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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

2. wrong time and place

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Bella’s pov

When I opened my eyes the rain was hammering down outside and the clouds were grey, of coarse I hasn’t been asleep just resting after the long night with Edward, who had his arm round me cuddling me against his chest.

“morning beautiful” he smiled stroking my cheek

“morning tall dark and handsome” I giggled

“I’d say you were pretty dark yourself last night” Edward chuckled

“well duh” I laughed running my fingers over his hard marble chest.

I was glad we were going to Isle Esme it was sure to be sunny and it wasn’t often we got the chance to sparkle in direct sunlight what with all the clueless locals.

I glanced over at the clock and jumped

“9am!” I shouted “we are supposed to be leaving for the airport in half an hour”

“calm down love we can get ready in less time than that” Edward reassured.

“Ok well I better get ready I mean just look at this hair!” I complained

“I think your hair is beautiful” Edward complemented

“you would” I scowled jumping out of bed to get dressed, Edward did the same of coarse he was already fully dressed in a sexy white blouse and brown jeans when I hadn’t even got my bra on.

“Love I’ll just be a second I’m just goin to take our suit cases downstairs” Edward called as he zoomed out the door inhumanly. My eyes watched his perfectly formed butt zoom carelessly down the stairs and I sighed in happiness. Then I got back to getting dressed, I wore my new scarlet halter neck dress and my new scarlet Jimmy choo wedges. Edward was right about the getting ready quickly thing with my inhuman speed it took me only 2 minutes to straiten my hair so it was silky strait. I walked over to the mirror and put on some scarlet lipstick to match my dress and shoes, it was a 24 hour one so even kissing Edward wouldn’t make it come off. I accessorised the dress a bit by putting a black belt across my waist. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror quickly and didn’t recognize myself I still hadn’t got used to the beauty in being a vampire. Edward walked into the room saying something but stopped dead when he saw me, I could see his jaw start to drop a little.

“wow” he whispered with wide eyes

“what you like what you see?” I laughed

“you look incredibly beautiful wait no beautiful doesn’t even begin to cover it” Edward said still staring at me, he walked over to me taking my hand

“you are the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen, like a goddess….my goddess” Edward whispered into my ear as he pulled me tight to his chest

“but a goddess is nothing without a god therefore I am nothing without you” I fluttered in a god-like tone. Edward pulled me up to his lips and kissed me strongly

“mmm your lips taste like strawberries” Edward muttered as his tongue slid along my bottom lip

“well I am wearing a new lipstick” I smiled breaking the kiss and holding Edward’s hand

“I noticed, we had better get going they are waiting for us downstairs” Edward said and he shot me my favourite crooked smile.

Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett were taking Carlisle’s car and me, Edward, Alice and Jasper were taking Alice’s car. Edward and I squeezed in the back seats with our suitcases in Carlisle’s car. It wasn’t to bad being squished in the back because I had no choice but to be pushed up against Edward which was an advantage as we decided to smooch in the back on the way to the airport.

As we ran into the airport it was really busy, busier than the mall. We walked to the passport place and qued up behind a couple who seemed to be taking forever.

“I’m just going to go put our suitcases on the trolley thing” Edward smiled, he seemed really quite excited about going to Isle Esme as I was.

Carlisle put his arm round my shoulder and smiled

“excited Bella?” Carlisle asked

“sure dad its gonna be great” I smiled, I called Carlisle dad now because he liked it and it really felt he was like my dad now of coarse I have two dads now with Charlie and aw. It was the same situation with Esme.

“Carlisle the passports!” Esme shouted

“oh yes coming hold on” Carlisle answered as he rushed to give the passports to the impatient looking man behind the desk.

Suddenly I felt two hands round me lifting me into two strong iron arms.

“Edward?” I asked turning my head round

“yes its me love, you must be tired shall I carry you to the plane?” Edward offered

It was true I really was quite tired not that I could sleep as it was impossible but I was fairly sure I needed some rest and close my eyes for a while but I wriggled out of Edward’s hold and pecked him on the cheek.

“That’s very thoughtful of you honey but I think I’m gonna rest on the plane” I smiled, it was after all embarrassing being carried round the airport like a child.

“oh Bella” Edward sighed kissing my neck grazing his tongue on my skin.

When we got on the plane I suddenly thought to panic as I wasn’t incredibly fond of the taking off part, I was pretty sure I was shaking in the chair.

Edward noticed and put his arm round me pulling me into him and grabbing my hand.

It was much easier taking off with Edward holding me like that. I sat between Edward and Alice who constantly talked about fashion and shoes with me, Carlisle and Esme were talking about old memories of going to Isle Esme, Emmett and Jasper were joking about something, Rosalie was reading a magazine and Edward seemed to be enjoying holding me close to him. I got tired so I leaned my head against Edward’s chest and rested for the rest of the journey.

Finally we had reached South America although there was the boat journey ahead of us.

This time I let Edward carry me to the boat. Emmett and Carlisle sat at the front on the boat peddling it, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper were sat in the middle of the boat debating.

Edward was sat up strait on the boat with me led down on him cradling my head against his lap. Edward started humming my lullaby, it couldn’t get me to sleep anymore but it was nice to listen to it while I rested and enjoyed the embrace of Edward. It was boiling hot and we could see the island in site. Edward pulled his shirt off in the heat.

“someone has been working out” I flirted kissing his pale muscly chest

Edward lifted my arm up and kissed it

“someone has been getting more beautiful” Edward chuckled running his hand along my leg.

“will you two get a room” Alice laughed.

Edward’s POV

Bella looked gorgeous led out across the boat, her head was resting in my lap and I had one arm round her. I used the other arm to stroke patterns across Bella’s perfect legs with my fingers. I caught Emmett staring as I stroked my fingers higher up Bella’s leg. Emmett: god Bella has such perfect legs… no I cant think that, god Emmett what’s wrong with you Bella belongs to Edward I have Rose, I should only want her legs. I laughed silently as I heard Emmett’s thoughts fighting with themselves, then I saw Emmett reach over to kiss Rosalie, she pulled away.

“Emmett not now ok” Rosalie warned

Rosalie: god I’m not just going to start having sex in front of everyone like Edward and Bella do.

I started to feel quite sorry for Emmett then, him and Rose have been very apart lately, Rosalie had actually been somewhat ignorant to Emmett the other night.

That was one of the reasons I disliked Rosalie, she was always so ignorant.

“Yo Edward quit lounging about man and come help us peddle” Emmett called beaconing me over.

“I cant I have to stay with Bella” I replied smiling down at my angel led across me

“Edward go they need help I’ll be fine here” Bella encouraged sitting up and kissing my hand. I loved her so much, she was always thinking of what was best for me and what I should be doing. I jumped up to take Emmett’s place in the peddling seat at the front.

The sun was burning in my face making it hard to see where I was peddling, it was only a about three hundred feet to the island so I peddled pretty quickly.

“hey slow down son my legs don’t peddle that fast” Carlisle laughed patting me on the back

“Sorry dad I didn’t realize” I gasped slowing down.

I guess I wanted to get to the island faster because I could hold Bella again even though she was only a few meters away from me I missed her and longed to hold her close to me.

I looked back at her to check she was ok, looked like she was more than ok her and Alice were screaming with laughter after some old story Esme had told them.

We were just a 100 feet away from the island now.

“everyone were here” I informed

“wooooo” I heard a loud cheer from everyone.

With that I saw Emmett rip his top off and dive into the water, after about 10 seconds he had already swam to the island and was stood there calling us stuff like slow poke and snail. “Show off” I heard Bella mutter under her breath, I laughed.

Rosalie: hmm he really does look quite cute diving into water like that

Jasper: damn it why cant I swim that fast

Esme: gosh I really hope there aren’t sharks in that water.

Bella: hi Edward

I looked up shocked that I could hear her thoughts, she just smiled and winked.

Bella: don’t tell me you forgot I can push the shield from my mind, silly boy, So I was thinking when we get to the Island we should probably test how strong this dress is. Maybe you could rip it off…just to test.

Wow I loved it when she let me read her thoughts and these thoughts were defiantly the kind I wanted to hear. I nodded and shot her favourite crooked smile and I could tell her heart was melting .

Suddenly Alice asked her a question and the fantasy she was painting for me suddenly got shielded. Damn it!

The boat came to the edge of the island and everyone started to climb off, I got off first and ran round to Bella to carry her off.

“Still tired love?” I asked, brushing the hair off her face

“nope all that resting did me good, anyway what time is it?” she asked hoping out my arms and hopping round to face me.

“its 5pm, the sun wont set until about 8” I replied, I hadn’t noticed before when we were back home because it was always raining but, Bella had a unique sparkle to her skin. It was so clean and pure, I traced my hands down her arms.

“I love it when you sparkle” I mumbled, staring at the diamonds on her pale skin glittery skin. Bella moved her hands to my chest

“have you seen yourselfsparkle, its amazing you have the same diamonds as I do, the same” she glittered.

Bella took my hand and held both of our hands up in front of us, I stared at our hands entwined they really were the same, which is strange for vampires as every vampire’s sparkles are different, but not ours.

exactly the same….” she repeated, we gazed into each others gold eyes for a long while in a sort of trance.

“Edward, Bella we are all gathering for dinner at 8.30” Esme informed, we quickly broke out of the trance at least we had a while until 8:30. I looked down to check my watch, shit it was 7pm looks like we had been staring into each others eyes for more than a while.

“Its 7:00pm Bella” I sighed

“oh gosh lets go unpack and get ready for dinner then!” Bella shouted, grabbing and hand again and pulling me into the villa.

We found our room easily because Emmett had built in our own room for when we came to stay. The room had white walls and white curtains, one wall was complete glass so we had a nice view and a balcony.

I put our suitcases on the bed, the bed was huge and red with pink heart shaped cushions, id bet anything Emmett chose for us. I heard Emmett’s thoughts from outside the room

Emmett: bro you’ll be thanking me later seriously, I chuckled to myself

“and what’s so funny” Bella asked smiling

“Emmett’s thoughts, he’s thinking how I’ll be thanking him later for choosing the bed” I replied raising one eyebrow.

“I’m sure we will both be thanking him later” Bella whispered reaching her arm round my neck, I pulled her up and kissed her hard reaching my hands down to cup her butt.

I licked down her neck and she pushed me back then pounced on me like a cat crashing us to the bed. I turned her us over so I was hovering over her kissing down her chest about to untie her dress.

“Edward we cant” Bella mumbled

“why?” I complained

“Bella, Edward dinner is in 5 minutes!” Alice shouted from downstairs

“that’s why” she answered kissing me then sliding out under her grip.

Bella’s POV

I reached my hand out to Edward to pull him off the bed

“ok love lets go down” Edward smiled putting his white shirt back on, I quickly brushed my hair and re-applied some scarlet lipstick. Of coarse we weren’t actually going to have dinner we were just going to all sit around the table like a family and drink red wine and chat.

“ready?” Edward asked linking his arm round mine

“yep lets go they will probably all be waiting” I replied, we walked down the stairs and into the dining room. The dining room was beautiful, two of the walls was glass like in our room, so when we were in there we could see the beautiful sea front.

There was a huge rectangular dining room table with 8 chairs around it. On the 8 chairs sat the rest of our family.

“Edward, Bella, glad you could join us” Carlisle smiled gesturing at the chairs.

I sat down next to Alice and Edward sat besides me. A conversation started between the 8 of us.

“speaking of jobs did you know Mike Newton had moved to Italy with Jess” laughed Emmett

“I know I cant believe they got married last year and we weren’t even invited, well Bella was” Alice replied

“yeah but I didn’t go” I grimaced.

“Probably because lover boy here was to much of a control freak to let you near Mike again” Emmett laughed punching Edward’s shoulder.

“no I just…” Edward started to say but was cut off

“control freak!” Rose laughed

“ oh haha very funny” Edward said rolling his eyes, but I could see he started to chuckle.

Suddenly everyone went silent and Jasper began telling a story, some parts were funny and we all laughed at the memory and joked around.

I sipped my wine carefully, I did not want to spill red wine on Esme’s floor.

Suddenly I felt something cold trail up my leg and creep under my dress and squeeze my thigh, oh god it was Edwards hand.

I spun my head round quickly looking at Edward, he didn’t face me but looked at me through the corner of his eye and chuckled darkly. Edward’s hand moved further up my leg until he stopped at my the line of my panties. No! he wouldn’t dare, but he did his hand slipped quickly down my panties. He pushed my legs apart so he could slide his hand perfectly between my thighs, I gasped as his cold fingers touched my skin. He moved his fingers between all the folds exploring, ha like he didn’t know what was there. His thumb found my soft spot and I grabbed his hand under the table pulling it closer, if that was possible. No! what was I doing I could let him do this in front of everyone surely they would know they would know I pulled my hand of his arm. Alice looked at me briefly and a smile spread across her face like she wanted to giggle.

Uh oh! She knew she must have seen it in her head, oh crap!

Then Edward unexpectedly slid 2 fingers inside me twisting them when they went as far as they could go. He began rubbing fast and I started to feel immense pleasure.

Suddenly I gasped and everyone looked round at me

“Bella what’s wrong?” Esme asked

“yes Bella what’s wrong?” Edward smirked twisting his fingers inside me again.

“er…nothing I just…er…hurt my hand” I squeaked, a squeak was all I could get out.

I glared over at Edward but couldn’t help myself from quickly gripping his hand closer to me like I was hungry for it. Edward seemed to like my movements and thrust harder and I started to moan silently, I felt my eyes closing as I was so close. I fought to keep my eyes open, Edward leaned over me and whispered in me ear

“stop fighting it….” Edward whispered biting my ear and then sitting back up again.

I obeyed him and gave into the orgasm desperately kicking my walls in. I threw my head back in pleasure and my hands gripped the wine glass, it smashed in my hand, luckily it was empty. Edward started to slow his fingers down and eventually pulled his hand out my panties.

Everyone stared in shock at me and the smashed wine glass,

“um…I’m sorry I… I have get something” I squeaked and I plunged out my chair and headed for the bathroom. I rushed towards the sink washing my face, I was angry at Edward how could he do that in front of everyone. At the same time I also wanted to hold him and never let go

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and before I could think Edward was stood over me in the bathroom smirking. I pushed him away angrily and growled

“cmon babe don’t be like that it made you happy admit it” Edward smirked

“ happy and pleasure are 2 different things try not to get them mixed up!” I growled glaring at Edward furiously, his smirk faded and he frowned.

“please don’t be angry with me” Edward pleaded taking my hand

“how could you humiliate me like that Edward” I sighed, if I was human I would be crying and Edward saw the hurt in my eyes. He sat down on the edge of the bath and pulled me onto his lap squeezing me tightly in his iron arms.

“I’m so sorry love, I really am I thought you liked it I love you I’m sorry” Edward said into my hair.

The anger wore off completely and I snuggled more into his chest, I love it when he gets all apologetic.

“ no see that’s the point I did like it and liking something like that in front of our family wasn’t good, but apology accepted” I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Emmett and Rose did it the other night when we were all around the table” Edward chuckle

“ wow really how do you know?” I asked in disbelief

“I read their thoughts, much to my discomfort. It was the other way round with them, Rose was doing the work on Emmett” Edward cringed.

I felt stupid now for over reacting,

“ I should try that with you some time…” I whispered kissing his neck.

“warmed to the idea of it all now have you?” Edward chuckled

“sure in fact you know back in the dining room, it was fun but I don’t believe I have had my complete fill” I seduced

“ good I was just getting started with my hands Mrs Cullen” Edward whispered

“oh no Mr Cullen I wasn’t talking about hands I was thinking more of… ” I giggled, running my fingers over his hard erection in his pants.

I pushed Edward onto the floor, sat up strait against the walls with his legs out in front of him, I jumped on him tearing his shirt and belt off, we tore and ripped until both our clothes were off except our underwear I sat on him, I could feel his erection pleasurably, I was desperate to rip our underwear off and let him in.

Edward carefully unclipped my bra and flung it with the rest of our clothes, he cupped one of my breasts and kissed the other grazing his teeth over my nipple.

“oh!” I moaned, I began kissing down Edwards god-like chest leaving no skin un touched. I kissed down to his boxers and put my hands on the top of his toned legs, I bit the buttons off his boxers.

Edward’s POV

Oh god she bit the buttons of my boxers I had to have her I was desperate to feel myself exploding inside her. Bella tore of my boxers exposing me completely, she giggled.

“close your eyes” she whispered seductively

I obeyed her and closed my eyes, I suddenly felt a warm mouth on the end of me. Oh fuck it felt wonderful, Bella began moving her mouth faster, mmmm I didn’t want her to stop.

“god Bella ughhhh!!!”

“you like me doing this?"

“yes Mmmmmm!”

Wait no I had a better idea!

I flashed me eyes open and saw the beautiful scene of Bella.

“Bella wait, I want you ….” I smiled

“If that’s what you want there aint no chance I‘m gonna object” Bella fluttered, pulling her mouth off me. I grunted and lifted her so her legs were apart and she was hovering in a sitting position above me. I lowered her down onto me slow but hard.

“Ohh god Edward” Bella gasped, her hands immediately knotting in my hair.

“Bella..” I groaned “Bella I want you right here right now, I cant wait any longer please take me” I pleaded.

I traced my fingers over her perfect hard breasts, she moaned my name again.

“Edward I have to feel you..” Bella mumbled, she started bouncing on me each time grinding her hips with mine.

“ you want to feel my hard erection inside of your hot little body?”

“yes mmm god It makes me so horny when you talk dirty!”

“ if that’s the case I should talk dirty more often…”.

I pulled her down harder this time, it would have crushed her if she was still a frail human.

“Oh Mr Cullen!” Bella screamed, mmm she was climaxing!

“uhhhh” was all I could get out, I was thirsty for more friction so I grabbed onto her curvy hips and started to thrust her down onto me inhumanly fast.

“mmmm Bella”

“ bight me Edward please!” she moaned

“what?” I puffed shocked

“bight me!” Bella screamed “ I’ll show you”

Bella sunk her teeth into my shoulder drawing blood, wow it didn’t hurt, it felt surprisingly nice. She wanted me to do it to her, I knew it wouldn’t hurt her and I so badly wanted her in my mouth while being inside her. Bella pulled her mouth away from me and stared into my eyes, blood dripped from the side of her mouth, and a smirk spread across her face.

“See it feels good for both of us, do it to me please baby” she moaned still bouncing on me.

“if it hurts you tell-”

“it wont Edward!”

I lost my thoughts and bit into her shoulder, mmm vampire or not her blood tasted good. I knew It was impossible to drain her of blood as she was a vampire now so it made it so much easier.

“Oh Edward harder” She screamed her mouth still on my shoulder.

I felt Bella tighten around me as her orgasm overtook her, at the same time I exploded inside her, oh god the pleasure.

“OOH EDWARD!!!” Bella screamed into my shoulder

“MMM GOD BELLA” I shouted back.

Suddenly the door opened and Alice came in

“ Bells are you-” Alice stopped immidtely when she saw us. Alice: oh my god their having sex and biting each other, crap why did I walk in on this, they deserve some privacy, crap what do I say!

Bella and I immediately pulled our mouths off each other staring at Alice, blood dripping from our mouths. Bella gasped.

“ Oh my…I’m sorry…Its just I thought…w-well there was a lot of banging I came t-to check…if you were ok…I didn’t realize…I …I’ll go” Alice stuttered and I heard her zoom down the stairs. Bella and I looked at each other and laughed

“ oh god how awkward” Bella laughed

“ I think it was worse for Alice” I joked back, blood ran down both our backs violently but not causing a tiny bit on damage, Bella rolled off me and onto the cool tile floor. I led out next to her and she turned herself round to snuggle into me.

I stroked her back and kissed her softly, I felt her smile against my lips.

“ lets stay here for a few hours shall we” I smiled

“yes but first things first..” Bella said and she got up to lock the door, I looked at her questioningly

“oh did we forget the little incident 2 seconds ago, don’t want anyone else coming in whatever would they think seeing us led naked in a pool of our own blood” joked Bella gliding gracefully as ever back towards me, I grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto my chest

“I’m sure they wouldn’t mind seeing you naked…especially Emmett and Jasper”

“Edward seriously I doubt it, do you know how many girls are dying to see you naked…yet you choose me to present yourself to”

“I can hear other girls minds and what they think of me but I present myself to you because every girl that has ever existed is nothing compared to your beauty”.

“That’s something I’ll never be able to agree with *sighs* I love you Edward, I love you so much”

“Bella I love you to, your everything to me, my world, my universe, my own personal heaven and the best part is that your mine as I am yours”

“and always will be Edward”

“forever” I agreed.

I pulled the a soft towel over and wrapped my arms round Bella, holding her tight.