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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

14. The togetherness

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The next morning it was unbelievably sunny and hot, I actually had to walk around in my bikini all day. I had just had a cold shower in our bathroom and changed into my

Light green bikini. I opened the bathroom door and walked towards the bed trying to towel dry my hair, of coarse the heat dried it in no time. When it was completely dry I put the curlers on it so I had lots of ringlets, I pulled the ringlets up into a side pony tail and left a few strands hanging down on the opposite side of my face. I put in some golden hoop ear rings, painted my lips pink with lipstick and put on some glittery green eye shadow.

I know its strange when you wear a bikini you don’t usually bother with make up

But its not like I was going swimming and plus Alice had shown be a whole new side to make up.

“hmm maybe I should change into some actual clothes instead of bikinis” I mumbled to my self, and I suddenly felt to arms wrap around my stomach

“don’t you dare” an incredibly sexy voice whispered hoarsely in my ear, I knew immediately it was my angel and I grinned.

“so you would rather I stayed in a bikini and not just strip completely” I whispered sexily, Edward placed the mug of blood he was holding onto the desk (bless Alice for coming up with the idea of keeping blood in the fridge) and flipped me onto the bed crawling between my legs.

“careful how you talk Bella or that that bikini will be torn off your body so fast it wont mend with a sowing kit” Edward whispered

I could feel his immediate hard on pressing into me and I moaned slightly, Edward’s eyes were suddenly black with lust, and without taking his eyes from mine he pulled my legs tighter around his waist and began moving and thrusting his clothed prize into me through my bikini bottoms.

“Bella your so fucking sexy” Edward moaned squeezing my legs hard.

“Edward! Bella! Get your butts down here its training today remember!” Alice shouted.

We ignored her and continued

“Now!” she bellowed up the stairs, Edward groaned then rolled off of me

“later” I promised before getting up and gliding towards the door with Edward behind me.

We walked into the kitchen where everyone was stood waiting for us and Alice had an annoyed look on her face, I gave her an apologetic smile and her face softened.

“training time!” Emmett grinned leading us all outside.

“okay everyone, Emmett and Jasper have studied how the zombies move and are going to be the zombies today, one of you has to try to outwit them any volunteer first? Carlisle asked

“I will” I volunteered, Edward gave me a sharp look but I just ignored him and walked to the centre of the grass, Emmett smirked.

“ok lets go” I said laughing at Emmett’s attack position, he grinned then bolted at me snarling and thrashing like a zombie would, I dodged his claws by jumping high into the air, Emmett jumped as well pulling my foot so I fell down to the floor, he lunged at me and I immediately rolled over dodging him and jumping back onto my feet. Emmett snarled and tried biting me but I punched him then kicked his leg so he fell to the ground. I grabbed a large rock and pretended to bash his head in with it

“that’s me dead” he grinned, I was about to turn around when, Jasper leaped at me unexpectedly and tackled me to the floor and imitated biting me, suddenly Edward lunged at Jasper and pushed him off me

“Edward you weren’t supposed to help!” Emmett complained

“yes but if this were a real fight I would defiantly help anyway” Edward growled before pretending to tear apart Jasper.

“nice bro” Jasper chuckled getting back up, Edward chuckled too and they slammed fists together. I leaped up and Rose charged at me pretending to be a zombie as well and I snapped a branch of a tree so hard the ends were spiky and imitated driving it through Rose’s head.

“she’s good” Emmett grinned extending the good a little and winking at me.

“ I agree seems you don’t have any problem fighting” Carlisle agreed, Edward bolted back over to me and kissed my cheek. I looked over at Holly who looked beyond bored, I walked over to her and took her hand leading her back inside

“come on lets find some sort of bored game to play eh?”, Holly smiled at me and skipped inside.

The first board game in could find was guess who, Emmett did have a way with board games.

I sat down on the floor opposite Holly and set the game up

“yay I love guess who!” Holly chimed

“you have a lot in common with Emmett then” I chuckled “do you want to be red?” I asked knowing all kids including Emmett love to be red

“no thanks I’ll be blue if its ok with you” Holly surprised me,

“no I don’t mind at all go ahead” I smiled. We picked our cards and I had granny. I remembered when I was a kid and I would purposely choose granny because I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever invented and people used to get so pissy at me.

We played for a long time and it was very relaxing

“is yours….granny?” Holly asked

“yes” I chuckled, Holly giggled too

“its so much better playing this without Emmett” I laughed “he’s such a cheater I keep telling him cheaters never prosper”.

“My mom used to say that…” Holly got a little choked when she mentioned her mom and a single tear trembled down her eye, I pulled Holly onto my lap and hugged her.

“Holly sweetheart your mother is in a better place now, she would want you to be crying would she?” I comforted wiping the tear from her face. Holly nodded

“so how did you and Edward meet?” Holly asked

“well we were both in school he was all ready a vampire and I was a human, we fell in love strait away, then I met the rest of his family and loved them too, you think Edward is over protective now you should of seen him when I was human! Then he proposed to me and we got married then we had our daughter Renesmee, she’s 19 now and living with Jacob…her werewolf boyfriend, I nearly died having her but Edward turned me into a vampire and I lived”

“its romantic how you had a forbidden love when you were human, how long have you two been together?” Holly asked

“14 years” I answered smiling at how long we had been together

“wait how old are you?”

“18, if I were human I would be 28 but vampires don’t age so I’m spending the rest of eternity 18” I laughed, Holly did too.

“lets go outside and see how the others are getting on” I suggested

“yes lets” Holly agreed and we both got up and walked outside, suddenly a huge rock split in half at Edward’s feet

“hey love were testing our strength, come try” Edward invited, I patted Holly’s shoulder then ran over to Edward

“break something” Edward insisted, Emmett sniggered

“how bout Emmett” I spat, Edward chuckled, and Emmett ran over to me picking me up and swinging me round

“come on sis I was only kidding I know you can break stuff a lot….I’ve seen you in a cast a number of times” Emmett mocked

“enough Emmett!” Jasper shouted and he ran over to us and put his hand on my shoulder

“don’t worry Emmett’s just jealous cause you kicked his ass at arm wrestling” Jasper chuckled.

Alice handed me a large stick

“Alice we are fighting zombies….not Fryer Tuck” I pointed out

“true but since we are going to be bashing things up I just wondered how strong this thing is, go on test it on something” Alice insisted.

“*sighs* oh okay” I sighed in defeat, I stepped back a few feet then took a run at the nearest boulder, I put so much force into hitting the giant boulder with the dumb stick it snapped in half

“damn it! Ok well try your fists”

I sighed then lunged my fist at the rock, I punched all the was through it and it crumbled into thousands of pieces at my feet

“nice going but now we need to find another boulder” Rosalie laughed.

“No need she can use the tree for the baseball bat” Alice chimed then she tossed the baseball bat and me and I caught it in my right hand. I ran at the tree and smacked the bat into the tree, the baseball bat must have been stronger because the tree snapped in half and fell towards the forest and knocked down another tree, I turned round grinning and Emmett just sulked

Jealous bastard.

“now who’s damaging natures design” Edward chuckled, I walked over to Edward, and put m hands on his chest pushing my self against him

“oh haha” I smiled sarcastically, Edward hugged me and kissed me, his hug was so tight my feet were off the floor

I love having a tall husband.

“okay! So I guess that means we are using baseball bats then except there are only 2” Jasper interrupted

“well I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to get my nails ruined by punching so I think I’ll look for some weapons” Rosalie winked at Emmett then walked off to the shed

“same” we all turned to Edward “no not the nails part the part about looking for weapons I figure if we fight with weapons for a while if they break we always have our claws and teeth to fall back on”. I agreed with Edward

“come on then” I agreed, pulling Edward to the door, we went round the corner to get to the back door, as we walked past the cuffed zombie my ankle started to burn furiously and I fell forward only to be caught by Edward

“shit!” I nearly screamed

“Bella! What’s wrong” Edward asked, the zombie took a step back and stared at me not attacking or nothing, from no where a growl erupted from my throat and my eyes locked with the zombie and something happened, I don’t what but it was like we were the same we had the same thoughts and rage. Edward picked me up and carried me inside, as he closed the door the feeling and burn immediately stopped

What. My. Hell.

Edward led me down on the sofa and knelt by my side

“Bella, love are you ok? He asked softly, I stared at him for a minute then nodded slowly

“are you sure?” he asked


“yes” I lied I stood up and pulled Edward up with me, Edward wrapped me in a big hug and I smiled

“lets go weapon hunting” I grinned and we both headed off upstairs.

I had more important things to be doing like preparing for the fight rather than worry about a hurt ankle.