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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

12. Why the hell were you looking for rocks?

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Bella’s POV

Edward and I both glanced at each other for a brief second then I rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen, I realized everyone was outside so I opened the door.

I saw Rosalie sat about 6 meters away with Emmett, Carlisle and Esme surrounding her, I stepped out of the door and turned to smile at Rose she looked back at me and fear filled her face. Confused I turned round to see what was behind me then the terrible zombie creature leapt towards me snarling, I gasped but was pulled out of the way by two strong arms and cradled into Edward’s chest. I was now standing where Rose was, I looked back at the zombie it was thrashing and struggling in its chains desperate to break free then it calmed suddenly and just glared. I pulled my face away from Edward’s chest and was instantly missing the connection

“Rose what happened” I asked looking down at Rose who was breathing heavily

“I just came out to see if I could find any rocks and as I walked out not realizing that stupid son of a bitch” she pointed to the zombie “was conscious and it scared the shit out of me!” she looked kind of scared again.

“aw babe you should have been more careful” I comforted putting my hand on her shoulder and she smiled in return

“wait a sec, why the hell were you looking for rocks!?” Emmett asked total confusion in his voice and a little mocking.

“well me and Holly were going to paint smiley faces on the rocks and we were-” Rose stopped in mid sentence and looked at me scared

“where’s-” I was about to say but was cut off by a small voice by my side, I turned quickly to see Holly stood there staring up at me and clutching her teddy. My eyes moved to the zombie and so did hers, she gasped then as if the zombie was craving her it started screaming and snarling louder than before thrashing its arms out trying to grab her even though she was 7 meters away. I immediately pulled Holly against my side and snarled at the zombie.

“that’s odd” Carlisle murmured, all 8 of our heads snapped up at him questionably

“oh its just it well I was doing some tests and researching a lot about these strange creatures and I discovered some things….I’ll tell you all later”.

Suddenly we heard shouting come from in the kitchen and Alice burst through the door, we were about to warn her of the zombie but she had such a furious rage on her face

If looks could kill.

Alice turned round to look at the zombie and it growled and hissed at her, I guessed she must have been pretty pissed cause she shouted at the zombie.

“what! What the fuck do you want, exactly nothing so keep your mouth shut and your hands your self!” Alice practically screamed the words at the zombie and I thought for a second even it looked shocked. Alice gave us enraged glares and dashed into the forest.

“WOAH someone got their knickers in a twist” Emmett added annoyingly

“Emmett?” I asked


“shut up”.

Emmett looked like he was about to make some sort of comeback but he fell silent as Jasper ran out the door panting.

“sorry I accidentally ripped her favourite designer skirt” Jasper admitted “better try and fix it” Jasper pulled out a small sowing kit.

“the truth is out there” Emmett mocked as he looked at Jaspers sowing equipment

“shut up Emmett” we all chorused together.

Emmett pouted then sat by Rose’s side wrapping one arm around her. Jasper walked back inside trying to open the sowing kit, a few minutes later we heard a very loud crash and a sound like a few trees breaking then Alice slowly emerged out of the forest

“I feel better now” she said simply as she walked back through the door. It was silent for a while and then I heard Holly giggle and we all began giggling at the scene with Alice.

Emmett ruffled Holly’s hair and chuckled, Holly moved from my hug to Rose who hugged her naturally. I felt Edwards arms wrap tightly around my stomach and he bent down so his chin rested on my shoulder. I smiled and leaned my head back against him.