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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

17. Do or die?

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Edward’s POV

As soon I heard my angel scream my head snapped round and I saw her, falling to her knees in agony clutching her ankle, suddenly a zombie plunged a sharp pole through her side and she screamed out again thrashing the pole from her flesh, she nearly fell backwards but the zombie grabbed her and threw her so far she was off the fight scene.

“NOOO!” I roared, my angel was hurt! I immediately stopped fighting and bolted to where Bella was, she was led on the floor crumpled up on her back clutching her sides, it caused me sheer agony to see her like this.

I fell to my knees in front of her and pulled her up into my arms so her head was against my chest

“Bella!” I shouted

“Edward” she choked out.

NO!!! god damn it my Bella, my angel, my everything was crumpled up in front of me screaming in agony, blood poured from her sides and as she choked out my name I started to sob, of coarse not actual tears.

“Bella, shhh my baby its ok” I lied between sobs “Bella I love you please stay with me!”. Suddenly Carlisle was at my side, Carlisle’s face suddenly turned screwed up in pain as he saw Bella

“my daughter!” I yelled, Bella’s eyes wondered up to our faces then squeezed tight.

“Damn it my…my ankle its-” she cried out in pain again and the noise hurt me so much I wanted to kill myself.

“your ankle?” Carlisle asked, Bella nodded through the pain, I examined her

Ankle but all I saw was her scars from where she cut her ankle and….

Oh god help me!

I saw bite marks in- between her scars, Carlisle saw them too

“but she’s…..she’s immune right!” I demanded at Carlisle, Carlisle froze and stared strait ahead

“oh my god” he whispered. Suddenly Bella’s face looked horrified and she stared up at me

“I love you” she whispered, then she was out of my arms and running towards the forest. I stood up frantically
“where’s she going!” I screamed at Carlisle

“she isn’t immune! I’m so stupid, if you hadn’t bit her she wouldn’t have died of a natural death, death through child birth is but not when the child is half vampire!” Carlisle shouted.

“we have to do something!” I roared

“Bella!!!” Alice screamed hearing the whole conversation

“its too late” Carlisle nearly started sobbing “she’s turned now”

“WHAT!! MY LITTLE SIS!” Emmett bellowed. Still fighting along with Alice, Jasper and Esme,

“Bella she cant she wont!” shouted Jasper fearing for Bella.

“it is too late” Carlisle whispered again and he fell to his knees.

“no” I whispered “NO!”, I turned and bolted into the forest

“Esme take Holly back to the edge of the shore I don’t want her to see my Bella like this” I heard Carlisle demand behind me. I ran frantically, I could see her now running in front of me snarling, I chased her until she stopped suddenly and fell to the floor, I stopped behind her and edged closer

“Bella?” I whispered, suddenly there was a loud roar and she jumped up and turned round to me.

No! please oh god no!

Bella, my beautiful, talented, caring, wonderful Bella was stood snarling at me thrashing her head about, everyone of her teeth and caws were like sharp raisers and her eyes were like, not red but it was almost as if blood was pouring into them and you could still see patches of white. I was right it was blood and it started flooding from her mouth and eyes.

“BELLA NO!” I yelled, she snarled in return and lunged at me, I dodged and she stared me in the eyes for a few seconds then she ran back to the beach and I followed her back.

She was gone now and she took me with her, now its time for what’s left of her to kill what‘s left of me..

It was like my whole world and everything Important had been crumpled up like a ball of paper and thrown into the trash bin of hell. I roared in pain as I thought about my dead Bella and I wanted to kill myself right there, but no even if it wasn’t her I would still have a creature that had her looks and body kill me.

As I got to the beach the zombies were gone, the only thing on the beach anymore were the pools of blood, guts and 5 vampires stood, even with the worst injuries but alive.

“NO!!” Alice screamed as she saw Bella who turned to her snarling, Bella edged forward growling

“no!” I shouted “take me please, I have to be with her, take me!” .

“no Edward! Carlisle shouted but Bella had already pounced on me and I let her push me to the floor and sink her teeth into my arm. I didn’t cry out in pain soon I would be with my Bella.

Suddenly Bella started shaking then she rolled off of me onto her back and started screaming, I sat up confused staring at her. The other ran to us, Bella’s teeth started getting blunt again except for the two side top ones and two side bottom ones, they had always been sharp of coarse.

The blood started to disappear from her eyes leaving them a gorgeous topaz colour again and the wounds on her side instantly healed over. Bella stopped shaking and her eyes closed and she was still for a second.

“Edward, she’s… of coarse!” Carlisle’s voice seemed overjoyed

“She drank your blood and you are immune that now mans she is immune so her body had rejected the change and she’s normal again” Carlisle grinned “I am so stupid though I cant believe I didn’t read the signs, she was hallucinating hearing screeching noises seeing blood and bad things all symptoms of the change”.

My world was suddenly flooded with happiness and I shook her to wake her up, Bella choked out the last bit of blood and opened her beautiful eyes to sparkle at me. I pulled her head up to my chest and nuzzled her hair

“your back” I whispered, she started to sob into my chest

“Edward I’m so sorry” she cried, Alice knelt and her side and threw her arms around her

“Bella!” she yelled. Emmett and Jasper gave me bear hugs along with everyone else

“I’ll be right back” Emmett anounced then he ran off towards the house

“oh my god….” Bella shrieked “Holly!”, she pounced up off my lap

“where is she!?” Bella demanded

“with Esme she‘s sa-” I was starting to say but was deafened by a loud scream.

All of us ran towards where Carlisle has instructed Esme, they were on the other side of the beach Holly was behind her and the last 8 zombies alive on this island were surrounding them.

“ Bella! Carlisle!” she screamed when she saw us, we attacked the zombies surrounding them killing them easily, Bella was beside me fighting off this huge Indian guy one who was trying to bight her. Suddenly we heard a faint noise from behind us.

“Mom?” Holly whispered, she reached out towards one of the female zombies crying

“Holly no!” Bella shrieked but it was too late, zombie grabbed her from behind and started tearing at her. Bella screamed, and Emmett ran back over to us

“we have to go now!” he demanded

“NO! Holly!” Bella snarled,

“Bella we cant save her, they have got her now!” Rosalie shouted, Bella was about to run back to Holly but Jasper and Emmett took both of her arms and dragged her back, she thrashed and snarled

“I need to, I promised!” Bella hissed, as we walked towards the boat and Bella was…well dragged my Emmett and Jasper we heard little screams from behind us. Suddenly Bella started sobbing

“Bella Its ok” Emmett comforted

“we did all we could sweetheart” Jasper whispered. I climbed onto the boat with everyone else and they put Bella down on my lap. Bella still desperately tried to get back to land but as we peddled away I kept her in a strong hold.

“we need to peddle faster, hurry we need to get away!” Emmett yelled,

Why the hell did we need to peddle faster

“NO!” Bella screamed, she struggled in my arms and turned round to me beating her fists into my chest squeezing her eyes close

“let me go!” she snarled desperately trying to get out, she fell forward wrapping her arms around my waist and sobbed into my chest

“Edward I promised her….I promised her I wouldn’t let her get hurt” Bella sobbed

“its ok Bella, its not your fault, non of this is” I whispered, kissing her hair, Bella snuggled her face up into my neck and kissed it

“I love you” she whispered

“Bella I love you to, I was actually going to willingly let you kill me to be with you when your soul was gone and that zombie was left but thank god you drank my blood” I smiled slightly.

Everything would be ok now there would be no problems ever again, its over I can be with my Bella and we will all be fine…


, I obliged anyway. Once we were about 5 hundred feet away from the shore the island suddenly blew up, fire was everywhere, spreading round the island fast and bits of the ground were braking and things falling through the floor.