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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

5. helpless angel

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The rest of the night we just laid in bed kissing and hugging, Bella cuddled into me and I told her some old story from my past, I chuckled to myself when she looked like even though it was impossible my story might just drive her to sleep. “remember our honeymoon Bella?” I asked

“I remember everything Edward, the beautiful weather, the exciting trips we went on and of coarse my first time with you” she smiled

“I think maybe our first time wasn’t the best” I mumbled

“you didn’t enjoy it?” Bella asked looking slightly hurt

“of coarse I did it was amazing but…seeing you all covered in bruises and cuts that I did to you…the memory breaks my heart” I said slightly choked, Bella put one hand on my face

“Edward you have to let that go it didn’t hurt you didn’t hurt me I was fine and now I will always be fine” she soothed

“now we will” I smiled

“ immortality is fun” she laughed

“yes immortality looks so good on you” I complemented running my eyes down Bella’s perfect goddess body.

“welcome to my world” Bella laughed

I looked out the windows to see the sun rising beyond the sea, it was beautiful just like my Bella no nothing compared to my Bella.

“Edward…” Bella mumbled staring wide eyed

“yes love, what’s wrong?” I asked concerned

“I’m thirsty like really thirsty” Bella replied, I could smell the venom boiling in her throat.

“lets go hunting”

“as soon as possible”

“you go have a shower I’ll get dressed” I winked.

“Edward don’t you wanna come with me?” Bella asked testily

“yes but you need to hunt we both do, hurry love” I insisted

“ok” Bella answered simply but as she turned a way a quick look of disappointment painted her face. I so badly wanted to shower with her like she had asked but it really was time we went hunting, I wasn’t quite sure what we would hunt as I had never been hunting on Isle Esme before. I guessed we would probably hunting animals like lions and zebra.

I threw on a pair of navy blue jeans and a grey shirt, I played with my hair a bit until it went right.

“honey your hair looks sexy stop fiddling with it” I heard a angel’s voice speak behind me, I turned round to see Bella standing behind me she was wearing a dark pink skimpy bikini that tied up at the sides and a pair of black flip flops. She looked stunning as always she was such a bad girl, she knew better than to look like a gorgeous turn on when we were in a hurry to do something important. I gawked at her, I was pretty sure I was drooling like an idiot, she caught me staring and spun round showing off. I realized the bikini bottoms were a g-string, oh holey hell.

“What?, we’re going hunting I was hardly gonna wear something expensive it would only get ripped” she beamed, knowing I was fighting back the urge to pin her to the bed and rip the sexy bikini clean off her body.

“Bella you look incredibly sexy if I was your prey I’d let you catch me just so you would out your mouth on me”

“ if you were my prey id put my mouth on every inch of you” Bella winked, grabbing my hand and putting it on her butt.

“behave Bella its important we hunt would want us running round like savage animals” I smiled

“savage animals…hmm that turns me on” Bella winked

“Behave my love we have after hunting for this” I smiled badly wanting to take her now

“but don’t you just love it when I misbehave” Bella whispered pressing her lips to my ear. I shivered, that did it. I growled then pushed her onto the bed climbing on top of her, she chuckled then pulled my hand to her mouth sucking my fingers sexily. I pulled my fingers away and replaced them with my tongue.

“mmm it will be a long time until-” Bella started to say but was cut short by someone knocking on the bedroom door, I leaped off Bella and we both stood up, I grabbed Bella’s hand so we could still feel each other.

“come in” I called

“its me” Esme smiled warmly as she entered the room.

“can we help you mom?” Bella asked smiling

“no dear its just if your going hunting I was just coming in to tell you to be careful you have never hunted anything like a lion before so I just wanted to make sure Edward will look after you properly lions can be very vicious” she replied, worry flooding her face.

“I’d never let anything happen to her, I’ll guard her with my life” I smiled pulling Bella into my side, hugging her close.

“aw sweetie” Bella said, reaching up to kiss me on the cheek. Esme smiled

“sometimes I wonder how its possible for two people to love each other that much” .

We walked downstairs with Esme still arm and arm, Rosalie saw us and cam over.

“going swimming today?” Rosalie asked smiling

“actually we’re going hunting Bella’s pretty thirsty and I haven’t fed it a while either” I explained

“then what’s with the cute bikini Bells” Rosalie said teasingly “wait no don’t tell me it was Edward’s idea”

Rosalie: Edward’s gone from prude boy to oversexed boy now, poor Bella…

I growled at her and she quickly thought of something else

“nope I just thought it would be easier than getting all my clothes ripped when I hunt” Bella smiled

“good idea Bells, well see ya later guys good luck hunting” Rosalie beamed, with that she walked off across the hall

Rosalie: if a lion eats her Edward I’m gonna personally kill you.

I chuckled to myself and led Bella out the door,

“you know Esme said about hunting lions will I really get to hunt one?” Bella asked smiling up at me

“certainly not!”


“because you have never hunted a predator before and a lion isn’t the best one to start with, I cant put you in that kind of danger”

“c’mon I could take a lion”

“I know but I couldn’t risk you getting hurt”

“ I wont get hurt and I have you to protect me it would be great practice I cant just eat the herbivores for the rest of my life”.


“Edward please please please with a cherry on the top” Bella pleaded giving me her puppy dog face. She looked so cute, so adorable she knew I couldn’t say no to her when she pleaded and wore that face.

“Ok but we will both fight the lion, I’m not having you fight it alone” I sighed

“fine fine….I could kill a lion easily” Bella muttered under her breath, I knew she probably could but I’d never risk her ever.

I squeezed her hand and she couldn’t help but smile,

“want a ride?” I asked

“nah I think I’ll run today” Bella smiled, pulling away from my hand so she could dart off into the jungle. I chuckled then ran after her, by the time I caught up with her we were already in the middle of the jungle. Bella stopped dead not even skidding forward a little. I ran past her then stopped as well,

“Bella?” I asked wondering why she had stopped

“what’s that smell?” she asked, I sniffed the air and a sweet blossom smell floated around us. I had never smelt it before but I knew it was herbivore.

“I’m not sure lets find out” I said taking her hand and pulling her further into the jungle, we ran fast to get to the source of the smell. We stopped about 50 feet away and crouched low behind the bushes and spied our stripy prey.

“Zebra” I whispered too quite for human or animal to hear

“8 of them” Bella replied letting go of my hand and putting her hands to the floor so was on all fours crouching like a fox watching its prey. I chuckled then she gave me a heart melting smile and plunged for the Zebra taking two down at once, I leaped behind her going after the others before they could run. I ran in front one biting its throat bringing It to the floor then jumped onto ones back breaking its neck. One screeched at me slamming its hooves, obviously I had just killed its mate. I ran forward and bashed into it, it tried to get out of my grip and struggled kicking me but I lunged for its leg and tore it clean of, the animal fell to the floor screeching and I bit into it killing it dead before it could suffer. I watched as Bella who had jumped into a tree above the 3 last zebra chuckling at them darkly before she leaped down growling. I watched as she started tearing them apart, she jumped onto ones back and sunk her nails into its back. The zebra shook her off and she fell to the ground hissing. I was about to run and help her but she snapped her hand up gripping it round the creatures throat and crushing its neck. I loved watching Bella hunt she was such an animal it was so sexy. Bella stood smirking at surrounded by blood and dead zebra, I ran over to her grinning.

“still think I need help killing a lion?” Bella smirked pulling one of the zebra’s neck to her mouth and draining the blood viciously. I chuckled then drained one myself, we both had got through about 3 each by the time we stopped to gaze at each other I let go of the zebra and started walking towards her sweeping her hair off her face.

“You can be such an animal when you hunt, its sexy” I whispered

“not so civilised yourself” she smiled wrapping her arms round my neck. I pulled her face up to my lips and kissed her strongly, I could taste the zebra blood on her tongue and sucked it massaging her tongue.

“mmm” I mumbled

“I could stay this way forever…but I wanna go hunt some lions” Bella beamed shrugging off my arms and walking off into the trees.

I followed her, we were a little way into the jungle when we stopped to sniff

“I can smell something but its defiantly not lion” I admitted

“how would you know I thought you have never hunted lion before?” Bella asked confused

“well I’ve hunted mountain lion they have a very similar smell” I concluded, sniffing the air again.

“well lets carry on looking” Bella replied taking my hand and walking us forward.

We had walked round for about an hour now, no sign of lions what so ever.

Bella slumped to the ground against a tree

“maybe we can attack lions another time” she sighed, I crouched down next to her pressing my head against her fore head

“talking of attacking…” I hissed attacking Bella’s lips with my own

“mmm vicious boy” Bella murmured whilst kissing me, I moved down, licking up the length of her neck to her jaw, she put her foot between my legs pulling me in between her legs. I ran my hand down her thigh to her knee still kissing her jaw. I moved down to her chest and stopped at her bikini top. I slid my hand behind her back and untied it then pulled it off with my teeth. I licked a trail in between her breasts squeezing her thigh, she moaned softly and pushed my head harder onto her breasts. I sucked on her and she moaned more, her skin tasted so good in my mouth. Bella pulled my head off her and I looked at her puzzled, a smirk spread across her face and she pulled my top off then pushed me to the ground and slithered on top of me. I moved her so she was sitting on top of me. She slid her hands down my chest and stopped at my belt, then she tore it off tossing it into the trees

“here?” I asked moving both my hands to her hips moving her slowly back and forth

“you wanna be bad baby?” Bella said seductively, raising one eyebrow.

“mmm your already bad” I mumbled before untying her bikini bottoms and throwing them on a branch.

“I’ll always be bad for you…” Bella whispered pulling the zip on my trousers off and rising herself to slid them off me next to go was my boxer briefs. Pretty soon we were just completely naked on the forest floor.

“mmm” I mumbled running my eyes up Bella’s body, what a sexy scene seeing Bella sat on top of me. She rose slightly and grabbed my manhood. She started to rub her hand up and down it then slid it inside her moaning. I grunted when I was inside her.. Bella chuckled then started bobbing up and down. She rose her arms above her head, pulling her hair out of her face and letting it fall on her smooth shoulders. I shuddered and gripped her hips harder,

“mmm god..” Bella whispered, I stared into her sparkling golden eyes and smirked.

I was so lucky to have such a gorgeous angel on me, and she was all mine.

I sat up quickly, still inside her I turned her round so her back was to me and pulled her into my chest. She twisted her head to look at me and I kissed her fiercely. I moved my hands under her thighs and started to thrust her down onto me harder.

“oh fuck Bella!” I shouted, I took one hand off her thigh and moved it down over her stomach and between her thighs. I moved my fingers over her body.

“oh god Edward mmm yes!” Bella squealed

“what do you want my angel” I whispered pressing my lips to hear ear

“ I want you” Bella demanded

“my pleasure..” I mumbled grabbing her tighter and thrusting her at a extremely inhuman speed.

Bella grabbed my legs digging her perfect red nails into me making me shudder.

“oh god YES” Bella shouted rolling her eyes back in her head

“mmm fuck girl!” I shouted back slamming her down on me now.

“OH god Edward I….UGHHH” Bella screamed

“BELLA!” I shouted

“OH EDWARD!” Bella cried, as her orgasm washed over her, I exploded the same second, we both shook and moaned at the sheer pleasure which felt like it would last forever. Finally when our bodies stopped shaking I laid back pulling Bella back with me, she wriggled so I was out of her then turned round to face me grinning.

“mmm we have never been in that position before it felt so good” Bella breathed

“we should try it more often” I smiled

“I think it made it sexier being on a forest floor”.

We both sat up and I pulled Bella into my chest kissing her hair, suddenly I felt something hit my head and bounced off onto the floor. I looked at the object that had just hit me, it was a banana. Bella started howling with laughter and I looked to the direction she was. There sat on the branch were 4 monkeys hysterically laughing, I got narked but laughed as one had Bella’s bikini bottoms on its head, when Bella saw she stopped laughing strait away.

“damn it!” she shouted “hey monkey give my-” with that the monkey threw her bikini bottoms at her and it hit her face.

We all laughed

“wait did they watch it all” Bella whispered, I read ones mind then answered

“yep they think its hilarious what positions we do it” I smirked.

“gees cant we have decent sex round her without someone watching” Bella muttered under her breath.

“As much as id love to lay here naked in front these polite monkeys we had better get changed I told Carlisle we’d be back for volleyball” I smiled sarcastically

“right” Bella agreed, she picked up my boxers and my jeans and tossed them at me grinning. I quickly put them on whilst Bella found her bikini top and bottoms. She was about to put them on when she slightly stumbled, I caught her and steadied her.

“sorry” Bella sighed reaching to put her Bikini bottoms on, I stopped her hand and took the bikini bottoms from her.

“let me do it” I whispered sliding the bikini bottoms up her smooth legs and tying them up a the sides. I then picked up her bikini bra and helped her into it.

Bella smiled and I stood strait up to kiss her.

“where’s your shirt?” she asked winking

“oh forgot about that” I chuckled, I walked off and pulled it from the bush and slipped it on. I was 50 feet away from Bella and I turned to look at her. Suddenly the monkeys sat on the branch behind her screeched then scattered off into the trees.

“What the…” Bella started to say but stopped as she read my terrified expression. A zebra leaped out of the trees at her covered in blood and scratches with two holes in its neck and it had razor sharp teeth, this wasn’t just any zebra it was the one I killed earlier. It was behind my clueless, helpless angel pouncing at her jaws open and I was 50 feet away…..