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Full Moon

I watched my stalker get closer. He attacked me and I was left to die. I slowly became unconscious.CHAPTER 5 IS UP! banner made by me

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5. The Reunion

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There he was, 50 feet away. I gasped while Krystal and Ashley stared, wide eyed. Annabel looked shocked, while Cory glared. Hannah and Ariel were whispering to each other. The whole pack growled. Is that Edward? Ashley messaged me. I nodded and stared at Edward, who was walking up to me.

"Bella, is it really you?" Edward asked softly. I nodded again. Cory growled and stood in front of me.

"You hurt my sister too." Cory said coldly. Ashley tried to say something, but Krystal interrupted her.

"Let's meet at his house. Sam, take your pack home." Krystal said calmly.

We all piled in the Lamborghini and Mustang. Ashley, Edward, and I sat in the back, with Krystal, Ariel, and Hannah in the front. Cory and Annabel took the mustang. Edward sat in the middle, staring at Ashley. They must be reading each others mind. It was silent the whole ride.

When we got to the Cullen house, Alice ran up to me and hugged me.

"Bella! I missed you so much!" She nearly screeched. I smiled at her as we walked inside. Alice, Edward, and everyone but I, Ashley, and Krystal went into the living room. We walked up to Carlisle and began talking to him.

"Hello, I am Carlisle, who is your coven leader?" Carlisle asked looking at Krystal.

"I am, I'm guessing you are the coven leader for your family." Krystal replied. Carlisle nodded. Then he looked at Ashley.

"And what are your names, I know Bella already." Carlisle said looking over at me.

"Well, I am Ashley and that is Krystal. Cory is the boy in our group, Annabel is his girlfriend. Hannah is the shy one and Ariel is the short one." Ashley said, smiling. Carlisle nodded.

"All of us have powers." Ashley said, answering an unspoken question. Carlisle chuckled.

"I am guessing you read minds." Carlisle said, still laughing.

"That and I can send secret messages. Krystal is a shape shifter, Cory can control the elements, Ariel sees the future, Hannah basically has mind control, but she rarely uses it. Annabel can tell if someone is lying. Bella can turn invisible, which is cool!" Ashley said. Carlisle looked shocked.

"Whoa, you are a very gifted group." Carlisle said, surprised.

"Thank you Carlisle." Krystal said. Suddenly there was a crash, followed by screaming.

"What was that?" Carlisle asked.

"Uhm, I am not sure, we should check it out though." Ashley said, worried.

We walked into the living room, and saw Edward and Cory fighting. Cory was trying to shoot flames at Edward. Ariel and Rosalie were arguing, while Hannah and Emmett were fighting. Annabel was arguing with Jasper, while Alice hung back, watching. Carlisle, Esme, and Krystal were trying to stop the fights. Ashley looked at me and I could tell she was ticked.

"STOP IT NOW!" Ashley screamed at the top of her lungs. Everyone stopped and stared at her. Emmett started to laugh, which made Ashley even more ticked.

"Emmett, shut up before I make you." Ashley said through her teeth. Emmett looked down and was scared. I stood up next to her. She smiled at me and continued.

"Okay, listen to me. Edward didn't leave because he didn't love Bella. He loved her very much, so when Jasper attacked her, he feared her safety. Alice had a vision of her dying, so they came back. In other words, Edward loved Bella, still loves Bella, and will always love Bella" Ashley finished. Cory fake yawned and Krystal slapped him. Edward walked up to me and hugged me.

"It is true Bella, I love you." Edward said.

"Edward, I love you too, don't worry." I said.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the window. I looked over along with everyone else. A man with brown eyes and hair was at the window. Ashley saw him, shook, and started crying.