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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

1. Holiday plans

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Bella’s pov

I smoothed my fingers along the ivory piano keys and sighed, I was so happy now I had finally began to be able to play the piano. All the lessons my darling husband had gave me had finally sunk in and it was worth it, I loved playing duets with Edward we would often sing as well. I had found that since I became a vampire my singing voice seemed to really be quite nice when I sang with Edward. I felt Edward’s arms wrap tightly round me and pull me onto his lap after we finished the duet we were playing.

“Your really quite a natural love” he whispered, his cool lips against my ear

“not so bad yourself Mr Cullen” I giggled, burying my face into his chest.

Edward suddenly turned me round on his lap to face him, I wrapped my legs tightly round his waist. He pulled my lips to his kissing me softly and passionately. Aw bless my little caring husband, always kissing softly trying not to hurt me even though it was physically impossible now I was a vampire like him, plus my newborn strength hadn’t actually left me completely. Of coarse in some situations his kiss was fierce and animalistic, and I adored it. I stared into his beautiful golden eyes and it dazzled me beyond belief

“wow” I sighed

“what?” he asked anxious

“if I were still human that kiss would have killed me with passion” I whispered pressing my lips to his cold earlobe. Life was going extremely well at the moment I had everything I wanted and so did everyone else, Renesmee was an adult now and was travelling the world with Jacob living in a lot of different places. I missed Renesmee often but she and Jacob came to visit on special occasions.

“oh Bella and Edward are gonna be sooo excited when I tell them!” we heard a screech of excitement come from the other room, Edward and I just looked at each other.

“Alice” we both murmured. What is it going to be this time…a boat full of designer labels or a city made purely from black lace and stockings.

Edward rolled his eyes as he read her thoughts, I was anxious to know what she had planning for us now. Alice came gliding gracefully as ever into the room and stopped in front of me.

“ I assume I’m telling this to you only Bella as Edward probably read what I had planned the moment I stepped in here” she smiled sticking her tongue out at Edward

“Guess where we are all going!” Alice beamed.

Before she could answer Rosalie walked into the room and stopped by the bottom of the staircase, she turned to face us.

“ Alice don’t scream it at her or she wont want to come” Rosalie winked and smiled at me before disappearing upstairs. I was so glad me and Rose were friends now, no we were more, we were sisters and we loved each other just like me and Alice.

“right Rose, anyway” Alice said in a calmer voice “ the 8 of us and that includes you and Edward are all going to Isle Esme on vacation!” this time Alice’s voice wasn’t calm she practically screamed with excitement. I sat there for a moment taking in what she said, I felt Edward’s hand take mine gently. A smile spread across my face, I was actually suddenly excited about going to Isle Esme, I hadn’t been there since the honeymoon and it would be great fun with everyone there.

“wow Alice its gonna be really great” I beamed as Alice pulled me out of Edward’s arms and into her own.

“ I know right!” she laughed “ but Bella you do realize we are gonna have to go shopping tonight to get you some nice clothes” she warned holding back a giggle.

I groaned but looked down at the black leather pants and red jumper I was wearing, Alice was right I needed more beach-like clothes to wear. I mean who wears leather pants and jumpers on a beach.

“sure I guess I could rise my fashion up a lil” I sighed

“that’s my Bella now go get ready you Rose and me are leaving in a few secs, don’t worry, Edward, Emmet and Jasper have to get the boat ready and Carlisle and Esme have to seriously pack some supplies” Alice glimmered.

“Wait Alice what’s the hurry?” I asked I watched Edward groan as he read Alice’s mind and he squeezed my hand tighter.

“ Well we are..leaving…tomorrow morning” Alice muttered knowing how I would react

“WHAT! What am…. I’m gonna have to call Charlie, call Renesmee and Jacob..” I shouted, I had still been seeing Charlie. He wasn’t really surprised over the years when I never looked older or changed but then again he knew I was a vampire but never talked about it in fact he knew we all were.

“calm down Bella I already called them all you have to do is come shopping and pack a suit case” Alice laughed as she saw my expression.

Edward’s arms wrapped round my waist and pulled me back onto him

“think of what a great time we will have on the island now your vampire and this time we can both lose control..” Edward whispered sexily kissing my neck.

“Don’t be too long Bells me and Rose will be in the car” Alice informed as she walked out the glass doors. I turned back to Edward who stood up facing me, his arms still tight round my waist pulling me closer to his chest

“Don’t worry love, have a nice time shopping its not too much trouble going to the island as Alice has already took care of it all, we just need to pack” Edward smiled twirling my hair in his fingers.

“I’m not actually worried about going to Isle Esme for once one of Alice’s ideas has actually excited me besides you will be there, so much more fun for us” I giggled kissing Edwards chin, his arms tightened round me then dropped as the horn on Alice’s car beeped.

“You better go, Alice is getting impatient, go shop until you drop…if that’s the right saying” Edward chuckled pulling me towards the door. He quickly reached down and kissed me on my forehead then pushed me gently out the door smiling.

When we reached the mall in Port Angela’s it was extremely packed for a Thursday evening people were everywhere rushing about, I was more than glad my bloodlust for humans had worn off by now. Alice took me and Rose to the best clothes shop. All the clothes in there seemed to be very…revealing.

The men on the desk gasped at us as we walked into the shop, I think everyone pretty much did. Before I could look at the clothes Alice and Rose had already picked me out loads of outfits and had pulled me into a huge changing room 3 people could easily fit in. I tried on all the clothes and did a funky catwalk while Rose and Alice judged if I should buy or toss some outfits I liked but would never come out alive if I wore them in front of Alice. I even tried on the lingerie mostly it was lace and corsets, and stockings I defiantly wasn’t going to toss them if I was going to be with Edward.

Finally I did a funky pose wearing a scarlet halter neck dress and some scarlet jimmy choo wedges to wear with it. It looked surprisingly nice with my dark hair and pale skin.

“Wow” Alice gasped

“Bella seriously you would look like a supermodel if you wore red lipstick with that” Rosalie complemented smiling.

“thanks guys I’m gonna buy it and I’m gonna get the white set as well” I beamed.

The three of us walked out of the shop with linked arms like preppy teenagers, I was in the middle which I sort of enjoyed. When we got back to the house I caught Edward staring at the picture of us arm in arm from prom, me looking embarrassing in my leg cast and Edward looking like a male model standing there all irresistible. Edward was sat on the sofa with it in his hands. I walked over to him behind the sofa and put my arms round his neck

“That’s my favourite picture, Edward in formal wear is enough to kill anybody” I whispered as I nipped his ear lobe.

“ I would say that you looked the most mouth-watering ever in that dress…if I hadn’t already seen you without anything on” He chuckled seductively, and he suddenly flipped me from behind him so I was laying with my back on the sofa. Edward lent over me pulling my legs up round his waist. I was regretting not wearing a skirt today. Edward chuckled then kissed me, I parted my lips to let his tongue inside.

“mmmm” He mumbled placing his hands on my back to push me closer to him.

I could feel his steal erection pushing into me as he pressed his self between my legs. My hands reached for his belt when suddenly Emmett jumped into the room

“ go lover boy get yourself some of that!” he teased gesturing towards my chest.

Edward lowered me to go and punch Emmett but I jumped up faster and lunged at Emmett pinning him against the wall

“Bella pin me harder” Emmett teased and I jumped back off him and Edward punched him.

“c’mon guys take it easy, Bells you pin Edward all the time don’t u wanna try me out I‘d last longer than prude boy here”

Emmett laughed as he stood up. I loved Emmett I really did but It annoyed me cause he constantly went on about me and Edward’s sex life, which evidently was going very well at the moment it was much better now we could both loose control and make out whenever we got the chance.

Edward’s Pov

I growled as I red Emmett’s thoughts. Emmett: wow Bella looks soo hot mmm.

I glared at Emmett and his thoughts stopped immediately. I knew Jasper and Emmett secretly had their own fantasies with Bella but I had never ever thought my sisters Alice and Rosalie were hot nor had I ever had a fantasy with either of them. In a way I couldn’t blame Emmett what with Bella standing there so sexy in those tight leather pants, but he really should have a bit more self control Rosalie wouldn’t be best pleased if she could read his thoughts. Bella walked back over to me and I wrapped my arm round her shoulder cuddling her into me, her hair smelt so beautiful it was making my mouth water. Bella reached up to kiss me, she seemed to like the fact that my mouth was watering and parted my lips looking for an entrence, she slid her tongue into my mouth. Bella pulled away when Esme entered the room but nestled her head closer to my chest. Esme: god the kids are fighting again lets hope Emmett gets some sense knocked into him. Typical Esme still addressing us as kids although she wasn’t going to be terribly happy about the new pot Bella smashed Emmett into.

“Come on we need everything ready by tomorrow go pack, Emmett that way, Edward and Bella the other.


“yes please Edward we really should pack”.

When we got back to our house it smelt nice, like a mixture of Bella and lavender.

I carried Bella’s shopping bags to our room ready for us to pack, of coarse the packing only took a few minutes. Bella looked at the clock as I did, it was 8.00pm.

“I’m going to take a shower you wanna come?” she asked silently still not sure if I would say yes, I swear if she were still human she would have blushed.

“A shower sounds nice” I replied as I took her hand and led her towards the bathroom.

The second we got in the shower I started pulling her clothes off anxiously careful not to rip the leather pants after the last time I ripped her leather. Bella began fiddling with the buttons on my shirt and got quite frustrated eventually ripping it off me. I didn’t mind when she ripped shirts off me it was always worth it. Bella tore down the zip of my pants and slid them down my legs, I shook them off and he quickly tore my boxer briefs too. We were stood completely naked. I was used to Bella’s gorgeous body but I still couldn’t stop myself from staring.

Bella giggled and stepped into the shower turning it on, I stepped in behind her and she reached for the soap. Seeing her in front of me made me want her badly, she started rubbing the soap on the flannel as though she was teasing and she began rubbing it down her body. Bella was trying to turn me on and hell it was working. I shuddered wanting her so bad then she rubbed the flannel over her breasts, I stared for a second and she glanced over her shoulder temptingly. I clasped my hand round her waist and turned her round facing me, pulling her hard against me. I could feel myself rubbing against her skin.

“Your tempting me” I whispered into her ear biting it softly

“ hmmm would this be tempting you as well?” she whispered seductively and she slid elegantly to her knees in front of me, her mouth just inches away. I stared down at her in disbelief then lust as she gripped the base of my manhood and licked along the length. oh god baby I could stay like this forever.

Fuck it felt so good, I gasped and she began sucking moving her head back and forth in time with her hand. Fuck she was amazing. She began massaging me harder. I grabbed her wet hair holding it out of her face.

“mmm you taste so good” Bella mumbled, I pulled her up to face me so she was standing, Bella looked slightly shocked and somewhat hurt. I brushed my fingers across her cheek and chuckled reassuringly. This time I was the one bent down, I laid wet kisses down her stomach lower and lower but stopped at her hips. She stared down at me and raised one eyebrow. I pulled her legs from under her and she slipped to the bottom of the bath, I quickly slid my hand under her back so she didn’t hurt herself on the bath.

“Edward you don’t have to-”

“Bella I want to, I have to taste you” I grabbed both her legs and separated them, pulling both onto my shoulder. I bent my head down kissing her inner thigh and leaving a wet trail with my tongue along her soft pale skin.

“ mmm I love that” Bella whispered, closing her eyes

“ ah ah, I want you to look at me while I lick you” I smiled winking, Bella’s eyes flashed open and she stared her black lustful eyes into my own

“as you wish”… she smiled seductively. She gasped as I licked her arousal and kissed hard sucking. I flickered my tongue over her.

“ughh!” Bella cried arching her back,

“Oh god! Edwaarrrdd don’t stop! Please baby!” she shouted. I began sucking hard , she moaned as she knotted her hands in my hair grinding her hips with my face. Bella tasted soo good and my mouth watered over her making her groan. I slid my tongue inside her reaching her sweet point, keeping my lips attached to her.

“mmm Edward, ohh!” Bella cried, throwing her head back against the bathroom wall. “ Edward oh god, yes!” she screamed

I looked up at her quickly and her eyes shut again and she sighed

Maybe we should take this to the bedroom” I whispered, her hands still gripping my hair. Before she could say another word I had swooped her off her feet and we were already on the bed.