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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

11. Arguments

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Edward’s POV

I followed Bella into the kitchen and she leant up against the unit, I know she didn’t want me following her round all day but its just I loved her so much, I could never risk her and with everything going bad at the moment I wanted to make sure she was safe.

Just as she was about to complain Alice entered the room smiling at us

“c’mon guys were going hunting, now we have a human in the house we should hunt as often as we can” Alice beamed. She was right I mean it would be hard enough with Bella but Jasper was harder, you wouldn’t think it because he has been a vampire much longer than Bella but before he was a vegetarian he killed and drank so many people the taste still lingers in his mouth.

“sounds like a good idea” I agreed

“yeah we should go” Bella sighed in relief,

What, no!

I could not let Bella go out into the jungle and hunt while it was crawling with zombies she could get hurt or bitten I wouldn’t allow it she was too precious to me!

Your not coming” I interrupted, I saw her expression and immediately knew I had made her pissed

“I am Edward!” she argued

“no your not I wont have you out there when zombies are running free its too-” I started

“too what Edward, DANGEROUS!” Bella screamed at me

“exactly” I replied, Bella seemed infuriated

“Edward I am a vampire like you for god sakes as strong…well maybe not quite as strong but I can hold my own against a stupid zombie any day!” Bella shouted

“that day wont come!” I shouted back

“no it wont because of your over protectiveness what will I do if you weren’t here one day If you have to go somewhere and I never learnt to fend for myself eh?!” she shouted back

“oh and I thought you said you were going to be everywhere I am that means I will have to come with you” Bella smarted, I was getting angry now

“BELLA YOU ARE NOT COMING!” I bellowed, Bella jumped a little and I could see she was about to cry, I reached my hand out and brushed her shoulder slightly.

Suddenly the whole family were in the room including Holly staring at us

“Edward Bella stop it!” Esme demanded

“Edward your being so stupid god bro she wants to come let her she’s safe she is a vampire now like us you can quit your little protective games!” Emmett argued walking to my side. I rolled my eyes

Stupid twat, why cant he just stay uninvolved

“he’s right Edward you cant be like this!” Rosalie shouted.

“Bella is coming if she wants to” Carlisle said calmly.

I looked at Bella sighed and stormed out the front door and leant against the wall

I just want to keep her safe.

Just then they all came out

“ Carlisle is staying with Holly and not hunting, he can stay the longest without blood” Esme declared. Alice gave me a discussed looked and turned to walk off into the forest.

I bolted into the forest trying to sniff out prey

There’s no way I’m waiting for them

I was so angry, probably with myself and Bella, why didn’t she listen and try not being so stubborn I just want to protect her.

But you protect her too much

She needs it

She used to need it but now your just a dumb ass

I know

I frowned I felt bad for yelling and wanted to make it up to Bella she had been so cute when we were watching The Blair Witch Project, the way she would burry her head into my chest when things got a little scary or the way she would jump when something jumped out. Okay now I felt bad

Edward think about it later you need to hunt

Yeah I know.

I caught scent of something sweet and warm

Mmmm zebra

I ran towards the smell, pouncing from tree to tree when I stopped it a tall tree when I started to smell the zebra very purely. I looked forward and found the zebra standing 100 feet in front of me alone


I crouched down waiting. Just as the zebra turned to face the other way I lunged for it and in one jump caught hold of it, as I was flying through the air I realized someone else was jumping for it exactly the same time and caught hold of it too. The creature was dead instantly, I stepped back and immediately crouched down hissing and baring my teeth ready to tear apart who ever had lunged for my prey at the same time. My head snapped up to see Bella in exactly the same position opposite me, when we both realized who it was we both jumped back.

“Bella!” I shouted

“what so now I’m not aloud any zebra” Bella hissed

“look I’m sorry I didn’t realize-” I started to say

“don’t bother!” Bella shouted, then she took off back towards the house, I immediately chased after her leaving the other still hunting. When I reached the house she was in the hallway by the stairs. She turned round and locked eyes with me

“Edward you are impossible!” she glared

“Bella for god’s sake-” I started to complain

“no! don’t you dare for god’s sake me Edward Anthony Masen Cullen” Bella shouted

“fine then be like that Bella when all I was trying to do was keep you safe!” I bit

“yeah because you do such a fine job at that, I always get into trouble and end up un safe anyway!” Bella screamed. That hurt me slightly but I was too angry.

“well don’t blame me for your clumsy ness” I bit back,

“I used to be clumsy Edward I know and I admit it I fell over all the time and you caught me, well big whoop you caught me here’s a body guard medal that says not let Bella out of your sight in big fucking bold writing!” she screamed.

“Bella I don’t want a medal I just want you safe!” I bellowed

“Safe! You think your keeping me safe by protecting me, oh well that’s great because now I think I’m so safe I’ll go run to the Voltri and piss the fuckers off, but no wait Edward will save me!” she shouted sarcastically

“Bella…STOP ACTING LIKE A STUPID IDIOTIC KID!” I growled so loud I though the whole room would explode, Bella jumped not expecting that.

I suddenly felt bad

Damn it why did I call her that

I’ve never called her anything horrible before

Damn it Edward you prick!

I stared for a second at Bella, she looked frightened and stepped back slightly

Shit Edward what have you done.

I stepped towards her and she whimpered slightly then ran off into our bedroom sobbing. I slipped to my knees and pulled at my hair

You idiot Edward you stupid asshole

You just scared the woman you loved most half to death

I didn’t mean any of those things I was just angry

I’m such a twat she’s right I shouldn’t be so over protective

She was a vampire now like me I didn’t need to be like this

God Edward get a grip and apologize to her

You love her

I love her with everything I am.

I silently made my way up the stairs and stopped at the bedroom door creaking it open a little, Bella was curled up in a ball on the bed clutching a picture of us in the meadow to her chest and sobbing so hard It wasn’t normal, it loved that one and had it framed. When she caught site of me she sobbed harder and turned onto her side.


I had made her scared of me

I had frightened my Bella

My angel

I had to apologize I loved her so much.

I walked over to the bed and led down beside her, pressing my chest to her back and wrapping my arm round her hugging her tightly.

“I’m so sorry my angel I cant believe myself” I whispered nuzzling her neck

“I’m sorry I yelled” Bella whispered,

“no Bella please don’t be sorry, what’s wrong with me, your right I should be less over protective I’m just an ass who is madly in love with you” my voice shook slightly

“Bella, Bella I love you so much its un real, you are my everything, my angel, my world, my light. Bella I am so sorry I love you more than words could express if you only knew Bella, if you only knew”.

Bella put the picture down and turned in my arms to face me, I pulled her tight against me again and she pressed her face into my chest and I was sure I felt her smile.

“Edward, my Edward I love you so much we shouldn’t argue it breaks my heart when we argue especially about silly things”.

“it hurts me when we argue too, its usually because of my stupidity” I smiled
“Edward do not blame yourself for yet another thing” Bella gave a stern look then her face softened “and just kiss me”. Without hesitation I pressed my lips to hers as hard as I could and slid my tongue into her mouth, she moaned slightly and started massaging my tongue with hers. I pulled her closer and tilted her head back and moved my devouring to her neck, running my tongue along the side of her ivory neck and her arms automatically threw themselves around my neck.

“Edward your lips feel so good on my neck” Bella half moaned half whispered

“mm I’m glad because you neck tastes so sweet” I mumbled licking right from her collar bone up to her jaw line, she shuddered and her arms loosened round my neck.

I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me, I could feel my hardness bulging throw my trousers and pressing against her, I shook a little desperate for friction. Bella parted her legs and sat up on top of me, she gave me a naughty smile and grinded her hips into mine so hard I thought I would cum right there.

“some ones been a naughty boy” she bit her lip and slid her hand between our bodies and rubbed my solidness through my jeans

“ugh Bella…” I moaned quietly.

She started unfastening my belt and tossed it on the floor

“wont me needing that” she whispered seductively, she tore down the zipper of my jeans and her sleek fingers gliding across my boxer briefs, she popped the buttons open and her hand wriggled inside them she stroked my manhood gently then pulled her hand out.

“shit Bella!” I groaned as I throbbed against my boxers, Bella gave me a smug smile before climbing off me and off the bed just like that. I stood up facing her giving her my confused expression, tilting my head slightly, she turned round but I pulled her back round to face me squishing her body into mine.

She winked then put both hands on my chest and lightly pushed me off her

“down boy, the curtains are open” she giggled and in one swift movement glided towards the window and pulled the curtains together. She purposely knocked the picture of us onto the floor and put her hand over her mouth sexily

“oops” she gasped seductively, then she bent down right in front of me to pick up the photo, the further forward she bent the more her skirt slid up,

Oh god no underwear mmm.

I stared at hr perfect ass for a second then she slid back up and placed the picture oh so slowly back on the window sill, that was it I cant stand it any longer

I pushed my jeans down then grabbed Bella in my arms and wrapped both her legs round my waist.

“Edward!” she giggled, I sunk to my knees with her

“Bella you don’t know what you do to me” I mumbled as I lifted her skirt up, I glanced back at her heels for a second wondering if I should take them off but decided they were too sexy. I pushed her down then slid on top of her

“your *kiss* so *kiss* damn *kiss* sexy *kiss*” I moaned as I rubbed myself against her centre and she moaned momentarily.

“god Edward I want to taste you” she groaned

“well talking of tasting” I rose one eye brow at her “I’m feeling pretty hungry for it”, my words must have done something to Bella because she practically pushed me down her body moaning. hot!

I slid down further and looked up from between her slender shaped legs, my hot wife had her mouth slightly open and her eye lids her heavy like she was desperate for it. I grinned at this gorgeous sight in front of me then slid my tongue along the inside of Bella’s thigh and stopped at her arousal, I slid my tongue along her wetness causing her to moan, I kept up my sweet torture until we heard a loud noise come from the landing I sat up quickly so did Bella. It was the others they were home and it sounded like they were in Emmett and Rosalie’s room chatting, damn it the room was right next door. Bella realized it was them as well and sighed. I cupped her face in my hands

“we wont let them spoil our fun” I whispered so quietly barely I could hear it. Bella’s face lightened up and she looked so adorable, just as I stood up Bella yanked my boxers down and pushed me down onto the floor against the wall, she left my shirt on

(A/N ok Edward sat up against the wall completely naked except his shirt….HOOOOOOOOOT).

“but you make me moan so much” Bella whispered raising one eye brow and biting her lip. Then she gripped my manhood in her hand tightly, the other hand used its fingers to trail circles along the head. I moaned and Bella started moving her hand up and down

“you like that?” Bella asked sexily

“yes, yes don’t stop!” I demanded, suddenly she bent her head down and wrapped her warm mouth around my manhood sliding me to the back off her throat and out again, I threw my head back against the wall

“fuck Bella ughhh!” I moaned as I hit the back of her throat. She pulled off

“shhhh!” she whispered sucking me again, I grabbed her ass hard and her head bobbed up and down.

God this feels so good, fuck!

I knew this had to stop I wasn’t going to last much longer and I wanted nothing more than to release myself inside Bella tight little body.

“Bella…” I moaned, her mouth pulled off me with a small pop noise

“yes?” she asked running her hand up my thigh

“I want you” I whispered “I want you right now”, as I said it I grabbed Bella’s hips and sat her on top of me, she was hovering over me biting her lip.

I’ll be biting it for her in a second.

“ what do you want Edward, do you want this?” she teased me and rubbed herself gently around my head

God I need more friction

Damn tease.

“Bella….” I warned, trying to push her a little further down, she was having none of it

“oh…so you don’t want me to do this” she smirked “ ok well I guess I’ll…” she went to stand up, but I grabbed both her hips and slammed her down onto by throbbing manhood so hard I was sure it took her by surprise.

“your not going anywhere” I smiled

“mmm It makes me wet when your so demanding” she moaned seductively,

“we have to be quiet Bella or they will hear” I whispered, Bella nodded and gave me the most sexiest look. I couldn’t take it anymore and I clung to her hips and started moving her up and down so fast she would have been blurry if I had human eye sight, but I didn’t have human eyesight and could see her beautiful body bouncing on me.

“Edwa-!” she started to moan but I put my hand over her mouth and she did the same to me. My other hand fell of her hip and moved to her breast, she started bouncing herself and knotted her free hand into my hair pulling it tightly and pulling my head back, it was nearly painful how tight she pulled my hair but the pain felt so damn good I wanted more. I moaned into her hand at the pleasure she was causing me.

I could feel myself start to tremble and I knew I would start to cum any second now so I began stroking her as fast as I could, the pleasure was so strong I couldn’t keep my hand over her mouth anymore and my arm fell down by my side.

“EDWARD UGHHH!” she screamed as she came, uh oh

Emmett: Whoa Bella is hot

Alice: I can hear! I cant hear! I cant hear! Err… 5 current buns in a bakers shop big and round with a cherry on the top…

Their thoughts came flooding into my mind

Oh so what if they hear, fuck it maybe they’ll learn something

Right that second Bella leaned forward and licked up the side of my neck all the way up to my cheek

Oh. My. Fuck.

I came wildly inside Bella, emptying myself inside her soft core, we both moaned once more and she collapsed into my chest and we both breathed hard.

“wow!” Bella breathed

“that was amazing” I whispered,

“I’d defiantly rate that somewhere under the best sex ever section” Bella beamed

“so you have forgiven me now?” I asked filling my voice with hope

“of coarse, I forgave you the second you came upstairs to me, did you forgive me?” Bella asked grinning

“love, you cant do anything without me forgiving you strait away” I reassured.

“Good, I love you Edward” Bella mumbled, her voice complete with care and love

“I love you too sweetheart” I whispered, I pulled her chin up and captured her lips.

God I love this woman.

Suddenly an ear deafening roar came from down stairs and we heard Rosalie scream in terror

Uh oh!