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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

4. Police man Edward

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Edward’s POV

When we got to the Volleyball net the rest of our family were there waiting, the girls were by the side waiting for Emmett to fix the net. Bella squeezed my hand then ran off to join them, they started laughing about something and Rosalie put her arms round Bella. Even though they were about 70 feet away I could still hear them talking

“Bella were you ok last night at the dinner table, what was up?” Rosalie asked

“Edward was….up…” Bella replied with an embarrassed look on her face, I chuckled then ran back to the rest of the guys. My team members were Emmett, Esme and Alice and on the other was Bella, Carlisle, Rosalie and Jasper. When we started playing volleyball I couldn’t take my eyes off Bella, there she was in her skimpy leopard skin bikini, her hair bouncing as she ran, her hair wasn’t the only thing I noticed bouncing that I liked.

Bella looked like a model no goddess and she wasn’t even within my reach, I longed to run over, sweep her up and carry her to the bedroom but she was having too much fun playing volleyball.

Suddenly I felt the ball hit me hard in the face

“should focus more on the game Edward!” Emmett laughed, he was the one who threw it at my head.

Bella made some sort of Karate noise and pounced on Emmett’s back bringing him to the ground, then she jumped off of him.

“Maybe you should focus more on the game Emmett” Bella smirked, she looked at me and saluted me. Emmett laughed and jumped back up, I winked at Bella then turned to hit the ball. Our team were winning, although Bella was doing surprisingly well it was funny to watch after the last time I saw her play when she was still human, I had to catch her every 5 minutes. Suddenly the ball flew out across the water and I ran for it dashing into the water, I turned back for a fraction of a second to see Bella running for the ball as well it was like bay watch. Bella was catching up with me now and we both dived for the ball at once. Both our hands clasped round the ball and we were stood in the sea waist high in water facing each other. I let go immediately when I realized she had the ball too, we gazed into each other’s eyes for a second.

“why did you surrender so fast?” Bella asked curiously

“because everything I have I gladly hand over to you” I smiled, suddenly Bella’s lips thrust at mine and I kissed her back wrapping my arms round her pressing her to me.

“Hey guys if your gonna stay there and smooch cant ya at least throw back the ball” Jasper shouted from the beach. Bella pulled away and we both went back to the shore.

“well since Edward surrendered the ball to Bella that means our team wins” chirped Rosalie excitedly. Alice ran over to hug Bella in good sportsman ship and Esme joined them, the three girls walked off inside

“hey Bella where are you going?” I called

“just getting the sun loungers honey” Bella called back waving, I waved back then turned and ran over to Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle.

“Alice told me about how she accidentally walked in on you two making out last night what happened?” Jasper asked

“well…Bella asked me to bite her” I replied

“woah damn lucky, Rose wouldn’t ever ask that” Emmett laughed

“Carlisle there isn’t any harm in it is there?” I asked worriedly

“no of coarse not we don’t need the majority of blood in us although losing it makes us hungrier” Carlisle reassured

“wait what Edward you didn’t enjoy it!?” Emmett shouted

“of coarse I did her blood was irresistible, she bit me too and It felt good so I’m hoping me biting her made her feel good to” I spat annoyed by Emmett’s stupid question.

“soo gonna try it with Rose later although she may be a little occupied bouncing on my-” Emmett started to say but Carlisle cut him off

“okay so who wants to go surfing the waves are getting pretty nasty up for tackling them?”

“hell yeah!” Emmett and Jasper both cheered together, I just nodded I so badly wanted to run back and hold my angel Bella.

I picked up my red and white surf board and started carrying it towards the sea but stopped as I saw Bella, who already had her sun lounger set up and was lying on it, her slender sexy legs stretched out in front of her. She caught sight of me staring

“go on big boy go tackle those waves show me what you got” she winked flipping her hair behind her shoulder sexily. My mouth practically drooled for her

I chuckled then threw my surf board out 200 feet in front of me and leaped out into the ocean landing firmly on the board. Wait for it Edward wait for it, a huge wave was coming and I was going to jump it.

Just as it came, something hard hit my head and I slipped off my board and under the monstrous wave.

“Edward!!” Bella screamed rushing towards me, I felt her smooth arms pull me out of the water. God that wave was not fun, I coughed out a load of water and turned to reassure Bella. Her expression was worried and panicky, could she get any damn cuter

“Edward are you ok, say something honey please” Bella was franticly shouting,

“Bella I’m fine honestly” I choked out trying not to worry her.

Bella squeezed her arms tighter around me and pulled my head to her neck and kissed my hair

“are you sure?” Bella asked concerned

“yes of coarse, oh my sweet Bella you worry to much” I said running my fingers down her cheek affectionately.

“anyway how did a rock manage to hit my head?” I asked eyeing Emmett, Bella turned to glare at Emmett.

“thought as much” I smirked, never mind I’ll get Emmett back later, he was sat on the sand next to rose howling with laughter. I picked up a rather large rock and was about to throw it at Emmett when Bella grabbed the wrist of my raised arm and slid her free hand up my shorts. I shuddered when her hand slid further up over my manhood

“shhh baby” Bella whispered pressing her lips to my ear

“I wont do anything yet…I’ll wait until later to do that” she whispered then so fast I barely noticed her hand slipped out and she was seductively strutting down the beach towards the juice bar. How could she get me going like that then slip out, I had to have her. I charged after her as she reached the juice bar. I cam up behind her and was about to bend her over the desk and have her right there when I suddenly realized Alice was there. Bella turned round to give me a sweet and innocent smile, I nearly tore her bikini bottoms off in that second but found better control.

“so Bella tells me you’ve never tried role play” Alice smirked, I looked at her confused for a second

“well she asked me if we ever had and I said no not yet” Bella quickly informed.

I smiled at her lovingly then looked back to Alice

“we’ve never really been able to wait long enough for role play” I smirked

“it would be nice to try it sometime…oh say tonight” a sexy look graced Bella‘s face then looked embarrassed, if she was human she would have flushed crimson.

“It would be very…educating” I smirked moving my hand down Bella’s back to her butt and squeezed it.

“ I can only imagine what team you two would come up with, Edward being a prude” Alice said rolling her eyes

“I am not-” I started to say but was cut off by Bella

“police sort of theme” Bella suggested smiling.

We talked there for a while about it and decided I would be a policeman and Bella would be a criminal. We chatted about other things and then Jasper came and we sat listening to another one of his old stories again. It was getting dark and I realized it was 9pm.

“I’m going to going to ask Carlisle about tomorrow Edward come I have something you can borrow” Jasper announced

“Great Bella your coming with me I have the perfect costume!” Alice chirped dragging Bella upstairs.

I followed Jasper nervously and he quickly discussed something with Carlisle and then turned back to me.

“so you want a costume for tonight” Jasper said

“ yes how did you-”

“Alice told me, I have a policeman costume that would fit you come with me” Jasper said before walking off to His and Alice’s bedroom

“so you’ve done this before?” I asked

“lots of times”

“what’s the point, I mean Bella wants to try it so I will but I’d just be happy having regular sex what’s the deal?”

“I really don’t know actually but I think its supposed to make the whole thing sexier it does when me and Alice do role play” Jasper muttered a little embarrassed.

Jasper handed me a black policeman costume, oh lord I would look terrible in that hopefully Bella would like it though. I thought of what Bella could be wearing and the whole thought made the role play idea seem a lot of fun.

I stood in the dark behind the bed waiting for Bella (the criminal to enter the room), when I heard the door creak shut I heard clapping sounds of heels across the wooden floor. Then I snapped the light on quickly, Bella was stood by the item she was pretending to steal. I stopped dumbstruck by Bella, she was wearing the most shortest tube tight dress it was covered in black and white stripes like those traditional criminal costumes. Bella had stockings on with a fake gun in the strap around her thigh, on her feet she had knee high black boots with the highest thinnest heel I had ever seen. On her head she had a little square hat covered in the same black and white stripes and she wore bright red lipstick and black eye shadow. The incredibly sexy dress pushed her breasts together nicely, and was tight in all the right places.

“oops” Bella mumbled

“Mrs Cullen put your hands up!”

Bella rose her hands above her head sexily,

“sorry officer I guess I couldn’t stop myself” she said in a sweet innocent voice, putting the item she was supposedly stealing back on the table.

“now Mrs Cullen you need to be punished”

“punished why ever do you think that officer”, I walked over to Bella and grabbed her arms and propped them up strait above her head, I pressed my lips to her ear.

“because you are a bad girl… and bad girls must be punished” I whispered then quickly pulled away so I was standing 3 feet from her.

“catch me first” Bella whispered then she ran across the room and turned the light back off. I quickly ran after her, she walked cautiously across the floor and I jumped on her from behind and we both tumbled to the ground her on top of me.

“oh I don’t think so officer” Bella smiled seductively and then she pulled the gun from the strap round her thigh and pointed it at me, I snatched it out her hand and rolled on top of her.

“you think it would be that easy” I smirked then I rubbed the gun along her skin and over her smooth thighs.

“ mmm officer you have to stop surely this would ruin your reputation”

“ now Mrs Cullen no one is going to find out are about this are they” I said pressing the gun up to the side of her head, she nodded obediently. I pulled her hat and dress off in two seconds and bent her over the bed, she was wearing a white lace bra and a black g string. I grabbed her waist from behind her.

“iv been watching you Mrs Cullen, watching all the pretty things you steal, iv watched you and that husband of yours and realized how much I want you” I smirked. Still standing behind her I grabbed her hair pulling her head up, and whispered

“but I‘ve never wanted you as much as I do right now”

“always wanting what you can never have officer”

“oh but I can have you” I hissed flipping her onto the bed on her back, I crawled on top of her pulling her legs up round my waist.

“ I will have you because otherwise…you wouldn’t want me to tell the police about your little stealing criminal game or tell your husband what a bad bad girl you really are” I threatened playfully

“no! please officer don’t tell him I’ll do anything!” Bella shouted

“then let me have you” I whispered licking her neck seductively.

Bella smiled nervously then pulled off by black jacket and started unbuttoning my shirt, never taking her eyes off mine.

“that’s a good girl” I smirked “ now do as your told”, I pulled 2 pairs of handcuffs out of my pocket and grabbed one of her arms forcing it to the corner of the cast iron headboard.

“what are you doing Edward err… I mean officer” Bella asked struggling in my grasp, I lent down so my lips were pressed against her ear and I ran my fingers up her inner thigh,

“punishing you…” I whispered smirking, I could tell Bella was fighting back a naughty grin and her eyes were full of lust and desire. After I had chained both her wrists to either corner of the headboard she trembled.

“this is your punishment tremble as much as you like Mrs Cullen” I hissed licking my lips.

I tore off her bra and tossed it off the bed and began kissing Bella’s neck then moved down to her chest kissing softly between her breasts, I traced my tongue over her left breast and cupped the other in my hand, I bit her and she moaned wriggling in her handcuffs. I stopped and she gasped

“what-” she was about to say but I cut her off quickly and slid my hands to her g string and softly snapped it so she was completely naked, well expect for her boots and stockings I was planning to leave them on her. I squeezed her thigh then slid my hand up to her centre and began stroking her.

“Mmm god officer I never knew your policeman fingers were so fast!” Bella moaned struggling again in her cuffs.

“let me out so I can show you what its like to be handled by fast fingers” she whispered

“I don’t think so Mrs Cullen, one might think you were just saying it to be able to be free from my punishment” I smirked

“humph” Bella mumbled, I stopped running my fingers over her and quickly pulled away.

“noooo! don’t stop!” Bella screamed

“its punishment remember…your not the only one who knows a thing or two about torture” I said raising on eye brow, then before Bella could say another word I slid down the bed and licked Bella where my fingers had just been.

“god mm” Bella moaned, she smelt irresistible

“Do you like that baby?” I asked, still my mouth to her .

“yes oh god yes officer you do more with me than that husband of mine ever did!” she screamed

“that’s good to know” I started licking faster and she was about to cum

“just god screw me Edward” Bella shouted

“as much as I love the way you talk dirty you have to be punished for all your crimes” I smirked licking my fingers.

Bella hissed and struggled In her cuffs, I jumped back on top of her and put my hands under her back lifting her a little off the bed I suddenly bit into her neck where I had bitten the other night

“Mmmmm!” Bella cried wrapping her legs fiercely tight around my waist.

Bella’s blood tasted beautiful it was very sweet and tasted a little strawberry to me, blood poured from her neck onto the pillow and she moaned and gasped.

I pulled my mouth away and licked the rest of the blood off her neck.

Bella struggled so much the cuffs snapped in half and she wrapped her arms round my neck and kissed me. Her hands reached down and unzipped my trousers, I had no restraints on their wasn’t much point, Bella slid the trousers down and tried to jump on me.

“now now remember who’s in control Mrs Cullen” I reminded her, Bella giggled then dropped her arms from my neck

“your so much more fun than my husband” she beamed then she kissed me again. I got off the bed with her and rammed her into the wall and thrust into her

“OH GOD!” she screamed, I felt sudden pleasure as she started bouncing up and down

“mmm Mrs Cullen!” I shouted squeezing her thigh

I turned her round bending her over the desk and took her from behind, I grabbed her hips and began thrusting her again.

“ughhhh” Bella screamed digging her nails into the desk, I started to thrust harder and faster, fuck it felt good.

“ughhh now!” Bella demanded, I did so and tightened my grip on her hips I loved hearing her scream

“Bella!” I groaned I couldn’t hold in not saying her name for long.

“Ohh god!!” Bella screamed and I felt her cum, I clenched my teeth

“baby let me give you what you want!” Bella screamed her hands grabbed my thighs thrusting me harder and further, I felt her sharp nails dig into my skin. That did it I continuously exploded inside her moaning and grunting.

“ughhh! Oh god mmm” I shouted as my body shook. Bella collapsed on top of me and we both stumbled to the ground, I picked Bella up, laid her on the bed then collapsed next to her.

“so were done you wont tell my husband and I’m not going to jail” Bella asked still in role

“yes Mrs Cullen” I informed grinning.

Bella cuddled into me and I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her closer into my side, Bella and I locked in a passionate kiss thrusting our tongues together.

“that was fun” Bella whispered stroking patterns on my chest

“yes very I think role play is under rated and that cute little costume you wore was very very sexy I‘ll tell Alice your keeping this” I smiled winking at her.

“I think you looked very manly in your police costume it was enough to make any girl drool” she laughed, nervously turning her head away in embarrassment

“*laughs* although the hat flattened my hair” I laughed

“I love you Edward, policeman, fireman, doctor whatever I love you”

“Bella I cant tell you how much it melts my heart hearing you say that and obviously I love you to”. Bella ducked her head in my chest and we rested.