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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

6. whatever next?

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Bella’s pov

Suddenly Edward lunged at me, I was suddenly knocked from where I was standing and landed on the hard forest floor. Edward was knocked by something else and landed a few feet away from me.

That’s when I saw it, something huge vicious and covered in blood I recognised it, it was the zebra Edward had killed and it was back. It growled and bared its razor sharp teeth. buckets of blood spat from its mouth and its eyes turned red. Edward had knocked me out the way it must have been about to kill me, that’s why the monkeys were scared. What was going on, why was the zebra Edward killed standing right in front off us snarling.

Edward jumped up and stood in front of me guarding me from the creature, I jumped to my feet quickly and growled trying to sound brave but It came out as a squeak. I had never seen anything like the creature before in my entire existence, it charged at us snarling. A loud growl ripped through Edward’s chest and he lunged at the zebra, the mutant zebra attacked Edward trying to bight him, but Edward was too fast dodging every time it snapped down its jaws. Edward snarled then pounced on its face biting its ear off, the creature seemed to not feel it and continued trying to kill Edward. I was frozen where I stood at the sight I was witnessing. Suddenly the creature bit into Edwards shoulder, Edward hissed and tried to pry away the creatures jaws. That did it I was immediately unfrozen I wouldn’t allow it to bight Edward again so I leaped onto its back tearing at it. I was surprised when I didn’t even have to use that much strength to tear its limbs off. Fountains of blood splattered everywhere, more blood than id imagine from a zebra, although this wasn’t an ordinary zebra. Edward tore it in half ignoring his blood soaked clothes, to my astonishment even though the creature was torn in half of the floor it was still wriggling and snarling. The creature shook for a little longer but then it was dead.

“Edward oh my god your shoulder” I cried running over to him

“I’m ok Bella” Edward stiffened trying to hug me

“Edward what’s going on” I sobbed, of coarse no actual tears were coming down my eyes but I was still sobbing.

“ I wish I knew..” Edward whispered, holding me closer. Suddenly he stiffened and I heard a mind numbing snarl come from the forest around us. I broke out of Edwards arms and turned to look around me. The other zebras we had killed surrounded us growling and hissing. They all were covered in blood where Edward and I had killed them. One limped forward, its leg had been torn off, I knew immediately it was the one I had killed. Edward jumped into a fighting position

“remember how I told you to fight vampires?” Edward whispered

“yes tear then apart” I replied my voice shaking

“the same applied for whatever these creatures are it seemed to work with the last one” Edward replied grabbing my hand. Edward squeezed my hand trying to force a smile on his face but he couldn’t quite manage it.

“when I say ready we attack” Edward whispered, god I wasn’t ready for this I mean sure I had killed vampires and creatures like zebras but never something that looked the way these terrifying creatures did. Fountains of blood spat out their mouths and it looked like if it was possible their teeth were getting sharper.

“Now!” Edward shouted and we both threw ourselves at the creatures, claws out in front of us. I attacked 2 at once pulling them apart and dodging their clamping jaws as they fought back. I looked over to where Edward was, he was having no trouble tearing them apart even though he got knocked into this quite a lot.

I got a bit distracted by watching Edward and didn’t notice the zebra charging towards me, suddenly the creature kicked me and I fell to the floor. It stood above me spitting blood all over me and snarling. My arm hurt like hell and I realized the creature had pounded its hoof down on it.

“Edward!” I screamed, Edward turned round immediately horror painting his Greek god face

Suddenly the creature grabbed me in its teeth by the back of my bikini top and swung me into the rock face, I felt my head bash against a rock and blood poor from my head forming a pool around it

“BELLA!” Edward bellowed, I looked up into his eyes, they were full of pain and sadness as he looked at me.

I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head, it was agony, I knew if I was still human the blow would have killed me out right. Edward killed the last zebra, my eyes went blurry and I could just make out the shape of Edward running towards me scooping me into his arms.

“stay with me baby” Edward shouted franticly trying to wipe the pouring blood off my head

“Edward I cant I…” I choked out but then everything went black.


I woke up on a hard metal table, I bright light was shining into my eyes and I squinted away. I recognised a familiar soft face smiling at me warmly, it was Carlisle he was stroking my forehead.

“welcome back my dear” Carlisle smiled, the words were muffled as I still wasn’t completely conscious

“Edward…?” I mumbled groaning, I suddenly saw a new shape rush to my side

“I’m here love” Edward whispered, reaching down the kiss my forehead.

My eyes adjusted to the light

“w-what happened?” I asked shakily

“you bashed your head sweetheart” Carlisle replied, suddenly it all came back to me, the bash, the fight…the creatures.

“Oh god I remember the creatures…. Whats going on?…what were-” I started to say panicking but was quickly calmed by Carlisle

“Edward told be all about it don’t worry on that just focus on feeling better” Carlisle soothed kissing me on the forehead as well.

“Edward I’m just going to see if I have some aspirin in the cupboard , will you be ok?” Carlisle asked

“yes” Edward answered not moving his eyes from mine, Carlisle nodded then walked out the room.

“Carlisle stitch up your head he really loves you, you know to him you’re his daughter and I think he favours you out of everyone” Edward chuckled

“Edward what happened to that zebra” I asked frowning

“I only told Carlisle what happened I’ll tell him more when your better as long as your safe that’s all that matters. I looked down at the bandage wrapped round my left arm, I was actually feeling very well. I had healed very fast and didn’t even feel like I had hurt my head or arm.

“I feel remarkably better” I grunted, sitting up, Edward put his arms round me hugging me tightly.

“ I was so worried about you, everyone was” Edward whispered, I rested my head on

His shoulder

“I love you” I whispered

“I love you too” Edward smiled.

“ I want to talk to Carlisle about the..creature” I mumbled, I looked down at myself and realized I was still in my bikini “ but I wanna get dressed first.

“of coarse my love” Edward soothed, loosening his arms around me.

Carlisle came into the room

“sorry I couldn’t find aspirin in the cupboard I’ll have a look in here” Carlisle apologised

“don’t worry dad I fell much better I’m going to get changed” I smiled, Edward picked me up into his arms

“if your sure” Carlisle said

“I am” I replied.

Edward carried me off up to the bedroom so I could get changed, he set me down in the middle of the room.

“are you ok to stand?” he asked still holding me up

“yes” I replied, reaching up to kiss his cheek before walking to the wardrobe. And getting dressed, I picked out a pair of blue jeans and ordinary red jumper. I put on some red lipstick and a pair of red stiletto boots. Edward was leaning against the wall ogling me, he chuckled them walked over to me and wrapped his arms round my waist pulling me up to kiss him.

“you wont believe how much iv wanted to do that, I’ve had to wait 6 hours to kiss you” Edward smiled.

“why didn’t you just kiss me while I was unconscious?” I asked confused

“I’d never take advantage of you like that” Edwards smile stiffened, I wrapped my arms round his neck and kissed his chin

“I’d want you to, maybe it would have waked me up a little sooner” I smiled, Edward kissed my hair

“you changed your clothes?” I asked looking down at his clean black blouse and white jeans.

“I couldn’t walk round the house soaked with blood and zebra guts could I” Edward smiled, I suddenly remembered seeing Edward tearing apart the zebra and the blood soaking his clothes.

“don’t make me remember” I sighed, Edward smile wavered a little and he pressed my head to his chest taking my hand.

“shall we go downstairs?” he asked

“yes” I replied simply and we both walked downstairs hand in hand. When we went into the living room everyone was sat of the sofa waiting for me. As I entered Alice got up and hugged me

“Bella we were all so worried” she squealed letting go of me and smiling, I smiled at her and looked at Carlisle

“something attacked us Carlisle, something I have never seen before” I said as my smile disappeared.

“sit down and tell me about it” Carlisle said patting the sofa next to him, I walked over and sat down next to him.

“what did it look like?” Carlisle asked, I felt everyone’s eyes glued to me waiting for my answer

“it..it was zebras but they were the same as the ones we had killed, they had our teeth marks still on them and they were covered in blood and their teeth had turned razor sharp and their eyes were red. They were snarling and spitting out fountains of blood. We had to tear them apart limb by limb until they were dead” I said quickly trying not to think about it too much, Carlisle thought for a second before he looked up at me questioningly

“they still had the marks on they had got through death?” he asked


“and you say that they were snarling and spitting out blood”


I stared into Carlisle’s eyes knowing he was putting together a puzzle of something.

“It couldn’t be…they died out I was sure” Carlisle murmured to himself, a horrified look spread across his face. Everyone looked at him quietly expecting an answer anytime soon, I broke it.

“what is it, whats going on?” I demanded, Carlisle looked up at me, his expression was a lot calmer now but he still had a tiny bit on fear in his eyes

“looks like you fought…the living dead” Carlisle whispered calmly

“the living dead?” Emmett asked confused

“or as a lot of people call them…zombies” Carlisle answered taking my hand,

Suddenly I froze remembering everything I knew about zombies and how they infect. If you get bitten you are infected and become one of them. I snapped my head up to look at Edward in horror, oh god no.

“Edward…” I whispered, he looked at me confused

“Edward you were bit your infected” I cried running over to Edward wrapping my arms round him. If I could sob tears they would be streaming right now.

“OH, oh god Bella I‘m sorry I should have been more careful” Edward said restraining me

“You were bit!” Jasper shouted, everyone started shouting and panicking at once

“Carlisle what do I do?” Edward asked slightly panicking.

“everyone calm down” Carlisle shouted “ Edward your immune your safe”,

“what?” Edward asked confused

“I’m immune to the infection so anyone I turned into a vampire is immune as well,

So you are immune” Carlisle said quickly. I calmed slightly knowing Edward was safe, the whole room started to quiet down.

“Carlisle…you say your immune…how do you know?” Jasper asked, confused as the rest of us were.

“I never told you this before because…well I never felt the need to I mean I never thought they would come back” Carlisle sighed.

“back?” Rosalie asked

“yes, it was 1898 I was with my old friend Charles, we were out at night on our way back from hunting in the forest and we were attacked, by a man. He was the most horrible sight I had ever seen, his clothes were blood soaked and the bottom left side of his face was burnt completely. First we tried to help him but he snarled at and his mouth tore open vomiting rivers of blood at us, and sharp teeth ripped through his gums”

I listened carefully shocked at the whole thing, everyone was staring at him listening in disbelief.

“then the creature attacked us, he was trying to bight us, we fought back but the creature took my friend my surprise and before I knew it Charles had been bitten and was infected. I killed the first one but stopped at my friend, how could a man kill his best friend. I tried to tell him to stop and that I’d help him but it was too late. The creature was no longer my friend anymore, I stood their grieving and that’s when my friend- the er…creature attacked me bringing me to the floor. It bit into my neck and I knew I had no choice but to kill it so I did. After I was terrified I led there on that floor knowing I would be turning into a zombie any moment now, but I didn’t and then I realized my blood must be immune. I asked my friend about it, about zombies and being immune, I found out that if your blood is immune any vampire you bight is immune too. I called upon the Voltri, they look care of the rest of the zombies and made sure they died out.” Carlisle finished never looking up from the ground and shaking his head.

“zombies…how can they exist?” Alice mumbled to herself

“your one to talk you’re a bloody vampire” Emmett laughed slightly

“I know but…zombies…it just doesn’t seem real” Alice whispered, Jasper squeezed her hand.

“Carlisle does that mean Bella is immune too?” Edward asked suddenly worried I could become infected

“yes she is you were the one that bit her” Carlisle answered calmly. I shuddered as I thought about this whole zombie thing, zombies couldn’t be real, how could they be real, I didn’t want them to be real. Edward sat on the arm of the chair and leaned over me hugging me close. He breathed in the scent of my hair then exhaled, I looked at his face. He seemed to be puzzling and trying to work out something in his head but I didn’t know what.

“Why did you tell us?” Esme asked softly

“I didn’t think you needed to know, I thought they would never come back, something must have brought them back though….but what?” Carlisle sighed asking the question to him self more than the rest of us.

“you thought!, well you were wrong you should have told us, Bella and Edward could have died because you never told them how to fight zombies because you thought they would never come back” Rosalie stabbed shaking her head, she marched out the room

“babe!” Emmett sighed running after her.

“I know I should have told you earlier I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have put you both in danger, especially Bella since you have never fought anything like this I cant believe…” Carlisle broke off hanging his head. I knew he should have told us but I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him Rosalie shouldn’t have been so hard on him.

I took his hand

“its not your fault, Rosalie didn’t mean that she’s just shocked like the rest of us” I soothed, Carlisle gave me a warm smile and hugged me.

“there’s nothing you can do now so don’t beat yourself up about it” Jasper tried to comfort.

“yes he’s right we need to think about what we are going to do next” Esme concluded,

“what are we going to do next?” Alice squeaked.

“Everyone rest and we’ll discuss more in the morning” Carlisle decided. Edward glanced at me then swooped me up into his arms and carried me upstairs to the bedroom. We didn’t say a word as we went to our room, Edward sat me down on the bed. I quickly got changed into a silk pink night dress and sunk into bed beside Edward who was led motionless staring at the ceiling.

I didn’t understand why Carlisle wasn’t panicking like the rest of us he was wearing a destroyed expression downstairs, probably from remembering his friend. Why had he just told us to get some rest when there was a very serious matter, I guess he wanted to give Rose time to cool off and give him time to think.

I remembered realizing that Edward had been bit and not knowing he was immune, I could have killed myself right then and there if he wasn’t immune. I was so scared, what if he hadn’t been immune and he would have turned and Carlisle would have had to kill him, my world would be over. What would I do? I’d go to the Voltri I couldn’t live without him there is nothing to live for if he isn’t in my life.

The thoughts made me upset and I sobbed silently, I suddenly pulled myself close to Edward, who was lying in bed next to me and kissed his arm then whimpered.

Edward noticed my whimper and turned to face me wrapping both arms round me hugging me tighter than usual

“I was so afraid, I am so afraid” I whispered, pressing my face into my chest “I thought you were going to become…one of them and I knew you would have to be killed and it broke my heart just to think it…I -” near the end I broke into a sob but was suddenly stopped by Edward

“I’m here love, it didn’t happen I didn’t change I’m still me, you know what Carlisle said I’m immune”

“what if Carlisle is wrong?”

“Carlisle is never wrong”

“but what if he is, what if you change right now into…into a… zombie”

“I wont and even if I did I’d kill myself this very second I’d never let anything hurt you”

“no you don’t understand I don’t care that you would hurt me I care that you would have to be destroyed I’d rather anything but-” I broke off and started sobbing. I swear if it was possible for me to sob actual tears the bed would be as wet as its ever been…well maybe not as wet as it has ever been hehe…but you get the idea.

“love he isn’t wrong please don’t worry” Edward soothed, speaking into my hair and he crushed me against him. I pulled the covers further over us so we were covered up to our necks.

“what are we going to do, we have to stop what ever is going on here if anymore of those zombie creatures bite us, we will turn, well maybe not me, you and Carlisle but the rest will. Then what would we do” I shuddered, I was having a hard time saying zombie I think everyone was, it was a pretty unbelievable situation.

“please don’t worry about it now, we can talk about it tomorrow” Edward replied trying to calm me, I calmed a little and went quiet.

“Edward I’m so afraid” I whispered

“I know love but it will be ok trust me” Edward soothed. He kissed my forehead but I wanted more after nearly just losing him, I wrapped my arms round him and kissed his silky lips. He pulled away and looked into my eyes, I stared back into those golden dreamy icicles. A low moan escaped Edward’s lips and he fiercely thrust his lips at mine kissing me romantically. We wrapped our arms round each other and kissed passionately for the rest of the night, enjoying the togetherness after what could have happened today.

I led there staring at the ceiling, Edward was in the shower. I just led there staring, thinking I was so scared right now but I showed my fear only to myself. When I was human I had known vampires had existed but vampires had control they were still themselves, but zombies… no they were nothing I’d ever been through. I wasn’t scared for myself, I was scared for my family. If zombies were existing were they existing everywhere? Were there zombies taking over the world literally? When we get back home what are we going to get home to? What about everyone at home, What about RENESMEE!?.

I started to panic but calmed myself, it would be ok Renesmee has Jake, and its probably not even where she is. Maybe the zombies where only her on Isle Esme, but what if its not…..

My panic was suddenly stopped when Edward opened the bathroom door and walked into the room with a towel wrapped round his waist, he was dripping with water. God that man is enough to send anyone’s worries slipping away, His hair was dripping back and he was blinking s lot getting the water out of his eyes. Edward caught me staring and his lips turned up ever so slightly and he came and sat next to me on the bed, swinging one arm round me.

“good morning love” Edward whispered, I didn’t reply I just stared into his heart melting eyes and sighed.

“ a ‘good’ morning is another day, not today” I sighed, Edward rubbed my arm

“I left the shower on just in case you wanted one” Edward soothed,

“thanks I’ll get in now” I said, then I kissed Edward on the cheek softly and slouched into the bathroom. I unwrapped the bandage from my arm and let it slide out my fingers onto the cold marble floor. I pulled my nighty over my head and sighed, I looked down at my naked body. I looked a mess, my arm was bruised badly, my body had lots of cuts and sores on from yesterdays fight. I blinked at my cuts and bruises then stepped into the warm shower. I stood in the shower still and silent letting the water trail down over my body like rain drops on a leaf. I felt limp and unfocused, I shook myself out of it and reached for the shampoo, rubbing it into my hair and trying to snap myself out of the sort of trance, my body didn’t comply. I conditioned my hair as well, after I had rinsed it I stepped out of the shower and looked at myself in the full length mirror on the bathroom wall. I started to feel sadder about the cuts and bruises that covered my body like a plague. Suddenly I saw something I had never seen before, I had a small bight mark in my leg. Uh oh I must have been bit, no! oh god no! suddenly I calmed as I remembered what Carlisle said about Edward being immune and him bighting me made me immune. I stared at my eyes in the mirror, they were terrified, they weren’t wearing it on the outside but when I looked into them they were full of fear. I heard the door knock

“Bella are you ok in there?” Edward asked

I didn’t reply, I couldn’t I was watching those eyes in the mirror, my eyes and seeing into them.

“Bella? Bella are you ok?” Edward asked again worriedly

I didn’t reply just stood there staring

“Bella?!” Edward shouted.

I jumped as the door suddenly swung open and Edward burst in

“Bella why didn’t you-” Edward stopped mid sentence, I realized he must have noticed the cuts, bruises and the stitches painted over my body. Suddenly his arms swung round me tightly, squishing me against him. Edward swallowed hard

“Bella…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let those things hurt you, I swore now you were a vampire I’d never let you get hurt again!” Edward cried, nearly sobbing. I stared into the mirror, Edward was still hugging me tightly, I still stared into my eyes. Without taking my eyes off the mirror of my own, I reached my hand up and stroked Edward’s hair softly.

“Edward please, unless you want this to be worse than it is then please don’t blame yourself” I whispered. Edward held me back a little and looked into my eyes, I broke my stare from the mirror and glanced back at Edward’s broken face. I kissed him and sighed,

“lets get you dressed” he sighed as well, he took my hand and led me into the bedroom. I was dry by now so I could put clothes on. Edward pulled me a grey and black striped tube top and a purple Mini skirt. I grabbed some random underwear out the draw and slid them on. Edward silently put the rest of my clothes on and brushed my hair. It stayed very strait, ever since I had became a vampire my hair had been very strait and silky and I loved it, today I wasn’t so excited. Once I was ready Edward sat on the bed and pulled me onto his lap and rested my head against his chest,

“are you ok my love?” Edward asked holding me tighter

“yes” I whispered.

I looked down quickly at the bite mark on my ankle and shuddered

“Bella what’s wrong!?” Edward asked franticly

“nothing” I murmured, I defiantly wasn’t going to tell Edward about the bite even though I’m immune I didn’t want him getting worried and blaming his self. I decided to keep the little bite secret to myself.

“it cant-” Edward started to say

“lets go downstairs” I interrupted quickly, Edward stood up pulling me up with him, when I was stood up, I looked down at myself. There were a few bruises and cuts on my legs and arms, Edward’s eyes followed to where I was staring and he shuddered pulling me closer. I guess he hadn’t noticed much when the bruises hadn’t developed. I sighed and opened the door to walk downstairs, when we got down there Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and Alice were sat on the dining room table silently.

“good morning” Jasper said unfocused

“sit down dears” Esme beckoned us over and we sat in the chairs next to them. Alice, who was sat next to me, grabbed my hand and smiled slightly. I tried to smile back but wasn’t so successful.

Suddenly we heard arguing outside the door in the hallway and then Rose and Emmett entered the room quietly

“I’m sorry for the way I acted last night Carlisle, I shouldn’t have been so rude” Rosalie apologized staring at the floor

“its ok child, sit down the both of you we have lots to discuss” Carlisle replied forgivingly. Everyone sat there in complete silence for a few minutes until Emmett broke it.

“so…zombies *laughs* pretty big deal” Emmett managed to chuckle

“the word ‘zombie’ Is completely ridiculous I don’t know why we say it” Edward muttered under his breath, I edged closer to him pushing my leg into his. Edward wrapped his arm around my shoulders in response and rubbed my arm.

“we need to discuss what’s going on” Esme said looking at us all

“we know what is going on, the living dead-” Carlisle began to say

“zombies!” interrupted Emmett chucking

“*sighs* the zombies are of coarse everything we have ever heard about and they are on this island but we do not know why” Carlisle finished

“well do we know if there are anymore, is it just zebras?” asked Jasper

“we do not know there aren’t many people on the island so we cant be sure” Carlisle replied

“but there are the tourists that come here there are 500 staying on the island and some touring” Alice interrupted

“and the countless tribes on the island, they are all in danger and so are the animals” Rose panicked, Emmett calmed her.

“but we still don’t know how it happened” Carlisle pointed out, I thought about how it might have happened, I didn’t really want to think about this I felt slightly sick and couldn’t say anything.

“yes we do” I snapped my head up to see Edward talking “ it starts when a killer disease fills the air when everyone dies they turn, the disease only affects humans though…” Edward spoke up.

“That’s doesn’t explain our zombie zebra friends” Emmett added
“actually it does, if the creature bites an animal it can turn into a zombie it just cannot catch the disease without being bit” Edward said looking at Emmett seriously.

“so that’s how it started, but how do we stop them” Esme puzzled.

“ I don’t know but they die after 3 days of not feeding so we just stop them from feeding” Rosalie answered puzzling something

“there are lots of people on the island we cant save them all” Carlisle interrupted

“we can try, we have to” Jasper insisted. Something small caught my eye on the wall, it was a fly, suddenly I could see it really close and clear, every detail on its body was visible to me. I could never do this before, I was about to say something before it moved. My eyes followed it crawling up the wall I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Suddenly I heard a loud screeching noise in my ear blocking out the conversation the rest of my family were having, suddenly everything fell silent, I looked over to see why everyone had stopped talking. I was suddenly shocked when I realized everyone was still talking their mouths were moving but I couldn’t hear a word. The screeching noise was in my ear again and I felt my ankle burning like crazy. I snapped my head back up to the fly it was completely still, looking at me. I looked up and Edward was looking at me with that cute concerned look on his face, I felt his hand take mine and I heard the screeching again. I looked down at our hands, suddenly a gaping hole started to tear through his wrist and blood splattered all over me.

“Edward!” I screamed, everyone snapped their heads up to look at me at once. I looked down at Edwards hand again, there was no blood, no hole. Confused I looked at the wall again to see the fly, it was gone.

What the fuck was going on! Fear swept over me and I immediately clung to Edward

Edward’s POV

Bella was just staring at the wall I wondered what she was seeing there was nothing on the wall, I was getting scared she seemed to be in a sort of trance. I moved my hand into Bella’s trying to break her trance, Bella stared at me then down at our hands. I was getting concerned, suddenly she shuddered

“Edward!” she screamed, I was suddenly terrified, what was wrong with her why did she scream, was she hurt?.

Everyone looked at her trying to figure out what just happened with Bella, she looked down at our hands again and whimpered

“Bella what’s wrong? Are you hurt!?” I shouted pulling her onto my lap, she just pressed my face against my chest and started to sob. I rocked her back and forth and Esme came over and put her hand on Bella’s back

“are you ok sweetheart?” Esme asked softly, Bella stared at her for a second then nodded

“I-I’m just…I n-need to go to bed” Bella stuttered, her voice was so shaky and scared it hurt me. I loved this woman more than I had ever and will ever love anything I didn’t want her to be scared I wanted her to feel safe I wanted to be the one to make her feel safe.

“of coarse my love” I whispered, hoisting Bella up into my arms, she immediately shuddered then swung her arm round my neck. I stood up with Bella in my arms, Alice came over and stroked Bella’s hair

“is she-” Jasper started to say

“she’s fine” I said sternly wanting to take her to bed now hoping she would rest. I turned and walked upstairs with her to our bedroom, I set her down on the floor and she toppled over on to the bed. I was going to pick her up but she sat up and sighed.

“We have to get you dressed for bed” I said and I slid off her skirt and top. I stepped back to look at her sitting there on the bed in nothing but sexy white underwear, she looked so soft and beautiful I wanted to jump her right there but she wasn’t feeling right so I fought the urge. Bella was staring at the floor shuddering, I quickly ran to her draw pulling the first night clothes I could find out. I got her a pair of white, extremely tiny shorts out and a dark pink strap vest. I fumbled to get them on but Bella stopped me

“I can do it” Bella mumbled, and she pulled the shorts and top of me and threw them over herself drowsily. I sat next to her on the bed

“sorry my love” I whispered kissing her neck, she turned to smile at me timidly then I pulled her back on my chest so we were both led down. She snuggled into me but didn’t close her eyes.
“what happened at the dinner table?” I asked hoping it wasn’t to early to ask questions

“I don’t know” Bella mumbled sincerely

“what did you see?” I asked confused, Bella looked at me with fear in her heart melting eyes

“on the wall, there was a fly and then you held my hand” Bella whimpered, I thought about the wall she was staring at there had been no fly

“your hand started bleeding, there was a hole and a screeching noise then it all stopped” Bella whimpered nearly crying again. What in god’s name…..my hand wasn’t bleeding there was no fly what was she talking about

“Bella…there was no fly or blood” I whispered

“there was Edward I saw it”

“no see my hands fine” I tried to tell her showing her my unharmed hand, she grabbed my hand and stared at it. Bella looked at me scared

“I swear I saw it” Bella whispered

“ your tired love rest” I answered, I started to worry what she saw, no one else saw it, I didn’t understand why she would see that.