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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

10. lion cubs, Shameless and perfect hunting

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Bella’s POV

I stayed in Edward’s arms for the next hour, I know it had only been an hour but I sort of couldn’t remember what happened. I remembered seeing Edward, bleeding and seeing his name on the wall, I remembered going frantic then Holly.

Oh no Holly

She must think I’m mental

But then I remembered she had helped me, calmed me and brought me back to reality, I was so grateful she was the only one who didn’t shout at me that I was going crazy or nothing was real. I wasn’t quite sure if it was real now but I did see it and it has to mean something, something bad.

Oh lord please don’t let it be bad

It was already bad enough what with zombies running over the island, Edward said he saw all of it

I wonder if he saw him self, saw his own name on the wall

No he couldn’t have, he would have said something.

“Bella?”, my thoughts were broken by a soft warm voice I pressed my face to Edward’s chest and he smiled my crooked smile

“do you want to go downstairs now?” Edward asked, I just nodded and let Edward sweep me up and carry me bridal style to the stairs

“wait no! please just don’t tell the others what happened tonight!” I pleaded, I didn’t want everyone else thinking I’m a psychopath, Edward held me closer to him

“of coarse not my love” Edward smiled melting my heart.

Edward carried me into the living room and led me on the sofa, he led behind me pressing his body to mine and wrapping his arm round me. Edward buried his face into my neck kissing it, we both relaxed and watched TV, shameless was on. We both really loved that program, I have no idea why but it’s hilarious. Becky was my favourite character and always has been right from series one Edward was always Frank, I have to admit though Frank is so funny, the way he’s always drunk and just acts like an idiot. This was the last episode of the series and started of hilarious especially when Frank decided he needed the toilet in the middle of a funeral and of coarse the graveyard was the best place to go. I started crying silently when Mandy died at the end (I was a sucker for sad things), it’s a shame Mandy was always a great character and it was a shame to see her die. Edward kissed me when I started crying

“are you ok love?” he asked, his lips were pressed against my neck like they had been for the whole program

“yes” I lied hoping Edward wouldn’t notice my shaky voice but he did

“oh Bella what am I going to do with you” Edward chuckled kissing my ear. I turned my whole body round and hugged him taking in his gorgeous smell

“your wearing lynx spray aren’t yah?” I asked grinning

“yep Emmett sprayed it all over me when I was walking down the hall, he said I needed it” Edward chuckled

God this man was far from smelling bad seriously I could live in a world of his smell

“well I think you’re the most mouth watering thing I’ve have ever smelt even without lynx” I grinned tightening my arms around him. Edward just chuckled and kissed my forehead, I hitched my leg over him trying to get closer. Esme and Carlisle entered the room and sat on the sofa opposite us, I groaned then sat up, Edward sat up next to me.

“sorry for disturbing you we just had to escape the….noises Alice and Jasper are…making” Esme apologized

“its ok mom” Edward said, I smiled in agreement

“Bella are you ok now, you seemed very shaken earlier” Carlisle asked

“ I’m fine” I said quickly not wanting to get into conversation about the whole blood on sofa thing, Carlisle gave me a warm smile then nodded.

“so have you found out anything else about those things?” I asked

“nope nothing more than we already know” Carlisle admitted shamefully

“there must be some way we can find more about them, where they came from” Esme said taking Carlisle’s hand in her own.

“there’s nothing, we have no books and the internet doesn’t show much beyond myths and legends how could we find out more?” Carlisle asked, he was more asking him self the question

“so in other words we are totally screwed” a small voice came from outside, the door opened and Alice and Jasper walked in.

“Alice, Jasper sit we were just discussing what to do about the undead” Carlisle gestured, Jasper and Alice sat in the large chair next to our sofa. I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and I was hauled on to Edwards lap and pulled against his warm (only to me) chest

“we could see if there are any films on zombies or anything” Jasper offered

“no that wouldn’t…wait….I got it! We can hunt a zombie, catch it but not kill it then bring it back her and chain it up round the back” Edward inquired

“what and ask it questions” Jasper mocked

“no we could do tests on it, see what’s causing the disease, we may find a cure or a sign or anything on how to stop them” Edward smiled for a second at his brilliant idea.

Hell that really was a good idea.

“That’s a brilliant idea Edward” Carlisle commented, I squeezed Edward’s hand in agreement

“but how in hell are we going to capture one of those zombies things without loads of others being there?” Emmett asked, he looked as though he was working up a mock for Edward’s plan

“well that’s what I thought about first of all but its simple really all we have to do is get 4 of us to fight off the other zombies if there are any then the other 4 chase one to the house cornering it to make sure it doesn’t run somewhere else. Then when we’re at the house we just sedate it then chain it up, its simple really” Edward grinned, obviously pleased with his plan.

“sounds it….” Rose muttered sarcastically as she came into the room behind Emmett, Holly was behind her and walked over to me slowly but stopped

“its ok” I whispered holding my hand out, she took my hand and smiled.

“shouldn’t you be asleep?” I whispered

“I couldn’t get to sleep” Holly whispered back, I smiled and hugged her. I was so thankful to her earlier for calming me and not shouting like everyone else did.

“wait, what about Holly?” Alice asked “we cant take her with us”

“good point” Emmett agreed

“one of us will have to stay here” Jasper said

“Bel-” Edward was starting to say but I cut him off

“no Edward I’m going” I protested.

“You know I only want you safe Bella” Edward smiled

“I know but I have to go” I insisted, Edward sighed then took my hand squeezing it gently.

“I’ll stay here with Holly” Esme volunteered, Carlisle smiled at her and kissed her forehead

“that would be best” Carlisle agreed.

“When are we going to go then?” Jasper asked

“as soon as I’ve found some sedative, get yourselves ready” Carlisle informed then he rushed off into that room he keeps all his medical crap in.

Personally I thought we were setting off to soon maybe we should think about the plan a little more, but I guess the more time we take not figuring out how these things die and stuff more people will get eaten or worse.

Esme came into the room again but carrying a box of tom and jerry cup cake mix (I don’t know where in hell that came from!) and shuffled over to Holly

“lets make cakes while they are off” Esme beamed, Holly’s little face lit up when Esme spoke

“oh yay!” Holly chimed. Esme took Holly off into the kitchen when Carlisle called out to us that he was nearly done just putting the sedative in the injection. I had forgotten I was sat on Edwards lap until his arms wound back round my waist and pulled me back against his gorgeous chest.

“you are so dangerous Mrs Cullen” Edward whispered kissing my ear as he spoke

“Edward you make me want to be dangerous” I whispered back, his hand slithered from my waist and squeezed my thigh. I moaned a little and he pulled me back harder against his chest separating my legs a little. Edward growled in hunger as his hand slithered up my thigh and to my crotch, I quickly grabbed his hand and pulled it away holding it back. “Edward if you do that then I might not have the strength to stop you even when everyone else starts to notice, we have later” I whispered, I hated what I was saying I longed to have Edward’s hand on me again but we couldn’t not in front of poor Alice again. Edward let out a low growl and licked my ear slowly

“but you smell so good” Edward moved his hand slowly to my thigh again I tried so hard to refuse but I couldn’t. Edward kissed my neck, I wriggled a little on his lap making him growl quietly. Edward’s growl was so sexy the way his eyes burned when the growl tore through his chest.

Suddenly we both jumped as a baseball bat was slammed on the table in front of us

“oh I’m sorry did I interrupt something, it was just I thought you might want Bella to take a baseball bat with her to fight, as you seem pretty tense with the whole Bella fighting thing” Emmett grinned sarcastically before walking back over to Rose and kissing her.

Is It me or does every time Edward and I do something someone has to walk in

Its because your always doing it in public

Good point.

I picked up the baseball bat and swung it round

“never bashed anyone up with a baseball bat before” I grinned at the baseball bat I was holding

“as long as your beating zombies and not me the next time I rip your underwear” Edward chuckled. I put the baseball bat down to turn round and kiss him

“oh my dear Edward the next time you rip my underwear isn’t only going to involve a baseball bat, that would be too easy for you” I whispered sexily, Edward winked and kissed me. The sun started to rise and shone through the glass wall

“we should probably go now” Jasper said

“right” agreed Alice.

I was the last one out the door, Edward in one hand and my baseball bat in the other, Edward smiled and gently pulled me close to him as we entered the wilderness

“Bella stay close ok” Edward smiled

“oh come on Edward I’m not human anymore I thought your overprotectivness would have worn off by now” I said as I rolled my eyes towards the heavens, Edward grabbed both my hand and faced me

“not until the end of eternity Mrs Cullen” damn he knew what he did to me when he said Mrs Cullen, it was only a few words and I should be used to it by now but it was hot. Edward had a smug ass look on his face as he pulled me back walking behind the others, he wrapped one arm round my waist and rested his hand on my hip rubbing it softly.

Damn it

Sneaky bastard

“we’ll run until we pick up the scent” Carlisle instructed then we all began dashing into the jungle, Emmett throwing himself into the trees and pouncing from each.

Great I already had to focus on not jumping Edward but now I had to focus on smelling out a bunch of zombies.

Edwards arm unwounded its self from my waist and we separated a little as we ran, the wind stabbed through my hair hitting my face softly (which I imagine for a human would be like someone throwing a book at your face, I never just pressed my face into Edward’s back when I was human for no reason you know).

I ran as fast as I could I slowed down a little waiting for Alice

“any sign yet?” I called to her as we zoomed through the air

“nope none yet ask Rose” Alice replied, I did as she said and pounced leaped into the tree into the tree in front of me, pouncing from each to another. Naturally Rose was with Emmett only a few trees in front. I was catching up when I stopped suddenly as I heard a soft little meow come from behind me, I stopped so fast the wind bashed against me. I turned round to see a tiny lion cub clinging desperately to the branch.

The others zoomed past me, in realized the cute little cub was falling and rushed to its side picking it up off the end of the branch and cradling it in my arms. The poor little thing looked terrified when I jumped to the ground and place it on the floor.

“Bella!” Edward bellowed from miles in front

“its alright go ahead I’ll catch up in a second!” I shouted back, I knelt down my the cub and stroked it

“what were you doing climbing those big old trees little one” I cooed “where’s your mommy?”, I heard a strange noise behind me and I turned to see a very big lioness standing in the bushes watching us. The cub bounded over to the lioness and she licked him, she nodded at me in thanks then turned to bound off into the jungle with her cub.

Must have been the cub’s mom.

Oh crap!

I realized I had to catch up with the others and I too lunged into the trees. When I finally caught up with the other, Edward pulled me into his arms

“what were you doing back there?” Edward asked

“just saving a little lion cub” I beamed, Edward chuckled and I heard Emmett’s roar of laughter behind me

“what!” I demanded

“oh nothing, even though your probably the one who ate its dad last week” Emmett breathed in between laughter.

I suddenly felt horrified

No it couldn’t have…I couldn’t have…I

Edward must have seen the horror in my expression and held me tight

“quit worrying love you didn’t, we didn’t even find any lions remember, Emmett is such a dumb ass” Edward comforted. I laughed at the memory of us desperately searching for lion meat. and now finally I see it and my fluffy bunny feelings overtake me.

Best vampire ever…jeesh!

“follow me!” Jasper bellowed “ I can smell them not far just follow me”, he threw his self into the trees in front of us and plunged through them. I sniffed but could only smell it very faintly, then again Jasper had always had a better nose than all of us, just like Edward was faster, Emmett was stronger and I was kind of a combination of stronger and faster

Don’t know how that happened.

I wriggled from Edward’s arms so I was running my self but grabbed Edward’s hand keeping contact. We all followed Jasper deeper into the winding path of trees and vines until Jasper shouted us to stop. Everyone stopped immediately and the smell of blood steamed into our system, we edged closer through the bushes and stared at the bloody sight in front of us. On the floor crouched down were 5 zombie creatures, they were feeding off a man. I didn’t realize he was dead until one of them moved to reveal his torn open stomach and inners spread out across the floor. One zombie started feeding on his intestines.


The blood poured from the man’s body and I had to fight back the venom that was flooding into my mouth at the tantalizing smell. I growled and before I could stop my self I found myself slowly moving towards the body, mouth gaping open about to pounce on the body.

“Bella no!” Edward shouted, but I had already waded through the bushes and was slithering forward in a hunting crouch, as I got close to the body the zombie’s heads all snapped up to stare at me. They started snarling and thrashing their arms about, I hissed back and pounced on one

Damn it! No, what was I thinking. No Bella don’t let your blood lust overtake you

I decided beating the crap out this waist of space in front of me might get me focused on something else. Another zombie approached me but before he came within 6 feet Edward lunged through the bushes and tore the zombie to pieces. The others started fighting too being very careful not to get bitten, Suddenly one took off behind us.

“Bella, Edward and Carlisle go after it, that can be the one we take!” Emmett bellowed as he smashed a bolder on the zombies head. All three of us obeyed and immediately chased after the run away zombie, we had it in sight

Damn it was fast!

“Its heading towards the beach, Bella make sure you head it off towards the house, go!” Carlisle ordered, I did as he said and leaped into up onto a branch pouncing from tree to tree. I ran as fast as I could, when I was a good 50 meters in front I pounced down onto the ground in front of the zombie blocking the way to the beach. It stopped and growled as it saw me then ran off towards the house, Edward and Carlisle were behind it again and I joined them. Eventually we were at the house and we had the zombie cornered. It backed up until it hit the wall, it growled at me and Edward gave the most threatening snarl I had ever heard.

“careful Edward” I whispered, suddenly the creature charged at me, thrashing its bloody arms in all directions, it vomited blood as I staggered over to me.

“Bella!” Carlisle bellowed, then he tossed the injection at me and I caught it in one swift movement. The creature reached me and stopped just as I plunged the needle into its chest sedating it. The zombie glared down at the injection before waving its torn up arms once more then sinking to the ground unconscious. Edward rushed over to me and wrapped me in his strong iron arms, Edward let go and shot me my favourite crooked smile. Carlisle pulled me into a hug

“well done Bella sweetheart” Carlisle smiled. Carlisle took the sedative and tossed it over his shoulder “wont be needing that again”.

Suddenly the others plunged out of the trees by our side

“right where is it!” Emmett shouted swinging round a baseball bat,

“um…” I pointed to the unconscious zombie on the floor and Emmett dropped the baseball bat

“No fair I was just getting revved up for some whooping ass” Emmett complained. Rosalie rolled her eyes

“come on babe I just wanted a fight” Emmett grinned, Rosalie smiled a little and turned round to kiss Emmett.

“so…what are we going to do with….that?” Jasper asked pointing to the zombie

“I don’t know chain it up?” Alice laughed

“yes and I know exactly where” Carlisle said as he led us round the back of the house.

On the floor were two steel panels with chains on them and on the end of the chains were very strong steel cuffs.
“we can chain it up here” Carlisle smiled, everyone except Carlisle looked confused

“just a question but…why on earth do you have chains round the back of the house!?” I asked confused “wait no…I don’t want to know!”.

Carlisle laughed

“well we needed them because the last time we were here we got into this fight with a coven we had to chain their master up and ask him to-” Carlisle looked round at our obvious non listening faces and sighed “ oh don’t worry just get it chained up”. Edward and Emmett clamped the cuffs around the zombie’s feet

“what about its hands it can do a lot of damage with the size of those claws?” wondered Rosalie, it was silent for a moment then I had an idea. I walked over to the spare steel panel on the other side and tore the chain right out of it, Emmett rolled his eyes, he didn’t like the fact I was as strong as him


Without a word I walked over the zombie and tied its hands behind its back with the chain

“well that certainly simplifies things” Rosalie mumbled.

“ well I should start doing tests on it while its still asleep, see if I can find anything of use to us”, it was just like Carlisle to jump to tests and what not I’m sure he enjoyed it

Gives him something to do anyway.

“we have to go inside and tell Esme and Holly” I insisted walking towards the door, when I got inside Holly ran over to me with a strawberry icing cake in her hand

“here I made it for you” she beamed, I took the cake from her smiling

Guess she didn’t know vampires don’t eat.

I looked down at the cake,

Uh oh I’m going to have to eat this to make her happy

Oh well as long as it works

I shoved the cake into my mouth and cringed

If vampires could throw up

“delicious” I lied “ aren’t you a little chef”.

Holly smiled and blushed, Esme walked towards me giving me a big hug

“did you do it?” Esme asked

“yep we got it tied up round back” Emmett grinned from behind me “ better not let Holly see it though” his whisper was so quiet I knew Holly couldn’t hear it and I was struggling myself.

The day went by pretty fast I spent it snuggling up with Edward and watching some old movie, everyone seemed pretty chilled, Emmett was reading his porno magazines

God is their no stopping him,

Rose spend hours styling her hair, Jasper and Esme played chess, Alice played hide an seek with Holly and Carlisle was testing some weird shit on that zombie I do not know.

The movie we were watching was The Blair Witch Project and I was getting freaked out, luckily I was so close to Edward I felt safe. Edward was on his back and I was led on my stomach on his chest, Edward hand his arms wrapped tightly around my back and squeezed me every time something got scary.

It was near the end of the film and Heather and Mike were looking for Josh in that old abandoned house, I was getting pretty freaked out by the whole thing Edward noticed and kissed me.

Heather ran down the steps to see Mike staring at something in the corner, Heather screamed then dropped the camera the end.


What the bloody hell was that all about?

Why the hell did it end like that I mean Mike staring at what exactly?

Damn it I wanted to see the witch.

Ok that pissed me off, I was expecting a brilliant ending with an explanation to all the scary shit that went on throughout the film.

Edward read my expression


“Edward was there even much point making that film”

“I thought the film was good”

“it was bloody complicated”

“that’s what I liked though, its like that film Vanilla Sky and The Machinist, you have to figure it out yourself”

“him” I grumbled

“did you know its actually a true story” Edward grinned

“well that’s reassuring” I mumbled sarcastically

“c’mon you cant be scared of witches, you’re a vampire along with your family and our daughter’s husband is a werewolf” Edward chuckled.

“No I’m not scared they just give me the creeps, you know” I sighed

“we should probably go see what the others are doing I think Carlisle wants to show us some boring tests” Edward groaned

Oh gee the excitement in my life is excruciating

“but…but I have a brilliant excuse not to” I lied

“ok then tell me” Edward grinned

Smart ass

“I plan to…err….oh I got nothing” I admitted, Edward chuckled and sat us both up keeping his arm securely around me.

I decided to go freshen up, change clothes and everything

“just going to change I’ll be right back” I smiled, I got up off the sofa and walked towards the door

“I’ll come too” Edward looked slightly worried, I raised an eye brow at him questioningly.

“With that zombie downstairs and everything that’s going on I want to make sure I’m near you at all times to keep you safe”

“Edward I don’t need supervision or a body guard or whatever” I complained, Edward smiled then his lips went back into a hard line and he looked away,

Guess he wasn’t taking no for an answer

“fine then” I muttered angrily under my breath.

As we got to the bedroom Edward sat down on our bed, I sighed then walked towards the wardrobe, I pulled out the first thing I could find and shoved it on.

It was a small wavy orange skirt, a purple vest top, a Minnie denim jacket and a pair of purple stiletto shoes. I put on a red thong just in case I happened to bend down in front of Edward to…pick up something.

When I was fully dressed I brushed my hair and put some peach lipstick on, I turned round to face Edward and his jaw dropped slightly and his eyes bulged out a little. I smiled at his reaction and walked over to him sexily, he remained sat on the bed and smiled, I placed myself to I bent one leg and hitched it over him, I moved my hands to his chest and kissed him softly.

“are you going to guard me everywhere I go even the toilet” I pouted sexily, my lips were dangerously close to his

“you don’t go to the toilet Bella you’re a vampire” Edward smarted

“I know but even if I did would you still follow me to protect me there?” I asked

“Bella” he mumbled as he cupped my face in his hands “ you are not going to get left along for a zombie to get you”. I groaned then pulled away walking towards the door and storming down the stairs. A zombie wouldn’t just get me I’m a vampire I could kill it god why doesn’t he understand that he still thinks I’m his fragile little Bella

that’s because to him you will always be his fragile little Bella