay? She has been out for ten minutes. I heard. She has been bit several times. It seems you lose your vampire traits when you change into an animal. She should be fine, though. I think Krystal said, or thought I guess. I couldn't find the strength to open my eyes. What about Ashley? She looks pretty bad too. She isn't waking up. I think Jacob went too hard on her. Someone else thought. I moaned and rolled over. I heard heavy footsteps. There was a low whine as something warm lay next to me. I opened my eyes and saw Jacob lying next to me. He looked at me apologetically. I got closer to him, realizing I was still in wolf form. I tried to stand up, but it hurt. Jacob half smiled, and sat up. He helped me up too, and Krystal in wolf form came jogging up to us. Are you okay? She asked, concerned. Yes, I am just really sore. I thought. Ashley is fine. She is waking up. Ariel and Hannah should be fine too.Hannah may be shy, but she can fight well. Krystal thought. I looked at Hannah, who was beaming. Annabel, a grey wolf, was with Cory, a reddish brown wolf. They smiled at Hannah. Krystal disappeared into the forest and came back in human form. "We should change into humans; it would be a lot easier." Krystal said. I, Ashley, Ariel, Annabel, Cory, and Hannah went east; Sam and the pack went west.

We all came out of the deep section of the forest. Sam stood up near Krystal and began talking to her. "You need to control your pack. They are out of control." Sam said rudely. "Shut up Sam, it isn't my fault Jacob was mean." Ashley said. Krystal walked over to Ashley and put her hand over her mouth. "Ashley, be quiet. I can handle this." Krystal said calmly. Sam looked smug and Krystal said "Hey! It is not our fault you guys are jerks. Ashley had a point; none of this would happen if Jacob was nicer." I looked up at Jacob and said "Krystal, it isn't his fault he doesn't like me. I don't deserve him or Edward." I gulped at the last part, feeling a prick in my eyes. Cory glared at Jacob and said "You hurt my sister. You will apologize if you want to live." Jacob walked over to me and said "I am deeply and truly sorry. I miss you so much; I wish we were both human so this never happened." He looked as if he would cry. I hugged him while he kept repeating "I am sorry." while crying. I sat down with him and held his heavy head in my arms, patting his back. Ashley came next to me, along with Krystal, and sat down. Jacob got me crying too, we just sat and cried together.

After about ten minutes, Jacob pulled himself together and stood up. He helped me up and hugged me. "I still want to be friends, Bella. Please say yes." I looked up at his wet eyes and whispered "Of course." "Aw!" Ashley, Ariel, and Hannah said at the same time. Cory fake gagged, and Krystal slapped him. Annabel laughed at them. This was the perfect moment.

"Bella? Is that you?" I heard. I looked up into the eyes of who I thought I would never see again.