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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

16. Cold

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1542   Review this Chapter

I felt that same chill flow threw me and it the air suddenly became cold and the smell of blood flooded into my senses. I think the others felt and sensed the same because we all jumped up, Esme grabbed Holly’s hand and suddenly there was a large earth shaking roar and they were everywhere, the zombies, surrounding the outside of the house thrashing at the windows and doors to get in. The sound of something smashing came from behind me and I turned to see the zombies smashing the windows, my ankle was burning overdrive, no time for me problems its was time to get Holly safe, suddenly there was another snarl and one of the zombies got through the window and attacked us, I was already in crouching position and about to attack when Jasper leaped at the creature swinging his baseball bat so hard it took the zombies face strait off, Holly screamed and Esme immediately covered Holly’s eyes.

God I hope this ends well

“we have to get out of here!” Alice screamed

“up here!” Edward shouted, grabbed my hand and pulling me into his arms, everyone followed him upstairs and into Carlisle’s office. Edward practically tore the attic door off and lifted me into it climbing up his self, Esme picked Holly up into her arms and jumped up into the attic. Suddenly we heard glass break again and floods of zombies ran up the stairs, just as they reached the room I swung the attic door closed.

“we cant stay here!” Emmett hissed

“I know” Edward said simply before picking me up again and smashing through the door to the roof. Everyone climbed out onto the roof and closed the latch behind us, when Edward set me down I nearly dropped my battleaxe, surrounding us on the ground were hundreds of zombies, human ones and animal ones.

Oh. My. Fuck.

“were not going to be able to get Holly to the boat they are surrounding it!” Jasper shouted, I looked up at the sky which was turning a blood red colour and the air was cold. I turned to Holly who looked terrified, I knelt down in front of her

“Holly listen to me, have you ever fought anything in your life?” I asked quietly, she shook her head and tears streamed down her face

“I want you to take this” I handed her a sledgehammer I had brought with me just in case “this isn’t a toy you must fight with it, your mother, she got bit didn’t she?”

“yes” Holly whimpered

“sweetheart listen to me your mom is one of them now, you may see her but it isn’t her it hasn’t got her soul just her body, I’m not asking you to kill it but if it attacks you scream for me and I’ll kill it, please don’t be fooled by it. Promise me you wont” I asked, Holly nodded and sobbed quietly, I felt like sobbing myself . I turned round and everyone was silent watching us, I picked Holly up into my arms.

“I’ll protect you Holly, I promise” I whispered

“its time, we need to lead them to the beach!” Carlisle instructed, we all pounced off the roof behind the zombies, I still had Holly in my arms. The zombies turned round at once, we ran towards the beach followed my hundreds of snarling zombies, we got to the very edge of the shore and turned around to face our enemies, I set Holly down behind me and Edward walked over to lace his fingers through mine

“I love you” He whispered

“I love you to my Edward”.

“Now!” Carlisle shouted, and at once we all pounced at the zombies, attacking them, I leaped onto one and twisted its head clean off and pounced at another chopping it in half with my battleaxe. The blood splattered up my body and I tore the guts out of the zombies, they weren’t hard to kill even for a human except in these numbers it was tricky, I looked over at everyone else and they all seemed very occupied. I heard screams from beside me and turned to see one of the zombies cut its claws across Alice’s side,

“Alice!” is screamed, then I dived at the zombie attacking her chopping it into pieces until we were in a pool of blood, then we both turned to kill the attacking zombies

“thanks Bella” Alice thanked as she swung her baseball bat, crushing the zombies face at once. I smiled at her then bolted at this huge zombie I saw, must have worked out when he was human cause these muscles were big, as I reached him, his huge arms swung out at once lifting me above his head and smashing me to the floor,

Ow! Damn it!

blood vomited out his mouth and he snarled at me, I pounced back up

“bastard!” I screamed then I lunched my fist at his head, my fist went all the way through his face and came out the back off his head, blood and brains covered my hand like a glove and I yanked it back out.

As far as ew things go…

I hissed and launched at another with my axe killing it instantly, my clothes were soaked with blood and flesh as I tore the hearts out of the zombies. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain through my back and I hissed turning round to see this girl zombie staring at me snarling and vomiting blood into my face, she lunged at me tearing my clothes

“fucking Bitch!” I hissed, suddenly I heard a painful snarl and a cro-bar thrashed into the zombies skull, Edward rolled the dead zombie off me and pulled me up kissing my forehead then turning to fight again.

I reached round to my back and pulled the butchers knife out of my flesh and lobbed it at the zombie jumping at me, the blade cut through its leg and it fell to the floor legless. The pain was only brief but it closed over within 40 seconds, in those 40 seconds I had already killed 2 more zombies. I lunged at one of the impure zebras and started sinking my teeth into its neck, forgetting I had the battleaxe. The creature hissed then stood up on its hind legs, I clung onto its fur onto its blood soaked fur on the back of its neck and as it swung me off of him I pulled its hair clean off taking some skin with me. Blood poured out the zebras mouth like a fountain and its thrashed his head about and attacked me again. I dodged quickly and swung my hands round to meet its neck, I wrapped my hand around it’s jugular and crushed it with my hands and nails. I could sense another zombie at me and before I even looked round my arm flew back and the battle axe cut clean through the zombies waist. The top half of the zombie slid off onto the floor but the legs still walked at me swerving

“ew, gross!” I grimaced before slicing the legs down the middle. I shook my head to wish away the disgusting scene I had just caused. Suddenly two arms wrapped round me from the side and I crashed to the ground, the zombie dribbled blood over my face as it lunched its mouth at me desperately trying to bite my neck. Suddenly I heard a scream, and turned my head to see Holly surrounded by 5 zombies

Fuck no way were they hurting her, over my dead body

You are dead you dumb ass

Oh yeah…

Uh oh.

I kicked through the zombies stomach and rolled it off of me bolting over to where Holly was, I took a run and jump with my battleaxe and the blade cut strait through the zombie in front of her head still in the air I kicked one way at the zombie on the right and punched at the once on the left sending them flying through the air next to Emmett who tore them apart immediately.

“Bella watch out!” Holly screamed, I turned round and dodged as the zombie smashed a huge plank off wood into the ground meant for me. I swung my axe round in a full circle chopping about 3 zombies heads off.

“Are you ok!?” I asked frantically seeing if I could smell blood on her

“I’m fine” her voice choked out, I looked down at her blood covered sledgehammer

Looks like she’s fine.

I gave her a quick smile and dashed back to the fight scene, a zombie attacked me and I killed it strait away, suddenly the burning started in my ankle again, I ignored it but then it was too bad to bare, I hissed as my legs buckled in pain and I fell to my knees, suddenly I started feeling something happening to my teeth, it was like they were tearing open and something else was growing, suddenly something happened to my hearing and for a split second everything went silent, then I heard everything again but less louder than I usually could but with that same screeching noise I had before. I screamed out in agony and I saw Edward’s face snap round at me, eyes wide and horrified then I felt something sharp stab through my side.