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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

3. The deep blue sea

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Bella POV

I led there wrapped in Edward’s perfect arms and nestled my face into his strong chest, god only knows how long we had been lying there.

“Do you realize how gorgeous you look just lying there helpless in my arms”

“ morning to you too Edward” I smiled trailing my finger along his bottom lip, he suddenly pulled my own to his and we locked in a luxurious good morning kiss, I pulled away quickly thinking for a second, Edward looked at me curiously.

“ oh sorry I was just trying to work out what time it is in my head”, Edward lifted his wrist to look at his watch but of coarse after last night it wasn’t there, we both laughed.

“I see it its sticking out from under your boxer shorts” I smiled

“ you just want to touch my boxer shorts again admit it” he laughed

“ya caught me officer, lock me up and throw away the keys” I giggled.

With that Edward pushed me on my back and jumped in top of me, lifting my back slightly.

“it would be my pleasure” he said dreamily kissing my neck, my heart melted instantly.

I kissed his head and slipped out from his grasp so I was knelt up

“ id love to be locked up by you but I really do want to know what the time is”

“of coarse my love”.

I turned to crawl to the watch but I felt uncomforted slightly in my neck but no pain. I stared at the two holes in my neck and smiled, I remembered them last night as bloody bitten gouges but they had healed immensely fast and were just two small holes now.

“I see you left your mark” I giggled

“ oh I think you left your…mark-s” Edward laughed pulling the towel completely off him revealing bitten marks in his shoulder, jaw and arm. Had I really turned into that much of an animal?

“oh my god are you ok It didn’t hurt right I’m sorry I-” I was cut off by Edwards hands suddenly cupping my face

“ that’s a first I’m usually the one asking if I’d hurt you” Edward chuckled, he leaned over me and licked the mark on my neck and travelled his tongue up to my jaw line and to the corner of my lips. I shuddered and suddenly wrapped my legs around him, he looked sort of startled

“ sorry its just your tongue makes me so…so-”

“horny?” Edward smirked

“ yes” I giggled.

I lifted Edward’s boxer shorts off his watch and rubbed them down the side of my face

“knew it!” Edward laughed, I laughed too tossing the boxers across the room.

I picked up the watch and studied the time on it. It was 4 am, I looked out the window it was still dark but I could just start to see the sun rising beyond the sea.

“how about we make ourselves presentable and go up on the hill to watch the sunset?” I asked, giving Edward a loving smile

“I’d love to it sounds romantic, I think the bathrooms a bit of a mess what with all the smashed items and blood”

“ yeah I’ll start cleaning”

“no Bella love don’t worry about it I’ll clean it up, you go get dressed”

Aw Edward was such a gentlemen!

“ aww thanks honey” I smiled as I walked into the bedroom.

I rushed over to my open suit case to see if I could find anything I could wear out of the huge selection Alice had packed me.

I decided to settle with a skimpy leopard print bikini, which hardly covered anything.

I put on some leopard print wedge heels to wear and put on some gold eye shadow and lipstick.

I combed through my tangled hair and straightened it.

“Edward honey? Do you want a hand?”

“No thanks nearly done go downstairs ready I’ll get changed in a second”


I took a quick glance out of the window to see the sun peeking over the sea and trotted downstairs in my high wedges.

When I got into the living room the TV was on. Everyone was downstairs, Carlisle and Esme were sat on the couch talking about the surgery, Emmett had his eyes fixed on the baseball on TV, Rosalie was reading her celebrity magazines, and Jasper was chatting to Alice who was playing with her long white net dress.

6 heads immediately flicked up at me as I walked into the room,

good morning Bella!” Emmett cheered, his eyes a little lower than my neck.

“well I’m glad your finally starting to wear the clothes I packed you Bells” Alice laughed

“hey isn’t it a little too dark for a swim, unless you had something else in mind with Edward that involves getting wet…” Emmett teased, oh hear we go on about my sex life again.

“shut up Emmett” Rosalie scowled, elbowing him in the ribs,

“ actually me and Edward are going to watch the sun rise on the hill” I smirked,

“it will be passionate” I heard a voice come from behind me and two strong arms wrap around my stomach. I looked over startled to see Edward behind me lips against my ear.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you but I could even smell how beautiful you looked and had to see and hold you, might I add how sexy you looked trotting down the stairs like a model on a cat walk” Edward smiled spinning me round to kiss me. Edward looked irresistible in nothing but some dark blue knee length shorts.

“did you get our bathroom cleaned up?”

“yep all done”

“ spill a lot last night?” Emmett snickered, huh had he been spying on us or something!

“oh come on don’t try and hide it I think the whole island heard you two last night and even saw, I bet you and your prude didn’t get up to as much as I would”, I glanced over at Alice who immediately hung her head down in embarrassment. A low growl escaped Edward’s throat and I squeezed his hand.

“ well Emmett I’m glad you were perverted enough to be so observant considering you haven’t been getting any lately” I hissed, Edward smirked obviously enjoying what I just said.

“yee-owwch sis I was just teasing!”

“*sighs* you know I love you really Emmett even if you can be a bit of an ass” I laughed as everyone did, I patted his arm sisterly.

“have a nice time kids” Carlisle called as Edward and I walked out the door, when we got out side the heat hit me and I fell. Of coarse Edward’s arms caught me before I touched the ground.

“Bella! What’s wrong! Are you ok!” Edward asked franticly propping me up in his arms

“I’m ok, I think but the heat hit me pretty hard I wasn’t expecting this, its because I’m usually so cold now I’m a vampire and haven’t experienced heat in my new body that’s all, I’m fine now though” I gasped trying to stand up straight.

“ here” Edward said handing me a bottle of water, I looked at him questioningly

“poor it on yourself it will cool you down” Edward smiled.

“can you hold my hair back please?” I asked unscrewing the lid, Edward was immediately behind me holding my hair back as I poured the water down my body leaving my hair dry, I glanced over my shoulder at Edward who was staring down at my wet body and licked his lips.


“much thanks, lets go before the sun rises and there’s nothing to see”

Edward swung me round onto his back and began dashing through the forest

“ you do realize I can run at your speed now, maybe not quite as fast”

“ yes but I find it much more fun carrying you”

“I do as well *laughs*”.

I hadn’t ridden on Edward’s back since I was human, I actually enjoyed it now. Probably because I had no fear because I could see exactly what Edward was seeing and the wind blowing through my hair at that speed never made me queasy. I tightened my arms round Edwards neck and kissed his ear. I wrapped my legs tighter round Edward, I could feel his back pressing into me and it somewhat turned me on. I moved my foot down and rubbed the bulge in Edward’s shorts and Edward shuddered.

“Bella dear, maybe its not best for me to release whilst were running I could lose focus and fall” Edward said moaning slightly.

“ok” I said simply moving my foot from him and kissing his back softly grazing my tongue on his skin.

Edward swung me round to face him

“ were here” he said, I turned to look around me, we were on the highest cliff I had ever seen, I pulled out of Edward’s arms and walked to the edge and peered over.

Below was the black sea glimmering in the sun which was just starting to rise, the sky was orange and all that could be heard was my breathing, I could smell peaches which were resting still, in the tall palm trees.

Edward stood next to me and put his arm round my waist, looking in the same direction

“its beautiful!” I gasped leaning my head against Edward’s shoulder lovingly

“it looks plain compared to you my love” Edward whispered, his lips pressing against my ear. Suddenly he pulled us both to the ground so we were led in the soft grass. I giggled as he shot my favourite crooked smile in my direction. I rolled over so I was on my side cuddling into him, pulling his arm tighter around me. I kissed his cheek and smoothed his hair

“ remember when we first met?”

“I try to forget the first time I saw you Bella”


“ because I was so rude to you, trying to stay away from you and everything”

“what did you really think of me when you first saw me in the cafeteria”

“I was surprised, not because you were there I had already heard you were starting Forks high but I was surprised at you, you looked so beautiful and smelt so irresistible, I had a strange feeling in my stomach I had never felt about anyone else before. When I tried to read your mind I couldn’t, it was frustrating as I badly wanted to know. I started to feel very protective of you and I wanted you all to myself but I could smell your sweet sent and tried my hardest to avoid you. I then realized what the feeling was, I was in love with you, I never thought I was capable of it until you came along and changed my world completely” I was dumbstruck by his words

“ well that changes everything” I mumbled


“I was rather under the impression you hated me when we first met”

“*laughs* just the complete opposite, so what did you think of me”

“well the minute you walked through those cafeteria doors my heart melted and you dazzled me instantly but then Jessica told me no body is good enough for you so I shouldn’t even bother and I felt kinda sad, but inside somewhere I was deeply in love with you”

“*smiles* and look where we are now, a married vampire couple with a grown up daughter, on vacation on a desert island with our family”

“and you know Edward I wouldn’t want it any other way”

“neither would I”
“hey you think Nessie and Jake will ever have children?”

“Probably when they are ready, I think I’m not to keen on the thought of being a grandfather”

“*laughs* imagine how Carlisle and Esme feel then”

“*laughs* yeah”
“so what do you want to do to day?”

“you decide Bella but I wanna decide what we do tonight…”

“then I get to decide what we do right now”

I pushed Edward back down and climbed on top of him, so I was sat perfectly on his bulge. I licked my lips as sexily as I could and ran my hands down his chest


“hush…Edward” I said as I started to move my body like a wave over him

“are you sure here on the grass is the best place Bella”

“yes Edward…I’m feeling pretty adventurous”

“well in that case…”

Edward leaped up and pulled me into his arms, and he jumped off the cliff with me.

“EEEDWWAAAAARRRD!” I started to say but ended in a scream, we were flying through the air fast

“WOOHOO!” Edward cried, I stopped screaming, this really was quite fun

“WOOOOOOH!!” I screamed with excitement.

Suddenly we were both under the sea below, Edward pulled me up so our heads were sticking out the water.

“Edward where did that idea come from!” I shouted excitedly

“off the top of my head or you could say… off the top of the cliff *chuckles*”

“yes well I certainly wasn’t expecting it *laughs*”

We smiled and our eyes locked for a second before Edward pulled me to him and kissed me, the sun had risen now and the sea was warm and sparkly. I pulled back when I thought of sparkly to look at Edward. The sun had already reached his beautiful face and he was sparkling just like I was. I was in a trance for a second and slipped under the water, Edward pulled me back up quickly.

“Bella are you ok?”

“yes *coughs*”
“for a vampire you seem to slip over a lot”

“I slipped because you dazzled me”

“sorry about that *laughs* I’ll try not to dazzle you”

“oh you better not *laughs*”

“ how about we check out the sea life”

“sure sounds fun, wait there isn’t an aquarium around here”

“*laughs* no Bella I mean check out the sea life that’s under us”

“huh what!!” I shouted panicking “what if a shark comes”

“Bella you’re a vampire a shark would be no competition, id protect you anyway *laughs*”

“oh yeah sorry sometimes I forget I’m a vampire”

“ when you live to be as old as I am you wont forget”.

With that Edward pulled me about 10 feet under the water and pointed at a coral reef, with hundreds of fish of all sizes swimming around it. I swam a little closer admiring the beautiful fish, Edward took my hand and led me to a rainbow fish who was relaxing on a reef. I found that I didn’t need to breath and could stay underwater for hours. I caught sight of a rather large fish and I suddenly started to get a sweet taste in my mouth, it was venom. Out of pure thirst I lunged at the fish and grabbed its tail. I swam to the top so my head was out of the water again and sunk my teeth into the fish. I sucked and bit into the fish like an animal shaking it in my mouth. I stopped and realized Edward was staring at me shocked.

“oops…” I said silently

“Bella do you need to hunt?”

“ I don’t know”

“I’ll see…” Edward smiled and he thrust his lips on mine and slithered his tongue inside my mouth licking the sweet favoured venom off the back of my tongue

“you defiantly need to hunt but Id say you could wait until tomorrow and I’ll hunt with you then” Edward smiled licking his lips after he pulled his tongue out.

I nearly slipped back under the water dazzled again but managed to stay focused. The dead fish slid out my hand and into the ocean.

“Lets swim to the surface before you kill any more of the sea life *laughs*”

“sorry thirst overtook me there *giggles nervously*”

“how about a race?” Edward asked

“sure, lets see if you can keep up with me” I joked

“its hard to keep up with you no matter what were doing”

“your one to talk Mr. it’s a competition lets see who can pound the hardest”.

“*laughs* I’m pretty sure I’ll win” Edward smirked taking my hand

“ oh you think so” I giggled and then shot out across the ocean towards the beach, Edward swam after me and we both raced through the water, he overtook me completely so I pounced onto his back and off in front across the sea doing my biggest jump yet, lets see if he’ll keep up this time.

I could see the sand just meters away from me as I was winning, it got too shallow to swim in and I waded out of the sea and onto the warm white sand.

“hey I wo-” I started to say but broke off in a scream as two arms wrapped round my legs and threw me to the ground. Edward was suddenly on top of me and he pulled my legs up around his waist, he pressed his lips to my ear.

“cheater” he whispered before kissing me fiercely, I clawed at his back trying to pull him closer. Edward chuckled as he moved his lips to my neck, I pulled my legs around him tighter in another attempt to pull him closer which was physically impossible since we both had clothes on.

“the sand isn’t the best thing to get covered in if were gonna do it” I whispered

“maybe we should take it inside in a while then”

“a while?”

“well there are things I’d like to do out here first”

With that Edward untied my leopard print bikini top and tossed it on to the sand

“one of them being seeing your body sparkling in the sunlight…” Edward grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head licking a trail up the inside of my arms then he moved to my breasts. He kissed down the middle of my breast and rested on kissing my left breast. His tongue reached out and licked my hard nipple

“mmmm” I moaned wriggling under Edward so I could feel the throbbing erection in his shorts against my centre. He complied and started moving ever so slightly, I pulled my arms out of his

“ I have to hold you” I whispered wrapping my arms around his back

“room for one more?” a voice came out of no where, I realized it was coming from above us, both me and Edward snapped our heads up to see Emmett sitting in the palm tree eating a banana above us.

“ EMMETT!” I shouted quickly and grabbed my bikini top and too fast for a human to notice I put it back on,

“ I’m sorry Bella I guess I wasn’t focusing on thoughts other than my own” Edward cussed glaring at Emmett, Edward let go of me to leap at Emmett knocking them both out of the tree and onto the ground next to me. I flinched and pulled Edward off Emmett,

“boys quit it, Emmett stop trying to watch me and Edward make out its perverted and Edward honey try not to damage a beautiful palm tree” I shouted trying to calm the fight.

“sorry love, didn’t mean to snap the tree” Edward smiled

“guys what’s the problem with someone watching I mean we all hear you two” Emmett smirked

“seeing is different than hearing” I scowled.

Rosalie ran out the door towards us in a see through peach trouser dress with a bikini underneath

“anyone up for volleyball the rest of us are playing and Carlisle and Jasper have set up the net and-” Rosalie stopped mid sentence when she sensed the atmosphere

“yeah we’ll play” I said before anyone could speak

“good lets go” Rosalie called back.

Emmett ran over to Rosalie and kissed her before they ran off towards the beach,

“Bella I thought you hated volleyball you don’t have to play”

“nah I’ll play, I only used to hate it cause I was too slow but I’m pretty sure I wont have much problems now”

Edward took my hand and we both walked off to play volleyball.